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About me and my passion for cars

This is my story, and how I grew to love cars.... this quickly became my favorite hobby. Im going to tell my story, and why Im into cars. Its actually pretty unique and something I hold special deep down. This is my true story, of luck, friends, and hard knocks....so enjoy!

It all started when I turned 16....7 years ago. My first truck was a 1998 Ford Ranger Flareside...I loved that little 4 cyl truck...but eventually about a year later, I fell in love with a 2001 Yellow Ford Ranger Edge in my town. It was bone stock, and I had to have it, so I traded. I was still in high school, working a part time job at the local Kmart. Every paycheck went to my truck. I loved the customized trucks, and kept making mine more and more flashy. Money was tough, so big mods....they didnt happen. I had big dreams. I began showing this truck when I turned 18 at local shows. When I graduated high school, I put more and more money towards this....it became what I wanted to do with all my free time!

This also caught on with my family. My little sister showed a 97 4x4 Lifted Ford F150...My mother purchased a mustang and had it custom painted. We were very competitive at local shows, and made a lot of friends. We were 3 females, having a good time beating the boys!!! We became a talked about story....about how this was a family activity.....we soon began traveling to shows all over Ohio and Indiana. That was one of the best summers of my life.....

This all came to a screeching hault in February of 2005. How years and years of work, can be broken and shattered all over the road in a matter of seconds. I was involved in an accident....a month after a 1500 dollar wheel and tire mod, a week after a readers ride feature in truckin magazine. It all happened so fast....Next thing I know Im standing in the roadway, seeing all my hard work all over the roadway in shambles. I blamed the person who hit me, but tried to accept that this was just an accident. I was actually injured.....this was a hard road, one of which i decided I never wanted to show or customize a truck again. I was truly attached to that Ranger, it was like losing a friend.

Through the next months and years I battled with myself. I went to car shows with my mom and sister, but felt lost when people would ask where my truck was at. I would often stumble across pictures online or elsewhere of that truck....just hurt too bad.Still I held my own and never wanted to show trucks again.

When I met my husband....we both shared the interest of cars and trucks. We often went to shows together, looking at other cars. It was what we did.....we decided to show trucks together. We bought my first colorado to show together.....we then stumbled upon the Xtreme about 2 years later. We have been showing and modifying this truck ever since. This truck has been a dream in the making for me....it takes me back to days I miss. Now when I go to shows, I remember the good times back then....but make new memories...Ive decided showing trucks is a big part of my life....its something I can never forget or set aside no matter how bad I want to....this is my life, and its here to stay!

My first car

I had a 1998 Ford Ranger....its nickname was the turtle, it was a 4cyl and super slow!

Car I wish I still had

My 2001 Ford Ranger Edge....it was in an accident 3 years ago, I miss it to this day.

My dream car

Theres so many cars Id love to have....my ultimate dream car is a 66 mustang convertable


  • Type of racing: Nascar
  • Driver: Kasey Kahne and Dale Jr
  • Car movie: Cars!!!
  • Car magazine: Truckin, Sport Trucks

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