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M –26
Girard, Ohio
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About me and my passion for cars

ive been pissing with things since i was 12, if i wasnt taking something apart i was putting it together. since we got the mustang(1965) thats been sitting in the garage for many years ive been into cars,i recently graduated from a tech school for auto service tech, i was among the top 5 in my class. when i got my 1986 chevy c10 from my uncle before i had my license i had already torn the engine apart and gone thoughout the truck, then after discovering the crank was done i waiting till after graduation, i searched for 3 or 4 days for an old chevy pickup, went and looked at the cheyenne and fell in love with it. they had used it to pull trailers and for mudding, the clear coat was all peeling so when i got it home i started sanding and filling in holes, then bought about 8 cans of walmart spray paint and went to work on it. ive put it through hell and and back, being that i liked showing it off. i had put a set of stacks on it but when one fell off and went under the wheel i just resorted to a set of thrush glasspacks, ive taken it though jeep trails with absolutely no problem, it climbs hills like they arent even there, i cant ever see getting rid of it. i had to get another vehicle because gas prices and this truck was just a project, i had also bent the tie rod towing it because i was in a hurry and didnt notice that i hooked the j-hook to the tie rod. when im completely finished with it i plan to lift it 3 inches, paint it plum crazy purple and put a set of beefy mud terrains under it

My first car

1977 chevy cheyenne stepside

Car I wish I still had

honestly, i wish i wouldve kept my wrangler but it needed too much work to be my daily driver

My dream car

one of my most favored is an early power wagon, around 40s and 50s but i have a huge list of dream cars

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