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West Coast Nationals 2010

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

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There are certain time-honored traditions in the custom truck scene and West Coast Nationals, hosted by Bob Hase and the crew from Sunset, is one of them. Picture three fun-filled days of badass mini and full size trucks cruising through La Paz County Park, which is planted firmly on the banks of the Colorado River. A full throttle custom truck party descends every year on La Paz with thousands of truck guys and gals displaying their rides for top honors and a few door-dragging bragging rights. (more…)

iPad Install

Monday, March 28th, 2011

(http://www NULL.motortopia all of the amenities of the home and office into your truck has been the goal of mobile audio innovators for decades. Modern head units are great for music and movies and navigating around town. For those looking for all of the options of a home computer as well as the entertainment of a home theater system, in-car computers were the next step. Unfortunately, they can be costly, complicated to set up and are still functionally limited. The solution of an all-in-one unit with audio, video, Internet access and more was needed. (more…)

Sayonara Sunroof Part II

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

(http://www NULL.motortopia month the crew at Moe’s Garage began the task of replacing the outer roof skin on our ’69 C-10 project truck with help from the folks at LMC Truck. We continue the process this month by replacing the rusted header panel and welding in a patch panel where the sunroof once was.  As with just about every project, whether it be a custom truck or a home remodel, the further you progress, the more ideas you come up with. Before you know it, you’ve gone further than you had originally planned.  As the tape lines may indicate, we’re taking this project one step further and chopping the top. This will solve two problems: It will level out the roof line (GM intentionally raked the roof from front to back to help with water run-off), and it will allow us to better smooth out the area where the rain gutters once were. Anytime a plan changes, you need to regroup and adjust the task accordingly. So after doing some careful measurements we were back to work, and while this may seem like a strange way to chop a top, having the outer skin off will actually help us when it comes to the final fit and finish of the roof skin. (more…)

A Look at What it Takes to Remove OEM C-10 Accessories

Monday, March 21st, 2011

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So who do you think coined the term “shaved,” referring to, of course, the permanent removal of an OEM accessory? From what we can tell, the term became part of hot rodders’ vernacular in the mid ‘50s when customizers began to remove unsightly door handles, side trim and other large OEM bolt-on chrome accessories. Some say that the reason for shaving parts was to streamline the vehicle to reduce wind drag, creating better aerodynamics. However, many just say that the practice became popular because it made the vehicle look better, giving it style, or more of a unique look. (more…)

Classic Lines With Pro Touring Prowess

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011
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Scott and Susan Gifford, 1968 Ford F-100, Valley Head, AL

It’s no secret that trucks that can hang a corner and dice through the cones have taken off like wildfire. Why should the muscle car guys have all the fun? After all, most trucks are plentiful and a lot more affordable to get into than an early Chevelle or Camaro. If you have the skills to turn your own wrenches, and in some cases build your own parts, a little sweat equity can push your project to new levels. Scott Gifford of Valley Head, Alabama, is a machinist by trade and has been a custom truck and hot rod enthusiast for the past 25 years. He had always had a soft spot for the 1967-72 Ford F-100 pickups because his dad had one and Scott remembers riding shotgun as a kid. One afternoon on the way home from his machine shop, Scott spotted a well-worn ’68 F-100 sitting in a local junkyard. He had driven by the truck several times before and often thought about stopping, but something was telling him today was the day to ask about the old workhorse. He learned that the truck was destined for the crusher the next day, so without hesitation he pulled a crisp $100 bill from his wallet and the Ford was his. (more…)

Street Trophy Truck

Monday, March 7th, 2011

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Off-road trucks have to be engineered and crafted to a level of precision that ensures their safe and successful journey through some of the most treacherous terrain on the planet. When set-up properly, a well-tuned off-road truck can be one of the most exciting vehicles to drive, especially when it’s set-up to play on the blacktop, too! (more…)

This Silverado is Green With Envy

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011
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Paul Dolgner 2004 Chevy Silverado La Verkin, UT Severed Ties

Every custom truck has a unique story behind its build. When setting your eyes on flawless bed-equipped beauty, laid flat out at a show, or stretched across the pages of your favorite truck magazine, it’s guaranteed there is a great story about how it got there. Paul Dolgner of La Verkin, Utah, has been addicted to custom trucks for the past 16 years, initially being influenced by his cousin Jared, who had a lowered S-10 when Paul was a youngster. Fast forward several years and three custom trucks, one S-10 Blazer and one Regal on hydros (we’ll pretend that didn’t happen) later, and Paul was itching for another custom truck. For the first three years the Silverado was in the Dolgner stable it served as a daily driver dropped on some custom rolling stock with a bit of stereo work. His wife at the time did not support his custom truck hobby, and after encouraging him to sell his last custom truck, surely she was not going to green light another build. Paul hung loose for a while, but the build itch was beginning to creep back up. After a divorce and a bad accident where the truck was rear-ended, Paul dug into the Silverado by shaving a few things and adding some graphics. His custom itch was satisfied for a while, but the bug to go full throttle bit again, luckily right around the time Paul met his wife Brittney, who inspired him to create his dream truck, backing him up 100 percent of the way. (more…)