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Venom – Scorpion EV’s Kit Transforms Cobras in a Flash

Jerome Andre February 02, 2024 Electric Vehicle Features

In the lush vineyards of Temecula, California, a different kind of craftsmanship is brewing. This is the home of the Scorpion EV, where the roar of the classic Cobra V8 is being transformed into a hiss, thanks to a new conversion solution. Under the leadership of Dr. Bill Cardoso, this innovative company is pioneering its Venom kit – with incredible feedback from the trade.

The Scorpion Legacy: From Dreams to Driveways

The origins of Scorpion EV are rooted in passion and ingenuity. It all started with the Silver Scorpion (featured in EVBG 04), a ground-breaking project that merged the classic style of a Cobra with the incredible performance the Tesla Model S Drive Unit. This creation wasn’t just a display of engineering prowess; it was a personal quest for Bill, fueled by his love for classic cars and his desire to share this passion with his daughter, who found the loud engines of traditional sports cars unsettling. The result was a car that not only turned heads but also opened minds in the traditionalist Cobra world. The Silver Scorpion, a 2022 Scorpion EV Scorpion 600, became a symbol of what’s possible at the intersection of heritage and innovation and set new standards in the classic car world.

Venom: A New Chapter in E-Conversions

Buoyed by the success and the lessons learned from the Scorpion 600, Scorpion EV set its sights on a new venture: the Venom Kit. “We listened to our customers and created Venom, a sleek and sophisticated EV conversion kit that meets their desires,” explains Dr. Cardoso. Priced at $39,999, with a $1,000 deposit to secure a spot in the production line, the Venom Kit is more than a set of parts. It’s a comprehensive solution, meticulously crafted to ensure that converting a Cobra to electric propulsion is not just possible but also enjoyable and relatively quick. The team even converted a cobra at SEMA in less than 20 minutes, live at the show!

At the heart of the Venom Kit lies the Hyper 9HV motor, known for its robust performance and reliability. This motor, paired with the advanced Hyper-Drive X144 controller/inverter, forms the backbone of the conversion system. Power storage is a key aspect of any EV system, and the Venom Kit addresses this with seven Tesla S modules, offering 40kWh capacity. These modules, from the 2020-onwards line-up, are recognized for their energy density and longevity. Management is covered by an industry-standard Orion BMS 2 O2BMS48 to ensure optimal performance and battery health. Charging the Venom system is done by the Elcon 6.6kW charger. The kit also includes an Elcon 1.5kW DC/DC converter, ensuring the vehicle’s 12V systems are reliably powered.

Plug and Play (Hard!)

One of the Venom Kit’s most appealing features is its user-friendly design. The system is engineered for a plug-and-play experience, significantly simplifying the conversion process. This approach is a boon for both seasoned mechanics and DIY enthusiasts, allowing for a complete conversion in less than a day – particularly once you have done it once. 

Fully wired and programmed, it’s a plug-and-play solution that revolutionizes the conversion process, making it accessible to most.

The Venom Kit is complemented with the proven Tremec T-5 manual transmission. This setup allows for the retention of the car’s original driving feel, with the reliability of a modern gearbox. Additionally, the kit includes a Tesla Model S water pump and cooling system fittings. Control and monitoring of the system are made possible through the Orion BMS 2 Software Utility and the SmartView TAU Software. These interfaces provide real-time data and diagnostic capabilities, crucial for maintaining the system’s performance and longevity.

Racing icon Karen Salvaggio takes the Venom-powered Cobra for a thrilling drive on winding roads.

Karen Salvaggio: Racing Legend, Electric Visionary

The capabilities of the Venom kit have been put to the test by none other than Karen Salvaggio, a legend in the world of Cobra racing. Her expertise and background add a layer of credibility to Venom’s prowess. Showing us the Venom system’s capabilities in a striking red Cobra, Karen’s adds ‘‘Venom transforms the classic driving experience, marrying tradition with innovation”. And it is not just here claims that support the kit’s design and performance: Scorpion EV’s innovative engineering was recently recognized on one of the industry’s biggest stages – the 2023 SEMA Show. There, their EV-powered Factory Five Mk4, equipped with the Venom kit, was honored as the “Best Engineered Vehicle of the Year.”, validating the team’s hard work, ingenuity, and vision. 

