Cars Profile

My first car

1985 Honda CRX Si

Car I wish I still had


My dream car

2006 Ford GT in Speed Yellow and no stripes.

Car clubs I’m in

Just some online message boards for both Mustangs and Corvettes.


  • Type of racing: NHRA
  • Driver: John Force
  • Driving song: currently Heresy by Pantera
  • Car movie: Blues Brothers
  • Car book: I'm illiterate
  • Car magazine: Vette
  • Car game: Burnout Revenge

Bikes Profile

About me and my passion for bikes

I would say my passion lies in the fact that it's a bike you don't have to pedal. Not only that, but the large majority of motorcyclists are in a family. That's why you see bikers wave at each other. It's an unspoken understanding between us. We are all out here facing the same dangers and obstacles. Mutual respect.

My first bike

1996 Honda Rebel 250

Bike I still wish I had


My dream bike

Don't know that I have a dream bike. The beauty of motorcycles is you can own many, picking the ones that are up to seperate challenges.

Bike clubs I’m in


  • Type of racing: NHRA
  • Riding song: Depends on the mood, but mostly the exhaust.
  • Bike magazine: All Metric Road Bike and V-Twin

— Profile last updated: Nov 16, 2010