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3rd and Final Round of voting on the GM Officially Licensed Calendar Contest

By Ramair1

Hello fellow Motortopian family and friends, it's time for the third and final round of voting in the GM Officially Licensed Calendar Contest at Yippie and i won't bug ya'll anymore about it!! LOL :) Several of us here on Motortopia are entered and we would like for each if possible to sign up and log in and share in the fun. Myself and bencar are both entered. Ben has the beautiful red 76 Trans Am parked in front of Fudruckers. We need your support, but vote for your car of choice no matter who's it is. Thank you if you are able to do so, I really appreciate it very much!!!
Here is the link to the site where you can vote;
Shawn Pergande

GM Officially Licensed Calendar Contest 2nd Round Voting

By Ramair1

Hello fellow Motortopian family and friends, it's time for the second round of voting in the GM Officially Licensed Calendar Contest at Several of us here on Motortopia are entered and we would like for each if possibnle to sign up and log in and share in the fun. Myself and bencar are both entered. Ben has the beautiful red 76 Trans Am parked in front of Fudruckers. We need your support, but vote for your car of choice no matter who's it is. Thank you if you are able to do so, I really appreciate it very much!!!
Here is the link to the site where you can vote;
Shawn Pergande

Member Calendars Contest

By Ramair1

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Hello fellow Motortopian family and friends, i was hoping for a little help in a GM officially licensed calendar contest at I was asked to submit a picture for voting for their calendar contest and was in need of your support. Thank you if you are able to do so, I really appreciate it very much!!!
Here is the link to the site where you can vote;
Shawn Pergande

We're Getting the Band Back Together; that is "The Gulf Coast Trans Am Club"

By Ramair1

After the long demise of a cult icon gathering of guys and their Trans Am's, "The Gulf Coast Trans Am Club" which started in May 1976 by Al Tropea and quickly grew to a cult following all the way into the early 90's only to see it's demise with only 2 -3 members remaining.
Fast forward to 2010 and the bug has hit again for a grand reunion of brotherhood for the memories of long ago.
The spark started as one or two people searching for old Gulf Coast Trans Am pictures of members were found by the power of the internet and directed them to some pictures that i had posted here on Motortopia under "The Gulf Coast Trans Am Club" folder, there also talk arlier this year at the PSN in Dallas by several old club members. That spark lead to others finding these old pictures and reminissing of the good ole days when gas was cheap and the thrills were still fresh in their heads to want that glory day once more.
The planning has started with an organization committee to have a reunion to be held October 16th 2010 at "Jimmy's Egg" in Clear Lake, TX (Houston) at 6pm for more info. please contact Mike Pergande (713-826-1955) or myself at (580-317-3919)
Who knows the the talk is in the air of getting Club reorganized and started again. We'll keep our finger crossed on that. GCTAC was the 3rd club in the US tobe orginaized.
There is to be a slide show presentation from all the old pictures from all members that i can get my hands on. Food is scheduled at Jimmy's Egg, there will be a guest speakers (Glenn Tinsley former Pro Gass Racer who raced the Super Duty TA) as well. More to follow as details are still be worked out, but wanted to get the word out to those interested in attending this historic moment for a forgotten gathering and a great group of guys with a love of the cars they drove. The Pontiac Trans Am.

It's Spring Time and time to plant you're favorite flowers!!!!

By Ramair1

Well Spring has sprung and it's time to get you're yards all purdied up and plant you're favorite flowers for that bit of charm and color!!! What more could an enthusiast want by planting some Firebirds!!!! :)

Merry Christmas Fellow Motortopians

By Ramair1

Ramair2 and Ms Claus (Becca Forester) has been selected in the "Girls of LSX" 2010 Calendar contest for the month of December and would like to wish all our friends and family members of Motortopia a most joyous and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We hope and pray that all are blessed with wonderful blessings, health to each and everyone through out the year. May God Bless all.
Ramair1 & Ramair2

By Ramair1

DAPA Membership and the Pontiac Community,

There are those that are fighting to save Pontiac as is apparent in the article below. This group has launched a web site called and they are looking for support from all Pontiac enthusiasts. Please go to the web site, take a look at what they are trying to do and then click on the “Sign our Petition” link on the right side of any page and sign up. There is also an option to contact your congressman.

Please forward this message to all that would want to save Pontiac, and several thousand American jobs. Who wouldn’t?


Article that appeared in the L.A. Times:

Could Pontiac be a Phoenix?
September 15, 2009

If one group gets its way, the Wide Tracking Pontiac may live to drive another mile., is a grassroots effort to save the Pontiac brand, which General Motors is in the process of shutting down.

