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Out of necessity I had to pick up a wrench. I put in my first clutch in a 1963 Chevy Impala with nothing but a bumper jack, wrenches, screw drivers, and pliers. A small socket set came later. My GTO came out of necessity as well. I purchased it as a second hand 9 year old car in 1975 as a second vehicle to use to go to work. It had a bad trans and the guy kept the wheels. Otherwise, it was complete and straight but needed a paint job. Paint had to wait for some time. Later, I restored it for the first time with paint, moldings, and things it needed. That was one of three restorations and over 400,000 miles ago. I did all the work myself. The last restoration I did in 1998 and it was frame off all the way. Every nut and bolt, see my albums. Everything was rebuilt and restored. What got this car to grow on me was all the compliments going down the road even when it was in sad shape. I have owned some nice new cars as I made more income like a Monte SS, Trans Am, and so on but I have never been so complimented as while driving my little GTO. After all the work I did, that feels good! Happy memories to all of you. Tony

My first car

1954 Cadilac

Car I wish I still had

I still do.

My dream car

Car clubs I’m in

Garden State Pontiac Auto Club


  • Driving song: Little GTO
  • Car movie: The Big Steel
  • Car book: Cars
  • Car magazine: Hot Rod

— Profile last updated: Jan 8, 2015