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Power Your Lifestyle

Friday, December 30th, 2011

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Electric Upgrades From Kinetik, Powermaster and Painless Performance

Kinetik offers several different models of power cells. To make things easier on the end user the model numbers correspond to the total watts necessary for your vehicle. The watts include your engine and stock accessories as well as all of the aftermarket goodies you install, including a stereo, air compressors and others. A factory setup can use 800-1,200 watts just to run the lights, engine and alternator. And most of the equipment, including battery, alternator and wiring, are set up to handle only that amount and not much more. Start adding accessories and it is easy to see that an upgraded battery is a must. (more…)

Goodguys Del Mar Autocross

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Classic Chevy Nose Job

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

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Installing new Parts up Front From LMC Truck

Since the initial body swap that landed our 1953 Chevy pickup body on an already airbagged 1994 S-10 chassis, we have been spending our free time crossing things off our long list of individual jobs that will get our classic closer to rolling down the road. Last issue we showed you how we installed a wood bed floor, but we did it at a raised elevation to clear our S-10 chassis’ step notch. This month we’re moving up front where we’re installing new bumper brackets, chrome bumper, filler, grille assembly, headlight buckets, headlights and headlight trim rings. (more…)

Fill ‘er Up

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

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The Cure for Ditching Space-Hogging Stock Saddle Tanks on Your Square Body

One major bummer about the 1973-87 GM truck body style is the saddle tanks that sit outside of the frame rails on both sides of the truck just behind the cab. This design has even proved deadly, because the tanks are only protected by the bedside sheet metal and isn’t enough protection in the event of a side impact crash. (more…)

Garage Therapy Part II

Monday, December 19th, 2011

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Bringing a Retro Small-Block Chevy Back to Life

This month we’re picking up where we left off by completing the rebuild of our 350/350 small-block Chevy engine. Part of that process was deciding what would be reused and what needed to be replaced.  As we mentioned before, this engine was originally built for drag racing, and therefore, had high compression pistons, solid lifters and cam, very stiff valve springs, etc. It was easy to eliminate those parts from the “keep” pile, but some others, like the timing chain, pushrods, oil pump and carburetor weren’t so easy. I really wanted to keep as many of the original parts as possible, but advancements made with some of today’s parts were just too hard to overlook. The carburetor is an excellent example of this. (more…)

Brass Tacks Part III

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

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Bringing up the Rear With Currie Enterprises

The last time we saw Brass Tacks, a ‘76 GMC K5 Jimmy being transformed into a roadstered street rod over at Status in Rockwall, Texas, its front suspension was fully mocked up on a frame table. The front suspension consisted of the Quality Air Ride front raised cross member for the C-10 platform that provides clearance for the frame to lay flat, but also consists of mounts, new control arms and more. The cross member was assembled with a Flamin’ River Mustang II power rack-and-pinion, as well as a C-10 big brake kit from McGaughys Suspension that consists of drop spindles and 13-inch rotors. The goal is to build a complete frame using this as a base. The rear suspension will also need a base, which is where a Currie Enterprises rearend comes into play. (more…)

The Tito Special Build

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Classic Bed Floor Tricks

Monday, December 12th, 2011

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Raise a Bed Floor in a Classic for Suspension Clearance With Parts From LMC Truck

The very first time we mounted the 1953 Chevy truck body on our 1994 S-10 chassis with the Advance Design Engineering body swap kit, it was evident that we were going to have to do something about the bed floor. The frame came out from under a truck that had already been airbagged, and the rear frame rails had already been step notched to allow the rearend to go deep enough into the frame rails to lay the chassis flat on the ground. Well, the step-notched frame was cool, but it presented a problem when it was time to install a bed floor. (more…)

Kick Back Cruisin’

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

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The 1ST Annual Classic Truck Cruise and Shop Tour at Classic Performance Products

Sometimes it’s the local and informal events that are the most fun to attend. They provide a chance to rub elbows with enthusiasts on a more personal level and when an event is targeted specifically at trucks, well, you can guarantee that you are going to find some great iron to stare at and strike up a few noteworthy conversations with fellow truck guys and gals. (more…)

Street Trucks & AccuAir SEMA Builds

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011