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Jerome Andre February 20, 2024 Electric Vehicle Features

Bucky “Shotty” Howard’s 2020 Tesla Model 3 SR+

Photos by Jerome Andre

In the world of custom car enthusiasts, few stories capture the spirit of innovation and personal expression as vividly as that of Bucky Howard and his Tesla Model 3, affectionately named OUTAGAZ. Featured over a year ago in EV Builder’s Guide, Bucky’s journey from a gas-guzzling past to an electric, Technicolor future is not just about modifying a car; it’s about redefining how cool an electric vehicle can be

Bucky’s story is steeped in the neon-lit backdrop of Las Vegas. His upbringing, influenced by his father’s renowned status in the gaming industry and his mother’s artistic prowess as a professional dancer, shaped his unique perspective on life and automobiles. This blend of spectacle and creativity is vividly reflected in every facet of his Model 3, turning the car into a mobile canvas that mirrors the vibrancy of Vegas.

Bucky’s automotive passion was ignited in the world of custom mini-trucks, celebrated for their low-to-ground stances and mad styles. His first automotive fascination, a Chevy S10, laid the foundation for his lifelong devotion to vehicle customization, but Tesla’s entry into the automotive market marked a pivotal shift in Bucky’s focus, leading him from traditional gas engines to the innovative domain of electric vehicles.

The Genesis

Purchased in early 2020, Bucky’s Tesla Model 3 SR+ quickly transcended its original form. This transformation was more than a routine upgrade; it was a bold statement against the misconception that electric vehicles were not amenable to personalization.

“There’s a prevailing notion that you can’t customize an EV,” Bucky remarks. “But my Tesla stands as a testament to the contrary.”

OUTAGAZ is not just a vehicle; it’s a convergence of meticulously chosen modifications. The suspension, masterfully crafted by MadHouse Customs and The Fab Lab, includes a Universal Air Suspension solution series and Airlift Performance 3 PM Management system, establishing a stance that is as functional as it is aesthetically striking.

OUTAGAZ’s exterior is a canvas where Bucky’s creative vision is vividly expressed. Wrapped in a limited edition Inozetek Anti Social Social Club color “Spectrum,” the Tesla’s appearance morphs with each shift in light and perspective, akin to the ever-changing Las Vegas skyline.

‘‘The film was then wrapped in Stek PPF paint protection film, and then ceramic coated over it,” Bucky says. “It just makes it look like paint when you stare at it. Every show it goes to, I get lots of reactions. I love it when people say they love the paintjob—but it’s not paint!

“The best part is if something gets scratched, I have a couple spare rolls that we can use to fix that one panel versus try and paint the whole car,” he continues, “so it has its benefits. Sometimes I wish I would’ve painted it because it turned out to be about the same price. But no going back, because now I’m all in. And depending on how the sun hits the car, it really brings many different colors. It’s my personality. I’m loud, just like my car is.”

That is an understatement, as you can see yourself on his channel:

Additions like the CMST double-sided gloss carbon fiber hood enhance its sleek, modern look. One of the most striking features of OUTAGAZ is its lighting. The Teslux Innovations RGB headlights and LED sequential fog lights from Hansshow not only enhance visibility but also add a dramatic flair to the car’s front end. The stock taillights, wrapped with Inozetek, maintain the Tesla’s original design while blending seamlessly with the car’s new color theme, being partly wrapped. The rear bumper is adorned with LED sequential lights from Hansshow, completing futuristic look. Adding to the car’s style, the frunk features RGB lighting from EV Base, just like the automatic RGB door handles by Hansshow.

Interior: A Fusion of Tech and Artistry

The interior of OUTAGAZ is a testament to Bucky’s commitment to excellence and his eye for detail. MadHouse Customs, the shop responsible for the interior overhaul, ensured that every element resonated with the car’s overall theme. The interior is a lavish display of carbon fiber, covered with the limited edition Inozetek color. The seats, white with a protective ceramic coating, provide a stark contrast to the vibrant colors of the car’s exterior. The steering wheel has left in favor of a carbon fiber yoke wrapped in white leather and Inozetek vinyl. Adding to the auditory experience, two Kicker 12-inch Solo Baricks subwoofers with RGB speaker covers are painted white, with the box covered in the same carpet color as the stock Tesla carpet. These are powered by a 1200-watt Kicker amp, cleverly hidden in the sub-trunk compartment.

