Bikes Profile

About me and my passion for bikes

I've loved riding on the back of a Harley with a great looking guy ....its a thrill and a turn on. I will keep certain memories in my head forever its fun to think about them. Going through a Amish town just a bit away from us I was dopoing a bit of playing with my boyfriend kissing his ear, things like that had my arms tight around the belt.....three amish girls sat at that red light on a bench I looked over to them as we were taking off and seen three thumbs up. What a laugh it brought to my face.

My first bike

LOL>>>>A MINI BIKE as a kid

Harley back in 1985 softtail, then another Harley it ws a modified police bike my boyfriend was a policeman at the time. That lived with me. We had more fun on that Harley we owned together then any other bike I ever had, it was about a 1985 white with all chrome .

Bike I still wish I had

That Harley softtail modified police bike

My dream bike

A nice large Harley for two. I cannot lift the bikes in Harley division any longer I'm too weak in the legs and back. I can ride lift the Hondas some know well I am selling my Honda 500 1985 with about 3,000 miles on it if anyone is interested. Runs good has the air-filter, needs carberator adjusted sat this year, easy thing to do with the tool.

Bike clubs I’m in

use to be in with Blue Knights


  • Type of racing: Drag
  • Rider: a brother does once in awhile
  • Riding song: of course Born to be wild!
  • Bike game: poker runs

Boats Profile

My first boat

A wellcraft 35 foot nova, twin outboard ....made for speed. Loved it. Sold it divorce will do that to you. He got tired of boating. I'm taking up sailing lessons next fall 09. I want to be in Regatta races. Hope I have the strength.

Planes Profile

My first plane

Did not own. My boyfriend was a instructor, we had many trips in the cessna. He taught me basics in flying.

My dream plane

F16 always dreamed of being a fighter pilot....realistic a cessna and my lic.

Plane clubs I’m in

I help and attend many functions at the Ladies Cleveland Aviation Museum. I gotlost from it but plan to get back, met many Blue Angels had private tours with them and many Thunderbird Pilots and private tours with them. My good friend is the President of the Ladies Museum here on the Lake .

— Profile last updated: Oct 28, 2013