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Zacatecas II

Friday, January 27th, 2012
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Owner: Hector Esquivel; 1998 GMC Yukon; Duarte, CA; Nokturnal

Bringing SUVs to the Next Level With This SIK Showstopper


It’s become amazingly tough to standout from the crowd at custom truck shows. Chances are every modification you can think of has already been done in one way or another. The best way to bring your truck or SUV to the next level is create an overall package that combines all of the most radical, imaginative modifications into one clean ride. This is what Hector Esquivel, president of the Los Angeles chapter of Nokturnal, has done with his ‘98 GMC Yukon dubbed Zacatecas II. (more…)

Orange Slice

Friday, January 13th, 2012
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Owner: Mike Gonzales; 1973 Chevrolet C-10; Visalia, CA

This Central Cali C-10 Went From Farm Truck to Phenomenal

Mike Gonzalez of Visalia, California, has a typical Central California story. He grew up working on his family’s dairy farm and has been into custom trucks as long as he can remember. The fact that his custom C-10 used to be the family’s farm workhorse is just par for the course. Like many in the Central Valley, Mike took the beat-up work truck and set out to transform it into a hot rod that would make his family proud. (more…)

Where Are They Now?

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

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Rediscovering Iconic Trucks for Better or Worse

Ever wonder where a certain iconic truck disappeared to? Maybe it was the truck that got you into the custom truck scene or inspired your own build. The stories are as varied as the trucks themselves: some ended tragically, some end in rebirth. (more…)


Monday, October 31st, 2011
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Owner: Don Vollmer; 1995 Chevrolet S-10; Godfrey, IL; Negative Camber

A Few Friends Brought This Mini to the Next Level

At first glance, Don Vollmer may look more like the guy yelling and complaining about teenagers and their damn mini-trucks than the guy who owns one, but that isn’t the case. Don has been into mini-trucks, custom cars and choppers longer than most of us have been on this planet of ours. With the help of some friends, including Chico Shaw, Don has used his experience with custom creations to craft a highly detailed, show-stopping S-10. What you see here, however, is the second incarnation of Don’s S-10, but the first go-around was certainly no slouch! (more…)


Friday, October 28th, 2011
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Owner: Jason Mulligan; 2007 Chevrolet Silverado; Anaheim Hills, CA; Relaxed Atmosphere

Performance and Luxury Fill This Custom Silverado

Let’s face it, we cannot leave any stock truck alone. It just doesn’t happen—it’s in our blood. The passion to personalize, customize and stand out from the rest is why we do what we do. The creativity, passion and fun make all of the work worthwhile. Since my current daily driver had actually become a show truck, I went in search of a new truck to serve as my workhorse. My truck, Flashback, was having tons of work done to it, including a custom interior and full custom paint. (more…)

Fire Starter

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011
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Owner: Rich Schreiner; 1971 Chevrolet Blazer; Sacramento, CA

This Blazer is a Metal Masterpiece Drenched in Eye Candy

This Blazer started out as a a beat up truck in Northern California. Steve Ortega Jr. of Brentwood, California, picked up the primered and ‘bagged but otherwise stock Blazer dirt cheap. He brought in Grant Kustoms (http://www NULL.grantkustoms in Oroville, California, to begin some of the bodywork, including raking back the windshield, smoothing the pillars and welding up a rear combo skin. Then he brought it down to West Coast Nationals to cruise around in the hot sun where a simple conversation ensued about getting a spot with Street Trucks for the Blazer at SEMA (http://www NULL.semashow The answer, “If you think you can get it done in the four weeks before the big show, then sure!” The Blazer went straight to Grant Kustoms that next day where Bob Grant and the rest of the guys tackled the monstrous feat to turn the Blazer into a show stunner in a mere few weeks’ time. (more…)

Back Alley

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011
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Owner: Mike Partyka Jr.; 1931 Ford Model A Pickup; Fruita, CO

Rust and Grime and Everything Nice

A couple years back we featured Mike Partyka’s previous build, a chopped, sectioned and ‘bagged ’79 Datsun 620 Bulletside in our “Blood, Sweat & Gears” section. The radical mini caught a lot of attention on the show circuit. But Mike has always had a soft spot for old school hardcore hot rod power and looked to build a Model A car or truck. He traded straight across for this ‘31 Ford Model A pickup and set out to build a raw hot rod with plenty of power that everyone could appreciate and enjoy young or old. (more…)

Crazy Bout a Mercury

Thursday, October 20th, 2011
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Scott & Abby Young; 1964 Mercury M-100; Hickory, NC

600 Horsepower, Exceptional Detail and Classic Style

Everybody has a different reason for building trucks to fit a particular style. For Scott Young of Hickory, North Carolina, the ’64 Mercury M-100 displayed across these pages was built to in Scott’s words, “show with the big boys.” Scott, like many custom truck fanatics, became obsessed with everything with wheels as a youngster and into his adult years has owned an Olds 442, ‘67 Chevy C-10, ‘74 Ford pro street truck and a few other fine examples of early Ford truck iron. If you ever come in contact with the rolling beauty seen here, you will undoubtedly draw the same conclusion we did in that Scott is a perfectionist. Evidence of that is prominent under the hood, between the doors and underneath this stunning red classic. The project was purchased in 1999, and 10 years and 150K later Scott and his wife are enjoying driving and showing the truck after much knuckle busting and consistent bank account shuffling. (more…)


Tuesday, October 18th, 2011
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Mark Whiteskunk; Skunkwerx Paint and Body; 1968 Chevy C-10; Sayre, OK

Both Man and Machine Were Saved From Meeting Their Ends

Building a quality truck is not easy for anyone, but just imagine doing it while having a life threatening disease. Yeah, that’s right, owner Mark Whiteskunk of Skunkwerx Paint and Body in Sayre, Oklahoma, was diagnosed with colon cancer while in the middle of this truck’s build. When confronted about it, the doctor gave Mark a 50/50 chance of survival. After going through an extensive surgery, Mark came out clean. Though it was tough to battle this horrible disease, the thought of completing his ’68 Chevy C-10 got him through it all. (more…)


Wednesday, October 12th, 2011
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Owner: Hitomi Okazaki; 1991 Toyota Hilux; Chiba, Japan; Fascination Miniz

A Highly Detailed Father and Daughter Toyota Build

Family is a very important part of Japanese culture. But once a child turns 18, they’re expected to leave home and make their own way in the world, taking with them the lessons and knowledge learned from their parents. Part of this love and knowledge passed down in Hitomi Okazaki’s family from her father Tadaharu is a love of custom mini-trucks. Hitomi loved the movie Lilo & Stitch when she was growing up, especially the Stitch character, and she collected a lot of memorabilia from the film. When she was still in high school, her father bought this ‘91 Toyota Hilux. Hitomi noticed that the color was very similar to Stitch and she was instantly fascinated by the mini. Although she couldn’t drive yet, she asked if she could have the truck. Her father quickly agreed and began to customize it for her while she went to driving school. The goal was for the family to build a clean and highly detailed custom mini-truck together, featuring Stitch’s colors and theme. (more…)