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  • skrapmetal started a blog post MPG's


    After making adjustments to the timing, carb/mixture, plug gaps, I took an 8 hour round trip drive, and was able to get 31 mpg driving between 65-70mph. Not bad after bringing it up from 17mpg! Needless to say, I'm happy.
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  • skrapmetal started a blog post Test Drive

    Test Drive

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    I was playing with the camera and thought I'd record a test drive after getting my engine back together. I had a cylinder head stud pull out of the case which took the threads with it. After a little ingenuity, and some red Loctite, it's back on the...
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  • skrapmetal started a blog post New Gauges

    New Gauges

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    Finally finished installing gauges in my newly painted console. I'm pretty happy overall with the way it came out. The air/fuel gauge wire did not reach so I had to buy an extension wire at Radio Shack. They didn't have a male/female wire so the jerk in...
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  • skrapmetal started a blog post Console


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    I finally decided to paint my console black, get rid of my white gauges, and install 4 new VDO series 1 gauges, along with my Air/Fuel gauge from Tech Edge. It's coming along, just waiting on my new gauges to arrive.
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