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Jerome Andre

Articles Published

Jerome Andre February 20, 2024 Electric Vehicle Features

Bucky “Shotty” Howard’s 2020 Tesla Model 3 SR+ Photos by Jerome Andre In the world of custom car enthusiasts, few stories capture the spirit of… Continue reading

Venom – Scorpion EV’s Kit Transforms Cobras in a Flash

Jerome Andre February 02, 2024 Electric Vehicle Features

In the lush vineyards of Temecula, California, a different kind of craftsmanship is brewing. This is the home of the Scorpion EV, where the roar… Continue reading

The Lunaz Revolution Reshaping Automotive History with Electric Power

Jerome Andre February 01, 2024 Electric Vehicle Features

Inside Lunaz: Where Automotive Heritage Meets Tomorrow’s Technology Photos by Jerome Andre As we drive into the outskirts of Silverstone, UK, home to the iconic… Continue reading

Gas Monkey's Testa - A Ferrari Testarossa Goes Silent

Jerome Andre January 31, 2024 Electric Vehicle Features

The Incredible E-Testarossa that Richard Rawlings Wanted to Call ‘Test-E’ Photos by Jerome Andre Imagine a world where a classic Ferrari purrs absolutely silently. Sounds… Continue reading

Downey's Dream Cars: Transforming Icons for a Greener Tomorrow

Jerome Andre January 05, 2024 Electric Vehicle Features

Robert Downey Jr.’s Electrifying Drive In the realm of Hollywood’s most iconic figures, Robert Downey Jr. has long been a shining star. Famous for his… Continue reading

This Custom Ford Mach-E is Lighting Up the Florida Mod Scene

Jerome Andre December 05, 2023 All EV Vehicles

Jason Halvorsen’s Custom Ford Mach-E is Lighting Up the Florida Mod Scene Jason Halvorsen is a yacht captain who lives in Hollywood, Florida. He’s also… Continue reading


Jerome Andre November 21, 2023 All EV Vehicles

One Man’s Quest to Build the Ultimate Tesla—Before Tesla! When Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled the Cybertruck in 2019, it was initially received with mixed… Continue reading

This Brit Doctor Facelifts the Model X to Perfection

Jerome Andre November 17, 2023 Electric Vehicle Features

Andrew Dharman, a London-based general practitioner, admits it was originally his wife, Kasiika, who suggested they get a Model X, but adds, that at the… Continue reading

A Gas-Guzzler Land Cruiser converted to an Eco-Friendly 4x4

Jerome Andre November 15, 2023 All EV Vehicles

In the vast landscape of automotive evolution where gas-powered engines have long reigned supreme, one private owner has dared to challenge convention and write a… Continue reading

Econ 2002te | All Electric 2002 BMW

Jerome Andre November 08, 2023 All EV Vehicles

Bavarian Econs Revives the Ultimate Driving Machine Reviving the past while embracing the future is a delicate dance between nostalgia and innovation, and Bavarian Econs,… Continue reading

Classic Meets Modern: The Remarkable Transformation of a '69 Ford Bronco

Jerome Andre September 27, 2023 Feature Stories

The Vegas Bronco that Stole the Show In the realm of custom creations, where automotive dreams become reality, lies the mighty weapon of a Bronco… Continue reading

Bagged and Blue 2021 Tesla Model Y Performance

Jerome Andre September 06, 2023 Electric Vehicle Features

Colby Ashton Good’s EV is Cooler Than ICE In a world dominated by gas-guzzling vehicles, a few brave souls dare to challenge the status quo.… Continue reading

Unlocking Autonomy: A Look at Converting a Smart Car to Drive Itself.

Jerome Andre August 28, 2023 Electric Vehicle Features

Seb Smith’s Smart is Smarter Than It Seems: It Drives Itself Thanks to a Custom Setup You Can Also Use In an EV world captivated… Continue reading

Turning a 1965 Ford Mustang into an Electric Marvel with Inspire EV

Jerome Andre August 23, 2023 All EV Vehicles

Reviving a Classic Mustang for the 21st Century  Two years ago, in a remarkable tale of dedication and innovation, the team at Inspire EV, based… Continue reading

Iconic Land Rover Goes Electric: The Modern Reinvention of a Classic

Jerome Andre August 14, 2023 All EV Vehicles

Gas-Guzzler Turned Electron-Sipper Becomes Owner’s Perfect EV Replacing a Land Rover’s powertrain is not new; even equipping it with an electric motor is not. Land… Continue reading

Breaking Barriers with Innovation: Neil Tjin Edition Ford Mustang Mach-E

Jerome Andre August 04, 2023 All EV Vehicles

Neil Tjin Unleashes the Power of Innovation with His SEMA Award-Winning Mach-E The story behind the Tjin Edition Ford Mustang Mach-E California Route 1 showcases… Continue reading

Preserving Classics with a Modern Twist: The Fiat 500E Journey by Silent Classics

Jerome Andre August 02, 2023 All EV Vehicles

Jack Kerridge Turned His Passion for Fiat into a Flourishing Business Meet Jack Kerridge, the automotive talent behind the wheel at Silent Classics based in… Continue reading

From Classic to Electric: Belgian Experts Perfect Iconic Mercedes-Benz

Jerome Andre July 28, 2023 All EV Vehicles

Belgian Geniuses Perfect One of the Best Mercedes Benz Ever Made Roel Pollen is the man behind Monceau Automobiles in Hasselt, Belgium, a unique, high-end… Continue reading

Igniting the EV Movement: Brett Hunsaker's Striking Tesla Model Y Takes Center Stage

Jerome Andre June 30, 2023 All EV Vehicles

Brett Hunsaker’s Visionary EV Creation Takes the Car Scene by Storm Las Vegas is known for its glitz and glamour, but hidden among the neon… Continue reading

Tips To Become An EV Automotive Tech

Jerome Andre June 06, 2023 EV Builders Guide

An automotive job involves maintenance, repair, and inspection of light trucks and other vehicles, which sounds simple on paper, but there’s more to becoming an… Continue reading

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