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  • speedinta started a blog post GT at NYIRP

    GT at NYIRP

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    Took the mustang gt to NYIRP for the 1/8th mile nationals and it ran amazingly consistently. Ran a 9.24 and a 9.15 in time trials. My 60 ft times are hilarious but I'm running the all season radials that came with it.
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  • speedinta started a blog post Racing the GT

    Racing the GT

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    First time back to the track after Open Heart surgury and I don't seem to have learned a thing!! Time trials were pretty consistent around 9.30 but the temperature dropped a LOT by time eliminations started! I dialed in a 9.20 and broke out AGAIN with a...
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  • speedinta started a blog post back to racing

    back to racing

    On Monday Aug. 10th I underwent open heart surgury in a local Hospital with a terrific heart Surgeon, Dr Serrie Lico. He is a younger aggressive guy who really knows his stuff. I was discharged from the Hospital on Thursday, Aug 14th and he told me to come...
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  • speedinta started a blog post Drag racing the GT

    Drag racing the GT

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    I finally took the Mustang GT to the 1/8 mile track at Lancaster Speedway friday night. First run was 9.7 which I thought was ok but the second run was 9.3! which I thought was terrific.First elimination I was handicapped 2.5 seconds but caught up with the...
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