The organization said in a news release, “Reviving the brand into a new entrepreneurial venture will immediately contribute significantly to the economy.”

They hope to convince the public, as well as union members, of the possibility of more years of driving excitement.

The group is made up of unnamed "executives and Pontiac enthusiasts," who think getting a government loan for $3 billion would do the trick. Their four-step solution is spelled out on the site:

1) Contribute the Pontiac brand and a dormant plant like the Spring Hill,Tenn., plant to a new entrepreneurial, passionate management team and the future employees of Pontiac.

2) Fund the new company with $3 billion in preferential term loans from the federal government. (Only 6% of the $50B given to GM, only 3% of total automobile bailout funds or less than 1% of the unspent bank bailout funds)

3) Company does an IPO within five years to pay back loans, and government (taxpayers) receive 5% to 10% of the IPO proceeds and the loans are repaid.

4) The estimated enterprise value at the end of five years exceeds $9 billion.

-- Doug Stewart

Above article can be found here: http://latime...-phoenix.html

Keep that Motivation Kindled in 2009

By Ramair1

Keep that Motivation Kindled in 2009

It’s the start of a New Year and time to start that new project or complete that restoration project that you’ve been putting on the back burner for quite some time.
My second vehicle that I’ve ever owned (1976 Jeep CJ-5) has always been sentimental to me as I’ve had so many fond memories in it growing up. Those care free days when nothing seemed to matter except that spur of the moment. It’s been approximately 12 years since I completed the frame off restoration but there were times that seemed that the project would never see its’ completion. At those times I would always turn on one of my favorite groups that during the time of growing up and had a big part of my inspiration so I cranked up the music to “The Cars”. Their music seems to be timeless as their music has been used in so many movies since their release. It’s that music that would inspire me and my desire to complete that project and to get it back on the road once more. “Let the Good Times Roll”, “Magic”, Heartbeat City”, Shake It Up”, “My Best Friends Girl”, “Just What I Needed”, “Let’s Go”, “Candy-O” and list goes on and on. The music it self says it all, wanting you to get on the road to sing their tunes!!!
My point is that it may not be “The Cars” that motivates you to complete your project but I know that there is that special band that will put you on the right track, to get you inspired and reminisce of those days gone by so you can get your ride back on the road.
Whatever it takes to motivate you, find that special secret and share it with us, as well as that special ride of yours, and share that enthusiasm with the rest of us here at Motortopia!!!!

Merry Christmas from Ramair1 & Ramair2

By Ramair1

Wishing all our friends and family members of Motortopia a most joyous and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We hope and pray that all are blessed with wonderful blessings and health to each and everyone through the year. May God Bless all.
Ramair1 & Ramair2

Before The Bandit Run and before a Year One Event there was The Gulf Coast Trans Am Club

By Ramair1

The Gulf Coast Trans Am Club

Ladies and Gentlemen, Ramair1 has invited all to take a step back in time to get a glimpse of this rare time capsule caught on film. A time that many of us were still not quite old enough yet to drive and for some of us who lived it, and then there are those that can reminisce of days of yore!
Before there was a “Bandit Run” or a “Year One” Event, which I was fortunate enough to participate in its inaugural year and ending up at the Year One festivities, there was The “Gulf Coast Trans Am Club”, which I was also fortunate enough again to participate in some of their activities. Tagging along as little brother in my teenage years of the Club President for a number of years had its rewards for me. I got to live a dream and learn at a young age that my passion had begun, and continued on through the years even to this day.
Though The Gulf Coast Trans Am Club is no longer an organization in the area, there is still a club active in the Houston area known as The “Trans Am Club of Houston” (TACH) which still holds club functions and events.
Belonging to and participating in a club of your choice or a group of enthusiasts like “Motortopia” has its rewards and I would hope that all that can be a part of such a group to join one. There is wealth of information to gain through and being part of one of these organizations.
The point to all of this is the fact that I was able to acquire these vintage photographs from my brother and live that long ago fun filled time once again. The time frame from which these photos took place was between 1975 and 1993 with the majority of them in the late 70’s and 80’s. So sit back and enjoy a moment in time!!!!!

WANTED!!!! 73 Trans Am SD 455 Brewster Green 4 spd

By Ramair1

I'm posting this for my brother in hopes to spread the word that he is looking for a 73 TransAm SD 455 Brewster Green 4spd, (Numbers Matching). Knowing the rarity of these cars as he's had two in the past (73 TA SD 455 Bucaneer Red, Auto & 73 TA SD 455 Brewster Green, Auto) and is ready to jump back in the "Pontiac Excitement" We've started seeking out various collectors who we know and they are also looking for him. So if any of you know of anyone out there that may or may not have one for sale please contact me here on my garage page or reply to blog.
Thanks for your time in reading this bit of info.

