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  • tomdg started a blog post Alot of changes...
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    Alot of changes...

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    I last left with the ideas of my sun-roof sparkling system to flash little shimmers of light upwards out of my non-working sunroof... Thats been scrapped as I'm going to be adding a roof-scoop and LCD-screen in it's place... Here is a list of the changes...
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  • tomdg started a blog post SunRoof Sparkler
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    SunRoof Sparkler

    Got all wiring mounted, an additional toggle in my little toggle-cluster design, and demonstrated the theory and equipment. Appears mounting of the motors-gears-braces will be my primary concern. Tomorrow I'm going to see if the original sunroof-motor...
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  • tomdg started a blog post Wow...
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    I've just discovered my camera-cord, I should have some pics up shortly. Tomorrow I'll be mounting my floor-board lighting, purchasing the equipment for my custom sunroof/sparkler install, and will hopefully get the wiring for it ran. Won't get the hardware...
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