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Mark of the Best

Friday, September 9th, 2011

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Branding Your Shop Truck the Right Way

While shop trucks can technically be defined as any truck used to run parts around town, the classic speed shops of the ‘40s and ‘50s branded their trucks, and like many of us, they customized them, as well. That style has persisted to this day and has become increasingly popular in the truck scene for those looking for a retro, vintage look that’s easy to achieve. (more…)

Project Greystone 7: Dress up and Final Details

Monday, August 15th, 2011

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Adding Some Style With BASF, L&G Enterprises and Stylin’ Trucks

We are wrapping up the custom paint and graphics on Project Greystone over at L&G Enterprises in San Dimas, California. The crew cab has undergone a subtle two-tone paint scheme with custom graphics laid out and sprayed by Theresa Contreras. We have BASF R-M Onyx HD waterborne materials for everything from the primer to the Lexus Smoky Granite Mica and Greystone Metallic paint to the clearcoat. The VOC-compliant paint system from BASF keeps us out of trouble with the EPA while still maintaining a great finish with all of the benefits of traditional solvent-based systems. After the truck was baked, color sanded and buffed to a perfect shine, the reassembly process began. (more…)

Project Greystone V: Prep for Paint

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

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Adding Some Style With BASF Automotive Refinish, L&G Enterprises and Stylin’ Trucks

A custom paint job whether mild or wild is one of the most attention-grabbing aspects of a custom truck. The combinations are truly endless using different colors, graphic elements and other tricks. When the time came to apply new paint to our crew cab Silverado project dubbed Project Greystone, we wanted to keep with the theme of creating a custom truck inspired by luxury vehicles. (more…)