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Wagler Fall Nationals
November 2, 2020
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Another huge car show event for 2020 was Wagler Fall Nationals in Lyons, Indiana. This custom car and truck show was back at Wagler Motorsports Park on October 4th and 5th. With the struggles of controlling the Coronavirus, spectators and show-goers were eager to attend a show in 2020. Jeremy Wagler brought two sleds out for the final pull of the year at his track, but also the final pull for most pullers in the area.

Standing from the towers, our crew got a perfect view of the entire Park for the live event coverage. There were trucks and vehicles of all kinds pulling these massive sleds down the track! These race cars, or should we say race trucks (and tractors!), put down some serious horsepower to be able to pull the heavy sleds down the lane. With $10,000 on the line, the show was packed full of spectators and drivers. Even with a little rain, the track was perfect for some sled pulling!

Dan Wagler brought his tractor out to the track and made an incredible pull! Jordan’s Dodge 3500 aka Cummin’ Get It put down some awesome numbers as well as he pulled the sled down the lane. A crowd favorite, Blue Thunder, was also under the spotlight at Wagler Fall Nationals trying to bring home the trophy and the $10,000!

After 3 hours of dirt-slinging car show fun, a heavy rain storm came and postponed the rest of the event until the following afternoon. Even with the rain, the audience flocked back to the show the following day where the remaining pulls were completed. The track was prepped and the show started back up about 1pm on Sunday. The world famous “Tinker Toy” was also ready to hit the dirt and pull the sled down the lane. Diesel World Magazine was on site the entire time bringing you the best live event coverage of the show.

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