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Bullitts attack the Queen Mary!

By BullittDuff

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I took my Bullitt to her first car show over the weekend.

The show was held at the Queen Marry in Long Beach CA and put on by the Beach Cities Mustang Club on Sunday Oct. 5th 2008. Got'a hand it to the BCMC – despite some setbacks beyond their control – they really put on a great show.

I'd made reservations to stay aboard the Queen Mary and arrived about mid afternoon on Saturday amidst some inclement weather that had everybody worried. But luckily that blew through without too much drama other than to cause some of the participants, committee members & volunteers some extra prep time.

My stay aboard the Queen Mary was great! I got a great room and was a little bit surprised how large it was. Had a two room stateroom with bedroom and what I guess you'd call a living room with a foldaway couch a wet bar, refrigerator and two bathrooms. Aside from the two TVs and some modern electronics (radio & web TV keyboard) the room was something out of the 1930s. I had a couple of beers (Newcastle brown ales) in the lobby lounge and had a rather colorful chat with some the other guests. We where also entertained by a real live lounge singer (Jennifer) and a pretty interesting lady bartender who kept us enthralled with her stories about the ghosts that haunt the lounge.

Back to the show – because I arrived early and was more or less on my own, I volunteered to help out with parking. So got up early Sunday morning dawned an orange vest & a walkie talkie and helped park a fair portion of the 400 plus vehicles that took part in the show. I'm guessing I personally parked about 20-30 vehicles (Mostly Bullitts BTW of course). It was kind of funny because the committee made such a huge deal about how strait the lines had to be. But when it was all said & done and the last car'd been staged – I think our Bullitt section (the 2008s anyway) was the straightest and looked the sharpest. So I took great pride when ever I heard how great our section looked from others.

Anyway I had a great time but one of the highlights for me was having the chance to meet Chad McQueen who's father stared in the Movie was more or less responsible for the cult like following of all things Bullitt. Anyway while I didn't ask him for a autograph as so many of my fellow Bullittheads did but I did get to chat with him about the Bullitt Mustang & shake his hand. What a down to earth & all around great guy.

The numbers?
Well as I said well over 400 vehicles showed up 95% plus most Mustangs. But because the Bullitts were the featured model – between the clones' movies cars, the 2001 and the new 2008s, we had over 30 Bullitts at the show. I think someone told me that that was some sort of record.

That said it was a great event and I finally got to meet lots of fellow Ford, Mustang and of course Bullitt enthusiasts

What the heck is that thing?

By BullittDuff

So I’m driving down the road the other day and this Chrysler 300C (Hemi of course) with a Bentley Grill & those huge 22” DUB wheels starts playing games with me.

Now I wasn’t looking for trouble or intending to incite a confrontation. But when we turned onto a larger three lane road the guy cut in front of me just as I was trying to pass. No biggie – I wasn’t in that much of a hurry anyway.

But when he passed the slower traffic to his credit he pulled over into the right lane and rolled down his window. As I inched up along side doing maybe 65 or 70 – I glance over at the gentlemen (loose term BTW) driving is smiling at me with a huge gold tooth grin & starts giving some not so friendly gestures along with the old Looser sign on his forehead while he & his buddies where all laughing.

Not taking it the lease bit personally – I grinned & down shifted from 4th down into 3rd and floored it!

Fast forward – now had I been serious I could’ve left’em in the dust, but I reigned in back down to the posted speed limit that had dropped to 55mph as we approached the city Now I saw a light that I’m sure I could’ve made changing to red and the car load of dorks pulls up next to me & rolls down his window. Expecting some smack talk – but not surprisingly nobody is laughing anymore.

That’s when a barrage of comments & questions came – like “what the heck is that?” & “Man for a car that looks totally stock – that thing is quick?” And “Dude! That thing is so freaking cool” But the best comment was “what do you have in that thing?... A Roush Supercharger?”

Anyway I was gracious and tried not to sound too boastful in answered their questions and when the light changed I did a little burnout for them.

While I wouldn’t exactly call it a Bullitt kill (i.e. we weren’t racing) I made another believer in those Stealthy Highland Green Mustangs!

My Mustang Bullitt: The First 6700 Miles!

By BullittDuff

So some thoughts after clocking better than 6700 miles in less than two months of ownership –

Yes - I'm still in love and really don't have that much to complain about. In fact I try to use my truck a little more often now just to keep the miles from racking up too quickly – but I dread those days I have to leave my Bullitt at home.

But for the sake of impartiality I do have a couple of comments to share.

Now out of the box I have to say that at 5'11" & 160lbs and actually think the Bullitt is one of the most ergonomically pleasing cars I've ever owned or even driven for that matter. Comfort-wise it's on a par with my 1978 Porsche 928 (aka the Shark) a TRUE honest to god "Grand Tourer" if there ever was one and the Bullitt holds up well in that company. While the Bullitt would hand my Porsche it's kidney in a flat out shootout – the 30 year old Porsche feels much more poised in the twisties. Probably do the Porsche's independent rear transaxle compared to the Bullitt's 19'th Century designed live axle. But even with that I suspect that the Bullitt would be filling up most of the Porsche's rear view mirror on the strait-a-ways of all but the twistest of road courses.

That said the only thing I'd probably change is the amount of vertical travel on the steering wheel seems a tad "limited" but I wouldn't mind if it telescoped too. Not to beat the 928 comparison to death but it's gauge pod/cluster actually moves up & down with the steering wheel so the driver never really has the gauges obstructed by the wheel regardless of the position. This has to be one of the best interior features I've ever encountered in a motor vehicle.

Other than that the only complaint has to be the limited rear seats – but I didn't buy the vehicle for it's rear passenger comfort. That said I have noticed that for some reason females seem to have a problem with the seat belts digging into their shoulders. I've had a few different gals in the passenger seat and I've noticed that they almost always either hold it off of their shoulder or tuck it under their arms. Quick fix would seem to be a seatbelt pad of some sort.

Still - all & all I'm happy with my Bullitt!

So whats the deal with Focus owners?

By BullittDuff

So of late it seems that almost every time I see a Ford Focus on the road the driver seems to be pushing the poor thing to its limits.

Let me give a couple of examples:

The other day I was driving down the interstate minding my own business. Had the cruse control set to ~78-80mph & the satellite tunes set to channel 14 Classic (rock) Vinyl. All was good in the world – when this chucklehead decides that he's got a chip on his shoulder.

As I pass a cluster of slower cars (doing say ~70-75mph) in the right lane. As I pass this kid in a Focus jumps out of line and starts to crawl up my arse. As I see an opening I pull over to let the guy pass. But in stead of passing he pulls along side and starts to goat me into running with him. First thought is WTF is this moron's problem?

Another time I'm on surface streets and I've got some precious cargo (my little girls) with me when another brain donor starts messing with me in a similar fashion.

This scenario played out numinous times since I got my Bullitt. To a lesser degree I've had similar in counters with Chevy HHRs, those new VW Bugs, PT Cruiser and even those silly looking Prius hybrids. All seem to take it as a personal affront if I pass them even at the posted speed limit.

So what's the deal folks? I mean I pull up next to Mustang GT500s & even Corvettes and might get a "knowing node" of approval, but rarely do they ever press the issue. Likewise and truthfully a bit of a surprise - is that I've noticed that most of the Ricky racers in their little rice rockets with the huge fart-can exhausts – seem to leave me alone too.

So the question is what are these folks thinking? Do they think I've just got a plain Jane Pony V6 or are they working out their erectile dysfunction frustration?

Personally I think it's the later…;)

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