Ramair1 Meets Rocky Racoon!!!!!

By Ramair1

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Just the other day I was out for a ride and upon returning home I had the misfortune to run into Rocky Racoon, or should I say Rocky ran into me!!!! Literally!!! Traveling home at a substancial rate of speed, Rocky shoots out from the side of the road and runs smack dab into me and met his match!!!! I didn't even have the time to apply my brakes and before I knew it the damage was done!!! Needless to say Rocky did meet his match and lost but not without making his presence known!!! Now it's off to the body shop for repairs and alot of $$$$ out of pocket to get it back in tip top shape!!! Sorry Rocky for sending you to Coon Heaven.................Mess with the best, Lose like the rest!!!!! ;-D

Pontiac Registry. Com

By Ramair1

The Pontiac Hobby as it should be - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all at the speed of light! No more delays, no more waiting for the postman. Now, get all your Pontiac information - worldwide - with the click of a button. But, speed isn't all....

See the latest in Pontiac news, enjoy forums, Pontiac photo galleries, member profiles, find technical information, learn Pontiac history, get valuable services, and more.

Check featured Commercial Suppliers with speacial discounts to our members. Find Pontiac Clubs in your area to join up with, and check automotive events in our Calendar of Events.

Enjoy our On-Line Magazine with stories and articles from fellow Pontiac Hobbyists just like you, and interesting Pontiac information added almost daily. Send in your Pontiac story too!

*Classified Advertising *Commercial Supplier Discounts
*Forums for ALL Pontiacs *On-Line Magazine
*Photo Gallery & Profiles *And Much, Much More!

The A/C Blues

By Ramair1

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After making repairs to a oil pan leak on the new LS1 engine and header install at the same time, then going back together with everything I noticed a hissing sound coming from the air compressor and followed by a drop of oil coming from the same area. After a number of colorful words I called around to find a replacement air compressor. The local parts stores wanted $200 - $300+ dollars for a rebuilt with only a year warranty, I knew that wasn't going to cut it needed something more reliable and thats when I made a phone call to the inlaws dealership to order a new unit at the grand total $600 my cost! That followed by a few more colorful words and ended up biting the bullet and had them order one. Just goes to show ya that it's always something to cost more $$$ than you think it's going to.

Update to A/C install; I did find one on for $400.00, made the install and got the system charged and back to being cool again!!!

Also installed custom made sub-frame connectors myself(soaring spirits automotive specialties)

Also made a trip to Dallas for a retune after the header install, I knew that Ramair2 was running a little rich so needed to tweak the tune a bit at "Xtreme Horsepower" of North Richland Hills, Dallas, TX. The install and dyno tuning netted a best of 322hp at the wheels (384hp at the flywheel) and 360tq at the wheels. Not bad for just a header/y-pipe install. Already had the catback system in place (Magna-Flo). Ramair2 is ready for the streets again.

The Pontiac Southern Nationals Returns with Texas Hospitality

By Ramair1

As printed in May 2008 HPP "Tribal News" The Dallas Area Pontiac Association (DAPA) recently announced that the Pontiac Southern Nationals (PSN) will return in 2008 after a two- year period of inactivity and will be held in San Antonio, Texas, on June 7-8, 2008. Once considered the premiere South Central car show and race for Pontiac faithful, the event has been rekindled and will feature a car show at Retama Park on June 7, followed by a race at the quarter-mile facilities of San Antonio Raceway on June 8.

Over the past two years, the requests for the PSN to return have been frequent. Starting as a one-day show and race event in 1992, the PSN evolved into a two-day event before concluding its 13-year run in 2005. Open to all years of Pontiacs, the PSN strives to bring together the best of all generations, both on the show field and pitted against each other at the dragstrip. In addition to the pristine-restored classics, the late-model community is sure to turn out in force, including members of ClubGP.

For more details on the car show and competitive racing action, log onto the DAPA Web site at or e-mail
(Randall D. Allen)

The Pontiac Southern Nationals is back, and better than ever! PSN will be in San Antonio, TX and events will be held at 2 race tracks: The car show to held at Retama Park, (the local horse racing track), The Drag Race event will be held at San Antonio Raceway.

