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Crazy Bout a Mercury

Thursday, October 20th, 2011
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Scott & Abby Young; 1964 Mercury M-100; Hickory, NC

600 Horsepower, Exceptional Detail and Classic Style

Everybody has a different reason for building trucks to fit a particular style. For Scott Young of Hickory, North Carolina, the ’64 Mercury M-100 displayed across these pages was built to in Scott’s words, “show with the big boys.” Scott, like many custom truck fanatics, became obsessed with everything with wheels as a youngster and into his adult years has owned an Olds 442, ‘67 Chevy C-10, ‘74 Ford pro street truck and a few other fine examples of early Ford truck iron. If you ever come in contact with the rolling beauty seen here, you will undoubtedly draw the same conclusion we did in that Scott is a perfectionist. Evidence of that is prominent under the hood, between the doors and underneath this stunning red classic. The project was purchased in 1999, and 10 years and 150K later Scott and his wife are enjoying driving and showing the truck after much knuckle busting and consistent bank account shuffling. (more…)

Shop Trucks in the Spotlight

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

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Affordable, Fun to Drive and Packed With Character

If you have built custom trucks or hot rods for any length of time, you are undoubtedly beginning to realize that those that are the most fun to own are also those that you can drive, hard. A truck you can lean against, scratches and nicks, and toss stuff in the bed without a blanket have proven to be those where you can find maximum enjoyment behind the wheel. (more…)

Orange Blossom Special

Friday, August 19th, 2011
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Neil and Jackie Utt - 1957 Ford F-100 - Mt. Airy, NC

Not many people can say they have owned or been around the same vehicle for 52 years, but it seems like years ago people used to keep their trucks a lot longer than they do today. Neil Utt of Mt. Airy, North Carolina, has been bonded to the orange ’57 F-100 stretched across these pages since he was knee high to a grasshopper. The truck was purchased by his father, James Utt, in 1959 and was dear old dad’s daily driver until 1994 when he handed Neil the keys with a request to make her shine again. This old workhorse had been run hard hauling numerous loads of gravel and wood throughout Neil’s youth, and when he turned 16, Neil even took his driver’s test behind the wheel of the trusty old Ford. Fishing and hunting trips in the truck with dad when Neil as a kid and memories of teen date nights, fueled the rebuild of the original red and white two-tone pickup. (more…)

Project Fast Lane Part 18

Monday, May 16th, 2011

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Our ’56 F-100 Chassis Gets Z’d, Shaved, Smoothed, Painted and Assembled

On a show truck chassis suspension detail is just as important as slick paint and precision fit and finish. One of the first stories that ran on Project Fast Lane was outfitting the chassis with a No Limit Engineering Wide Ride IFS, parallel Fat Bar 4-link system and Ridetech air system. The rear frame was step notched to provide room for the 9-inch rearend to roam under full droop and boxing plates were welded in for strength and rigidity. (more…)

Pickups Limited 28th Annual F-100 Western Nationals

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

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There are certain time-honored traditions in the world of classic pickups, and the annual F-100 Western Nationals hosted by the Orange County chapter of Pickups Limited is one of them. Every year this dedicated group of classic Ford truck gearheads assembles in June at the Canyon RV Park more commonly referred to as “Featherly” to enjoy a day of paint, chrome and horsepower all centered on classic Ford pickups and the dedicated enthusiasts who enjoy them. June 26 marked the 28th annual F-100 Western Nationals and more than 200 trucks rolled on to the grounds at the Canyon RV Park to enjoy a day of old Ford beauty. (more…)

Classic Lines With Pro Touring Prowess

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011
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Scott and Susan Gifford, 1968 Ford F-100, Valley Head, AL

It’s no secret that trucks that can hang a corner and dice through the cones have taken off like wildfire. Why should the muscle car guys have all the fun? After all, most trucks are plentiful and a lot more affordable to get into than an early Chevelle or Camaro. If you have the skills to turn your own wrenches, and in some cases build your own parts, a little sweat equity can push your project to new levels. Scott Gifford of Valley Head, Alabama, is a machinist by trade and has been a custom truck and hot rod enthusiast for the past 25 years. He had always had a soft spot for the 1967-72 Ford F-100 pickups because his dad had one and Scott remembers riding shotgun as a kid. One afternoon on the way home from his machine shop, Scott spotted a well-worn ’68 F-100 sitting in a local junkyard. He had driven by the truck several times before and often thought about stopping, but something was telling him today was the day to ask about the old workhorse. He learned that the truck was destined for the crusher the next day, so without hesitation he pulled a crisp $100 bill from his wallet and the Ford was his. (more…)