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Going Back to the ‘50s in a Homebuilt Hot Rod Effie

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011
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Owner: Clayton and Deborah Lashley, 1953 Ford F-100, Newalla, OK

Back in the early days of hot rodding enthusiasts put together their rocket of choice within the confines of a two-car garage, or they wrenched out in the open, right in the driveway. Making your performance dreams come true was a matter of pulling together your buddies, sharpening your skills, and just going for it. No fancy tools, no unlimited budget and no fully equipped shop—just a bucket-load of determination and a vision. Some of the coolest hot rods around today were built at home in the garage with the owner spinning the wrenches. Clayton Lashley of Newalla, Oklahoma, is a diehard hot rodder who has held the titles to a ’57 Ford two-door wagon, a ’34 Plymouth coupe and a ’37 Ford coupe. When it came time for Clayton to build a new project he wanted “a hot rod with a bed” so he located a ’53 F-100 slant cab, and friends Dave Griner, Dustin Lashley (son), Doug Boowning, Jon Barrett and Roy England spun wrenches in the evenings and on weekends with Clayton to complete his truck. The neat part about this build is the grassroots nature of the project, which used a ton of OEM parts borrowed from different vehicles, and the fact that Clayton and his friends did all of the work short of the interior. (more…)

Project Fast Lane SEMA Debut

Monday, January 24th, 2011

The guys at Speed Wrench check out Street Trucks’ Project Fast Lane build at SEMA 2010. Built by Hill’s Hot Rods & JD Glassworks out of Lubbock, TX.