Hosted By The Dallas Area Pontiac Association

Judged Event
20+ Show Classes
Trphies Awarded
Quarter Mile Track
5 Racing Classes
Trophy & Cash Classes

Ames Performance Engineering
Butler Performance
Ram Air Restoration Ent, Inc
Sewell Pontiac

Benefiting: American Cancer Society

Contact & Information:
E-mail -
Phone - 972-636-5087
Hotel Information - See

Entry Fees: Show Only: $25.00 -includes admission to Saturday's horse racing schedule
Race Only: $45.00 / Spectator: $15.00

Vehicle Value? (VV)

By Ramair1

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With the cost of fuel these days one would think that its emparritive to find a vehicle that you can commute to and from work on a daily basis soley to be able to afford the other cars in ones fleet. Theres always the next big event one wants to attend whether its a car show, race, road coarse or rally (bandit run) and far too often the average person just can't afford to attend everything out there that we would really like to driving the gas guzzlers or the cars that we want to save for such events. Thats were my Geo has played such a big role in my fleet. Its not the grandest of cars to brag about but its one that gets good gas mileage even with 240K mile on it. This one is actually Geo2. Bought intially for a parts car for Geo1 which has 425K miles on it and its still going. My step son has taken its reins as he needed it to commute back and forth to big "D". I'm convenced that these cars are a supurb quality car if they are taken care of, they will last a loooooong time as I have experienced. Both cars still to this day get at least 32mpg. Geo was a joint venture with Chevy/Toyota and made an excellent product, its too bad that they stopped making that line. Granted you could get the same car in the Toyota Corolla line as its the same car, but in the Geo line I had a little more American pride in the product. I'm not saying that foreign is better. But I do try to buy American 1st and foremost and then if I can't then I will have to bite the bullet so to speak. Since I've put this car on the garage page I've been challenged 5 times and have yet to accept the invitation, mainly because those cars challenging me are far better looking cars, and I'd have to vote for them as well. LOL So in the mean time I'll just keep puttin back and forth to work in the daily commuter Geo getting 32+ mpg. Until then ya'll take easy!

Growing up with the big chief

By Ramair1

I believe that I've grown up in the pontiac family for the mear fact that my step dad was a big pontiac fan and had a variety of poncho's. He has had a collection from catalinas to bonnevilles, and of coarse the safari station wagon that got our family moved Metropolis, IL down to League City, TX back when the race to the moon was taking place. Not to leave out any of his collection out was none the less the great 67 firebird that we all grew up as brothers and sisters learned on to drive. The blue firebird had a straight 6 overhead cam and 3 on the tree was the it's build. When time came for my older brother to start driving and later worked at Gay Pontiac, Dickenson, TX was able to earn enough and start his own collection. He had at one time a GTO early on and then directed his eyes on the TransAm which he has had a multitude of over the years. Among his most choice cars was his two 73 SD 455 TransAms (Red and Green) that he has showed in the ISCA circuit in the 80's with great success winning grand national restored champion. My first car was of coarse was a 1st generation f-body 68 firebird with a 350 CID but had no trnsmission. Luckily for me my step dad had a spare turbo 400 sitting in the garage. With a lttle freshing up on the turbo 400 I was in hog heaven at the age of 18. I did however sell my firebird after having it for some 4 years and selling it after my foot could not stay out of the gas pedal. That was when I bought a jeep to have life of adventure on and off the road. Though I did not have a firebird in my possestion any more, I still helped my brother with his collection in detailing them and help show them at the car shows. Believe me, it was a lot of work and that is were I have learned from the best in detailing my car as well as his cars. My younger brother is also a poncho fan too as he has two TA's his self. (a 77 and a 78) My oldest sister currently has a 06 GTO and she is well pleased with it's performance. It wasn't till 1999 when I became the proud owner of my 1999 TransAm when I saw a commercial with the black TransAm on it chewed up and spit out it's tail pipe, (I can't even remember what kinda a car it was but it was awsome and I Knew I had to have one). So I called around every where in my area and no one had one until a dealership located one in Purcell, OK. So I set up a time to go visit the dealership 2.5 hrs away and made arrangements to take delievery. Needless to say the day I took delievery was the day and very moment that the killer F5 tornado was doing all of it's destruction in Moore, OK just 10 miles or so to the north of us. All I wanted to do was make my way back SE of where the storm was. As we were driving away we could see the exploding transformers in the distance. We made it home safe and sound and it has been a joy to drive ever since. I do show the car and race the car occasionally, but most recently I participated in the Badit Run event from Texarkana to Atlanta, GA and had a blast and got to meet a great bunch of people. My wife is also a proud owner of a 99 TransAm as her everyday driver and enjoys it and the compliments she gets from her co workers. Pontiac has and will be with us for a long time to come. We love to drive excitement!!!!!

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