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  • revhard started a blog post My Cobra

    My Cobra

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    I just Thought I'd take the time to let all my friends know I am up grading the Cobra after all this time! There are Photos of the Upgraded Parts & of the Parts that have been installed! PS. I would like to say I'm sorry for being gone so long & not...
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  • revhard started a blog post 2010 Pontiac TransAm

    2010 Pontiac TransAm

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    It is here the Conversion Kit for the Camaro to transform it into the new 2010 Pontiac TransAm so for those of you that are looking for the Conversion Kits here are Photos of what it will look like. If you want information on this Conversion Kit you can...
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  • revhard started a blog post my profile photo

    my profile photo

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    I just thought I'd change things up a little bit & add a new profile photo I hope all enjoy, IF any one is affended oh well get over it- & I would like to refer you to the SECOND AMENDMENT you know that pesty thing called FREEDOM OF SPEECH & EXpresion!
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