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Unlocking Autonomy: A Look at Converting a Smart Car to Drive Itself.

Jerome Andre August 28, 2023 Electric Vehicle Features

Seb Smith’s Smart is Smarter Than It Seems: It Drives Itself Thanks to a Custom Setup You Can Also Use In an EV world captivated… Continue reading

EV Talk Made Simple: A Deep Dive into Electric Vehicle Terminology

EVBG STAFF August 21, 2023 All EV Vehicles

EV Lingo Extravaganza: The Next Level in Electric Jargon Chronicles! Brace yourself for a fresh load of electric vehicle lingo. We guide you through it… Continue reading

Electrifying Change: Fuel2Electric's Mission to Educate and Transform through EV Conversion

EVBG STAFF August 08, 2023 All EV Vehicles

The Trailblazing Multivendor Platform Has Set Its Sights on Enlightening the Masses About the Wonders of EV Conversion Welcome to the electrifying world of Fuel2Electric,… Continue reading

Preserving Classics with a Modern Twist: The Fiat 500E Journey by Silent Classics

Jerome Andre August 02, 2023 All EV Vehicles

Jack Kerridge Turned His Passion for Fiat into a Flourishing Business Meet Jack Kerridge, the automotive talent behind the wheel at Silent Classics based in… Continue reading

Maximizing Power Transfer: Mastering EV Cable Connections for Your Electric Vehicle

EVBG STAFF July 18, 2023 All EV Vehicles

Mastering EV Cables Work for Connections That Spark! If you want plentiful power out of your electric vehicle, you need the ability to move a… Continue reading

Electrify Expo: Showcases Stunning EV Conversions and Modified EVs

EVBG STAFF July 11, 2023 All EV Vehicles

Electrify Expo Showcases Stunning EV Conversions and Modified EVs, Plus Cutting-Edge Tech Right in the heart of all the action in Long Beach, California, the… Continue reading

Recycling Trucks Specialist Embraces EV Conversion On Massive Scale

Jerome Andre January 11, 2023 Electric Vehicle Features

In 2018 David Lorenz scribbled down some ideas for a new business venture. He wanted to identify different vehicle types which he could convert to… Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know To Get Your Electric-Motor Running

TIM CACHELIN December 20, 2022 Electric Vehicle Features

Electric motors may seem complicated, but they don’t have to be. Most electric motors only have one primary moving part, compared to an internal combustion… Continue reading

We are live! Finally a retrofitting and modifying publication for the EV Industry.

JEROME ANDRE August 12, 2022 Electric Vehicle Features

If you’re reading this guide, there’s a 99% chance I’m preaching to the, ahem, converted. EVs in general have faced a significant, yet unfounded, backlash… Continue reading

Tesla Head Designer opts for performance suspension from aftermarket experts

EV Team August 11, 2022 Electric Vehicle Features

Here is an insightful video from the Unplugged Performance team, featuring CEO Ben Schaffer and long-time customer, Tesla’s Senior Design Executive Franz von Holzhausen. You’ve… Continue reading

Fully Charged Live North America is only 30 days away!

EV Team August 10, 2022 Electric Vehicle Features

Here’s why we’re going to Robert Llewellyn’s Fully Charged Live North America: retrofit EVs, modified EVs and over 30 sessions with industry experts! Fully Charged… Continue reading

Electric Vehicle Builders Unite, Welcome to the Evolution of Aftermarket Automotive!

Chris Hamilton August 10, 2022 Electric Vehicle Features

We’ve seen it, we’ve talked about it, and now we’ve decided to dive deep into the world of electric motor swapped restomods for you to… Continue reading


TIM CACHELIN July 12, 2022 Electric Vehicle Features

Legacy EV Offers Certification Program If you’ve been paying attention, it’s no secret that we are stepping into the electrical vehicle age. Gas isn’t in… Continue reading

French designer blows a fuse: Insane, yet chic, Renault 5 retrofit

EV Team July 05, 2022 EV News

Could this be the most insane, yet cool, retrofit? Oh, oui! Bravo Renault. She’s a legendary French car, he’s a legendary French designer: The classic… Continue reading

Tesla-go-go: UK's first Tesla 'Superchaged' show

EV Team June 30, 2022 EV News

Last Saturday, the UK Tesla owners club gathered 400 Teslas of all vintages and models near Oxford, including a rare early Roadster, for their inaugural… Continue reading

Electric Jaguar E-Types in the works in Florida

EV Team June 29, 2022 Electric Vehicle Features

Florida-based ECD Automotive Design will soon offer Tesla motor and battery-equipped Jaguar E-Types, along with their Land Rover Defenders and Range Rovers offering. Headquartered in… Continue reading

Bagged 2018 Tesla Model 3 | Slammed Air Ride Lowered

Jon Hansen June 27, 2022 Electric Vehicle Features

Peter Tran’s Unique 2018 Tesla Model 3 Commuting can really wear a person out. Day in and day out, putting in miles to and from… Continue reading

39.08! McMurtry fan car breaks Goodwood Hill RECORD! | Festival of Speed 2022

Chris Hamilton June 27, 2022 Electric Vehicle Features

Thew’s a new Goodwood Hill RECORD. After 23 years Nick Heidfeld’s Timed Shootout record in the McLaren MP4/13 has been broken. F1 and IndyCar star… Continue reading

HOLLEY HIGH VOLTAGE EXPERIENCE | The Inaugural Event in 2021!

Mike Self June 24, 2022 Electric Vehicle Features

An Electrifying Experience The Holley High Voltage Experience debuted at Sonoma Raceway in Northern California. The location proved especially fitting given its proximity to California’s… Continue reading

Someone already lifted the F-150 Lightning! Check out what happened to the Electric Range.

Chris Hamilton June 23, 2022 Electric Vehicle Features

We added a Leveling Kit to the all new 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning! In addition to that we added a set of 34″ Nitto Ridge… Continue reading

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