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sho_shane is Its funny. We work for money to work on our cars But work keeps us from working on our cars! — updated 7 years ago

  • Age: 34
  • Gender: M
  • Address: Greenville, Texas
    United States
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Sho_Shane, I'm am happy to hear that you are not street racing anymore. Marriage, children and maturity will do that to a person. I love fast too! My club was a co-host of a car event at Fontana (NASCAR track), CA. There is also a drag strip there. Many people got a chance to race and auto-cross on another track. It is fun and a great way to see how fast and agile your car is. I witnessed a street racing accident and it was horrific. An innocent 12 year old girl was killed instantly and her driver and rear passenger were seriously injured. It happened in front of my high school softball team that I coach. That accident affected all 15 of my girls and others who witnessed it. The racer was sitting on the curb making excuses to his mother on the phone. The other one got away - for about a year, then he was located and also arrested. They both are doing state prison time. So sad for the families of the victims and the racers. Never in my life did I want to hurt someone so bad as that driver, yet I stood by him until the police came so no one else would hurt him or help him leave the scene. Having children does wonders doesn't it? You are so right that when it comes to cars, it really doesn't matter what you drive it just matters that you love cars. Take care and enjoy and cherish your family. Thanks for friending me.
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Hey,do the toy cars count for the contest? I'm confused, what if they win?
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