The Elcon DC/DC converter at work in the Venom kit.

A Blend of Aesthetics and Technology

What makes the Venom Kit particularly appealing is its attention to detail, not just in terms of performance but also in aesthetics. Housed in a stylish, sturdy aluminum box, the kit is designed to integrate seamlessly into the Cobra’s engine bay without any alteration to the body or structure, ensuring that the car’s iconic look is preserved – and the operation is 100% reversible. If this doesn’t seal the deal, nothing will!

Inside the Venom aluminum casing live 7 Tesla S modules offering 40 kWh
Venom kit includes an a built-in conversion system in one unit: Hyper 9, Tesla Model S modules, 6.6kW charger, DC/DC converter and an Orion BMS2, it’s all there and could streamline the way we convert cars significantly.
High-tech meets classic: The Venom kit's seamless integration into a Cobra.
High-tech meets classic: The Venom kit’s seamless integration into a Cobra. The Elcon 6.6KW charger powering the electric transformation.
The Tremec T-5 transmission elegantly coupled in the Venom conversion kit.

Visionary Dr. Bill Cardoso is redefining the Cobra experience with complete cars (Scorpion 600) conversion system (Venom)

The Tesla S water pump is integrated into the Venom kit

The Nitto 555 tires bring excellent grip and stability, allowing for thrilling cornering.

EV Builder’s Guide Vehicle Specs
Owner Name:  Dr. Bill Cardoso
Location: Temecula, CA
Model:  2022 Factory 5 Cobra with Venom conversion system
Overall Vehicle Weight: 2,460lb
System price: $39,999.00
Occupation: CEO of Creative Electron and CEO of Scorpion EV

Venom EV Conversion Kit by Scorpion EV 

  • Product Name: Venom Conversion Kit
  • Manufacturer: Scorpion EV
  • Designed For: Cobras

Technical Specifications:

  1. Motor:
    • Model: Hyper 9HV
  2. Controller/Inverter:
    • Model: Hyper-Drive X144
  3. Batteries:
    • Type: Tesla S modules (2020 and up)
    • Number of Modules: 7
    • Battery Pack Capacity: 40 kWh
  4. Battery Management System (BMS):
    • Model: Orion BMS 2 O2BMS48
  5. DC/DC Converter:
    • Model: Elcon 1.5KW TDC-JH-144-12
  6. Charger:
    • Model: Elcon 6.6KW HK-LF-144-46
  7. Transmission:
    • Type: Tremec T-5 Manual
    • Kit: Holey transmission kit
    • Compatibility: Runs with or without a flywheel and clutch
  8. Water Pump:
    • Model: Tesla S
  9. Control Software:
    • BMS Software: Orion BMS 2 Software Utility
    • Controller Software: SmartView TAU Software
  10. Coolant:
    • Type: Zerex G48

Kit Interfaces:

  • Cooling Fittings: 3/4″ barbed inlet (coolant reservoir) and outlet (top of radiator)
  • Data I/O: 31-pin Deutsch connector HDP24-24-31ST
  • 12V Power: 50A 2 pin IP67 waterproof power connector
  • Charging Connector: J1772 HE29 5 pin power connector IP68 25A 380V
  • Main Switch: Options for push button or mechanical switch
  • USB Interface: For X144 controller and Orion BMS 2
  • Hoist Brackets: 4, located on top corners
  • Motor Mounts: SBE Ford

Additional Information:

  • Price: $39,999 (with a $1,000 deposit required for pre-order)
  • Shipping: Ships in a wooden crate weighing approximately 1,000 lb
  • Not Included: Instruments and gauges, radiator & hoses, coolant reservoir, J1772 connector, throttle (0-5V), steering wheel, EV charger, 12V battery


  • Award: “Best Engineered Vehicle of the Year” at the 2023 SEMA Show for EV-powered Factory Five Mk4


Scorpion EV

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