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My new Intake!!!

By MustangGT58266

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Check out the vids:

***under the hood: http://www.yo...v=6XfzLGby9u0 ***
***in action 40-90 MPH: http://www.yo...v=woAlu1P4NGw ***
***on the highway: http://www.yo...y5BQ&NR=1 ***

My new custom built Short Ram Air Intake I put together using Spectre Performance parts. 1) Black Coupler Part#8771, 2) 6" tube Chrome Part#8718, 3) P4 Red Cone Filter Part# 8132, 4) Red Breather filter Part#3992

Removed stock set up, cool thing is Koups have no Mass Air Flow sensor so im going to upgrade to 4" diameter tubing instead of the 3". assembled new set up and reset my ecu. set up works great! we get alotta rain here so short ram set up was more practical then cold air set up

Also check all the other vids of the Koup on my channel


Koup's first race :)

By MustangGT58266

yes i street race but im safe about it. closed roads, wide roads, no turns just straight drags, no rain, no traffic, just clean races for fun no money, no fighting, just good sportsmanship.

now a cool thing we do is not just a race n thats it but we use Vi Performance monitors to see 0-60, 1/4mile, and lap times and etc. before cars run we set them up in OBD ii calibrate em, run, and they work awesome.

well i havent raced yet with the new Koup til today and did my first one against a friends 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer ES Sport with a cold air intake and a catback exhaust. i have the same mods.

we are close in stats:
-2011 Kia Forte Koup EX
-2.0L 6 speed manual
-156HP (stock, power with mods unknown)
-144TQ (stock)
-2737 lbs curb weight

-2009 Mitsubishi Lancer ES Sport
-2.0L 5 speed manual
-152HP (stock, power unknow with mods)
-146TQ (stock)
-2922lbs curb weight

so close stats but i won twice. the initial race was from a dig about a 1/4 mile which i pulled him on the take off, pulled even more in 2nd and gained on him the entire run to win by about a car length. our second run was from 50mph to top speed 120mph where we are both limited. we were neck and neck to about 70 as i pulled on him and gained ground the entire run til we hit limiter. when i hit 120 i was a good 3 to 4 car lengths ahead.

the Vi Performance stats were takin on 1/4 mile run. the monitors werent our they were our friends but im def getting one they are cool!
My Times:
-6.84 0-60
-15.11 at 97.66

His Times
-7.31 0-60
-15.53 at 96.02
pretty close!

so i can definitely thank the win on shifting, less weight, and an extra gear. though he was in 5th when he hit 120 and i was in 5th as well but i have one more gear so i would win even without limiter.

2011 Kia Forte Koup EX 6spd Man. 0-60 in 6.9secs

By MustangGT58266

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my new 2011 Kia Forte Koup EX 6 speed manual 0-60 in 6.9 secs. higher rpm launch then my last 0-60 test which was 7.2. i knew i could get it under 7.

2011 Kia Forte Koup EX

By MustangGT58266

2.0L i4 6 Speed manual

Scion :(

By MustangGT58266

totalled it about 2 months back still kinda miss it lol it was a great car. guy runs stop sign, sees me coming stops in the middle of my lane, no where to go left or right, icy roads, hit the brakes and slid into him at about 25mph. both of us were fine and walked away scratchless but between my front end being smushed a little and three of my airbags deploying the insurance said it was totalled. but they paid it off and i got about $1000 back because of my special add ons like new stereo and rims that got messed up. put that towards a new 2011 Kia Forte Koup EX 2.0L 6 speed manual, its a pretty awesome car so im slowly getting happier lol :)

New Clutch kit

By MustangGT58266

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Hey everybody! hows everyone doing?????

Just got a Perfection Performance Clutch Kit installed and the car feels awesome! Definitely a great Clutch kit and brand and was a great price, only $130 dollars brand new for a 6 piece kit from Advance Auto Parts.

1. Cover assembly, computer tested for clamp load, plate lift, and finger height
2. Clutch disc with non-asbestos facings built to exceed O.E.M. specifications
3. New clutch release bearing meeting or exceeding O.E.M. specifications
4. New pilot bearing/bushing (where used)
5. Alignment tool for the perfect clutch installation (where available)
6. Hydraulic Line Disconnect Tool (where used

hey everybody

By MustangGT58266

hows it going??? i graduated basic training on the 26th of march and now im in AIT got about 11 more weeks and ill be heading home!!! everythings going well here and i love this a lot!

my military update!

