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  • tdi52479 started a blog post Its Dead Again

    Its Dead Again

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    Well Last week I got my car running after 4 months of waiting for parts and man was it running good. Had it going for three days and 142 miles befor it broke again. ARGHHH ive spent days trying to figure out what happened and today i found the problem....
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  • tdi52479 started a blog post ITS ALIVE


    Well all of my time waiting for parts has payed off. I got to drive my jetta last night and it halls ass ;) I am wating on a new tunning file though bc it has so much left that i havent tapped into yet. First and second gear are now worthless with my...
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  • tdi52479 started a blog post Re tinting

    Re tinting

    Well today I am retinting the car. Hope I dont get pulled over anymore next year. Still waiting on parts. Bought everything in May from Kerma and still no turbo under the hood. Kerma where is my turbo???ARGHHHH FRUSTRATED AT THE MOMENT
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