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A ‘Bagged and Body-Dropped Dime Built on Pure Passion

Friday, January 21st, 2011

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Most custom trucks on the road today started with a dream and a stock pickup begging to be set flat on the ground and smoothed from grille to tailgate. As we flex our creative muscle on sheet metal that drive to take a project further always lingers in our subconscious. Andrew Merkel of Webster, New York, is a custom truck fanatic at heart, and built the metallic blue, body-dropped S-10 laid flat out across these pages as a way to shout his best tune into the custom truck microphone. We heard you, Andrew, and toss a king-sized thumb in the air for this little blue jewel that puts chins on the pavement in Upstate New York.


Status – 48 Hours Build Preview

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

The guys over at Status in Rockwall, Texas did the unthinkable, they took a beat up but laid out Chevy C/K and bodyworked it, painted it, created a custom interior and finished it all off in just a single weekend! Here is a preview of the build thanks to Crime Pays Video/Weekend Celebrity Productions. Catch more on this build soon in Street Trucks Magazine!