By MustangGT58266

sorry everybody didnt even realize i didnt update you all on my situation! ill be leaving feb. 16th. my MOS is 63B Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic. ill be heading to Ft. Jackson, SC for basic and AIT.

for those who dont know, as a MOS 63B ill be maintaining gas and diesel powered light wheel vehicles (5 tons or less) when im done with basic and AIT the place i report to once a month stocks mostly armored Humvees so thats what ill probably work on the most!

my new ride

By MustangGT58266

lost my mustang in an accident, someone ran a red light and t-boned me. its a 2006 Scion tC, its not much now but good on gas! lol and of course it will be modded!

Update on my situation

By MustangGT58266

Well for one in my final steps in joining the Air Force I was denied by the big guys because of my tattoo. So I'm switching branches and I will be joining the U.S. Army! My ASVAB score is high, my physical is completed, my tattoo was approved, just have to select my job and ill be all set! It makes no difference to me whether I join Air Force or Army, I've always liked both equally.

Number two! The Stang is gone :( :( :( I was in an accident. No NOT my fault, lady ran a red light and t-boned me at about 40mph. I'm ok, just got a little shook up. Luckily it was the passenger side not the driver side. She's ok as well. There's way too much damage to even consider fixing it. So the car is totaled and i have gotten a Scion tC off a friend :( j/k its a nice car!

hey everyone!

By MustangGT58266

well after careful consideration, no drive (and no money) to go back to school, and wanting to get out and do something with my life, i've joined the United States Air Force! i've wanted to since i was 10 so i'm finally doing it! i'll be leaving on Nov. 20th!

when i have a chance to get to a computer ill keep everyone updated!

oh and the Stang's production will be on hold for now lol


By MustangGT58266

ran a drag at lancaster only one race :( against my friends 2002 GP GTP. he was running a stock eaton charger (psi unknown) k&n intake, corsa catback, power programmer and i think new supercharger pulleys. i ran on underdrive pulleys, k&n intake, MAC cat back, and a tune to 93 octane gas.

i ran:

1/4 mile et- 13.898
1/4 mile mph- 100.830
0-60 ft- 2.118

he ran:

1/4 mile et- 14.339
1/4 mile mph- 97.215
0-60 ft- 2.107

i got em by about half a sec. and silenced all his pre race bragging hahaha!

im hoping to hit the track again this year and try to get pics or maybe even a video! ill keep ya updated


By MustangGT58266

im back! after working many hours and planning for a wedding and working on the stang im back. HOW'S EVERYONE DOING???????????

only a few changes to the stang. installed a MAC catback (not the slp lm2), black out headlight covers, luminics pure blue head lights and luminics pure white fog lamps, and BBK underdrive pulleys. will have pics up soon!

my stangs 0-60 vid!

By MustangGT58266

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check it out! Clock it! tell me what you got! i clocked an average of 5.44 with my phone and

i have a 03 mustang gt the only mod was a k&n intake, newer tires, and 89 octane!

getting to the racing early ;)

By MustangGT58266

well we've had some clear weather so a few people challenged me.

1) 2002 Ford Taurus 3.0 V6 200hp 195tq. no mods. i won.

2) 1996 Ford Thunderbird 4.6 V8 w/ 205hp and 280tq with a full exhaust system. 1st race was at a 40mph roll i won. 2nd race from dead stop i won.

3) 1997 Ford Taurus LX 3.0 V6 200 hp and 200tq. maybe minor bolt ons. i won

New Mod! and vote for my next mod!

By MustangGT58266

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well i just puchased a few things from! i puchased a 14 inch shorty antenna to replace my current 32 inch antenna. i also bought a 4.6 High Performance badge to replace the Ford badge opposite my GT badge on the trunk.

and the performance mod i bought were the BBK underdrive pulleys! my friend has em on his 04 gt and got 9.3 more RWHP on the dyno. so im going to try them.

ill update everyone on the performance when i install them! they should arrive on tuesday or wednesday and i should have them in, in a couple weeks.

Vote: budget= $500

1) SLP o/r x pipe w/ MIL's
2) SCT performance tuner
3) 70mm throttle body and throttle body spacer

my new taillights!

By MustangGT58266

check em out

new K&N intake

By MustangGT58266

here some pics of my stock intake and my new one!

New Gauges for the mustang

By MustangGT58266

check em out! just installed them yesterday and got some pics!

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