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NY, New York
United States


Cars Profile

About me and my passion for cars

We run Classic Car Club (www.classiccarclub.com) and we love anything on four wheels. big cars, old cars, fast ones, wanky riders, whatever....we'll thrash them.

My first car

Chevy Blazer - a two door, where's the sense in that? it was a good friend though. I slept in the back of it more times that I car remember.

Car I wish I still had

My TR-6. She was a princess, as the worldly Phil Kavanagh, CCC sex therapist would say.

My dream car

one that runs

Car clubs I’m in

The world famous Classic Car Club. the only club anyone needs.


  • Type of racing: F1
  • Driver: The Stig
  • Driving song: Highway to Hell
  • Car movie: Cannonball...the original one, not the Dom D. version
  • Car magazine: Jalopnik.com

Bikes Profile

About me and my passion for bikes

Bikes ARE my passion. Lane splitting, sonic speeds.

My first bike


Bike I still wish I had

My boosted R1

My dream bike

F4 Tamborinni

Bike clubs I’m in

Classic Car Club


  • Type of racing: motogp
  • Rider: The Doctor and the Tornado
  • Riding song: Lit up
  • Bike movie: Faster!
  • Bike book: Total Control by Lee Parks
  • Bike magazine: Two

— Profile last updated: Jul 25, 2006