I love when people say they love the paintjob—but it’s not paint! 

Shoehorned in the stock wheelwells, the superb 20×8.5-inch T-Sportlines fit perfectly. They are painted gloss black, matching the resprayed calipers.

The door panels, featuring a carbon fiber overlay from RPM, are wrapped in the limited edition Inozetek spectrum color, echoing the car’s external finish. The full carbon fiber seat backs, also from RPM Tesla, are similarly wrapped, creating a cohesive look throughout the vehicle. The dash, originally white, has been wrapped in the Inozetek spectrum also.

Additional interior highlights include a suede dash cover by Hansshow, a center console overlay, and an armrest painted white to match the seats. The technological upgrades are impressive, with a 10.2-inch touchscreen entertainment system in front of the driver and a 7.2-inch rear touchscreen carbon fiber entertainment system for rear passengers, both by Hansshow. The RGB interior lighting throughout by EV Base adds an ambient, futuristic feel to the cabin.

Inside, every surface, from the carbon fiber yoke steering wheel to the door panels, is enveloped in the limited edition Inozetek Spectrum color. The seats, draped in white and topped with a ceramic coating, along with the custom subwoofers and amplifiers, strike a balance between comfort and entertainment. The dual touchscreen entertainment systems, one for the driver and another for rear passengers turn each journey into an immersive experience, and update the interior, mimicking the brand new “Project Highland” Tesla Model 3.

The Art of Customization Bucky’s approach to customizing OUTAGAZ transcends mere aesthetic enhancement. It’s about challenging established norms and embracing the untapped potential of EVs.

“These vehicles are more than just about low maintenance and high torque,” he explains. “They’re canvases for creative expression.”

This philosophy is evident in every modification, from the air suspension system that endows it with a distinctive stance to the custom interior that transforms every drive into an event.

Bucky’s journey has been bolstered by the support of his family, friends, and car clubs like Acrophobia and Ruined EV car clubs. His future plans include continuing to customize OUTAGAZ, ensuring that it remains a dynamic representation of his evolving vision and the possibilities within the realm of electric vehicles.

For those contemplating a similar project, Bucky’s advice is straightforward yet impactful: “Go all in.”

He advocates for the unique appeal of customizing electric cars, encouraging others to explore and innovate in this relatively new area of automotive customization. Bucky Howard’s Model 3 is more than a modified Tesla; it is a rolling proof of the boundless potential of EV customization. It is the symbol of the harmonious fusion between advanced technology and personal expression. As Bucky cruises the neon-lit Strip of Las Vegas, OUTAGAZ is not just a vehicle; it’s a vibrant palette of innovation and passion, echoing the spirit of its city and creator that resonates with the ethos of its environment and the vision of its owner. Viva l’Outagaz!



  • Bucky “Shotty” Howard
  • Location: Las Vegas
  • Model: 2020 Tesla Model 3 SR+
  • Vehicle Name: OUTAGAZ
  • Club Affiliation: Acrophobia, Ruined EV
  • Time to build: Three years
  • Cost to build: $50K and rising
  • Occupation: Music artist, YouTuber, Sales professional

Motor & Drivetrain 

  • Motor Drive Unit Year, Make, Model: 2020 SR+ RWD
  • power: 208kW/279 Hp
  • Torque: 450Nm 332Lb-ft
  • Voltage: 350V
  • 0 to 60 time: 5.3 seconds


  • Installation Shop: MadHouse Customs, OMC Old Man Customs, The Rod Shop, The Fab Lab
  • Air ride system: Universal Air Suspension solution series
  • Air management system: Airlift Performance 3 PM Management
  • Shocks: Universal Air Suspension shocks


Custom hard line frunk display, two Viar 485 compressors wrapped in Inozetek, chrome tank from bag riders wrapped in Inozetek, hardlined together

Wheels, Tires & Brakes 

  • Rims: Tsportline TS5 20” x 8.5 painted gloss black
  • Tires: Falcon 245/35R20


  • Color: Limited edition color by Inozetek Anti-Social Social Club – Spectrum


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