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September 26, 2020
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Diesel Truck Show Ends in Fiery Engine Explosion

Diesel trucks have been a hot topic of discussion in recent years. However, the ear piercing whistle and whine of the turbo diesel engine is something most truck enthusiasts live for. 2020 was a difficult year for all businesses including the car and truck show industry. As more and more events were getting cancelled or postponed, people were starting to lose hope in attending even one show in the year. Finally, as the restrictions started to loosen, Edge Products decided to go forward with their show.

It goes without saying Edge Products brought the heat for their Weekend on the Edge 2020 show. Custom trucks of all types flooded the Edge Products Ogden, UT facility for the weekend. Although the event would be a little scaled back compared to their usual show, it was still one for the books. Unfortunately, they were not able to host the quarter mile drag races or sled pull this year due to the pandemic. Edge Products decided to host a customer appreciation show alongside Northwest Dyno Circuit and their portable chassis dyno. This type of dyno was designed to accurately measure the horsepower and torque of a given vehicle. Being able to do multiple pulls and dial in custom tunes or modifications on engines is a huge plus of using this specific dyno.

Even with this being a smaller event, several large sponsors were on site to display their products and support the show. OptiLube, BD Diesel, Randy’s Transmission and Daily Driven Performance are just a few of the vendors that came out to the event.

Shawn Baca brought out the big guns with his Master Shredder truck when he signed up to compete. Shawn’s extreme knowledge of building trucks is bar none as his truck is one of the top diesel trucks in the country, especially as far as horsepower. Pushing the limits is something Shawn is known for and he wasn’t going home without a fight for the 3000 horsepower number from the dyno. On the first pull, the truck put down a whopping 2920hp, more than any diesel pickup has ever put down on a chassis dyno. After giving the truck a few minutes to cool down, they decided to complete a second and third run. As Shawn pushed his truck to the limits, the Nitrous came on hard and the engine block exploded into the air. The massive fireball of an explosion pushed the crowd back as Shawn was able to climb out of the truck with only minimal injuries.

This was, by far, the largest engine explosion from a dyno pull caught on camera ever. After the fire had been put out, the show wrapped up for the day and it left everyone thinking about how big the next Weekend on the Edge would be!

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