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1972 Cheyenne Truck Parts

By ThomasRacing

I need numbers of parts for my cheyenne truck if anyone can help me out with finding parts it would be much apprecitated! If you have parts or know where i can get them CHEAP! message me! thanks!

Ugly Truck

By ThomasRacing

Little things are left, it is almost time to fire it off! The motor in the mighty max is fresh. New rods and piston, valves valve spings, lots of new stuff in this motor! This motor is going to be twice as cool and twice as fast! Going to see what it does in a couple of weeks! Can't wait to see how it goes. Plans are to run a couple of motor passes the put some squeeze to her, if it holds were going to set it up for some 1/8mile with a squeeze and see how high we can't get the front end up! Hopefully we don't hurt none of that stock suspension!:)

Hey Everyone!

By ThomasRacing

Hi everybody, wanting to let everyone know we are still here! Life's just got real busy. Hope all are doing well! Everyone Have a great day!

God Bless

Ugly Truck Racing Team

Pinks All Out 2010?

By ThomasRacing

Hey everybody. Just wondering if anyone knew if there is going to be a Pinks All Out Season 4? Cause if so, i would like to know what the schedule will be! If anyone can help me out i would appreciate it!

To help everyone out.....

By ThomasRacing

To help everyone out that voted on the Mystery Car Of The Day yesterday.(JUNE 15th,2009) This is Racerx23 and i have a second motortopia to just display the race cars that i own! This is what CorvairJim said yesterday in the mystery car of the day comment box:

CorvairJim: "This '67 Camaro SS is "Fireball", which belongs to racerx23/ThomasRacing. In answer to your question below, both are the same guy. racerx23 has been on Motortopia since before I got here, and he recently started a second account under the ThomasRacing screen name to showcase the vehicles he uses in his racing activities. Same car, same owner, two screen names."

I hope that this helps everyone out a little.....I would like to thank everyone that has commented and give me trophies on both of my motortopia accounts......I appreciate everyones comments on my stuff and if and when i will try to get back to everyone individualy and thank you personaly.....Once again...I hope this helps out for all of you trying to figure out why there is 2 owners of the same cars and all......

Thanks to everyone for taking their time to comment.....


Pinks All Out Indiana

By ThomasRacing

We arrived in Indiana Friday Morning at about 5am.... From then three of us went to the Race track to sit in line to get in the track that morning. From then the rest of us went to the Hotel And slept for an hour and a half until about six thirty or so and then we left for the track ourselfs......Before that though we had to stop for some fuel for our genorator and then we were smooth sailing! When at the track friday we were heading for tech and meet some of the Nicest people with some of the coolest cars in that area....When we were going through tech, one of the people from Speed TV and Pullin Telivision was looking at our driver Steve and she said," Those shirts are all over the place!" But in reality it was us again, And then when Steve turned around she said" Oh....Don't you guys get tired of hanging around with us..."."You have followed us every where this year huh..." and yea we have this will be the third and final pinks we will be going to for a while......So after tech, we got our letter and number for the race field. Our number was 208F Which is car and race ticket number 208 and F was the 10.0 to 10.5 class.... As the cars went up for their first qualifing pass we were still sitting and waiting.... Finally the F class was called and the nitrous went on and the tires were set a 10lbs and we were ready to race....Some good clean fuel was put in the night before so we were ready to race......At the burnout box we did our usual..... A big burnout....... Staged we were ready to go.....When Steve let of the transbrake the truck pulled the front tire and then come down in black smoke........What had happened.....Well the 15 to 16 year old running gear finally gave out on us..... The two speed glide just ripped apart....... Pushing the truck off the line we were greatly disappointed..... As the truck got back to the trailer the thought of what had broke was the chunk in the rear end.... Knowing that there was an extra sitting on the ground in the garage at home that was pulled out of the trailer to save room..... When we found out that the truck would not go in first or reverse we knew we broke the planitary in the transmission....At five in the afternoon we were about to load up the truck and trailer and go home.....But some much needed motivation to find a 2 Speed power glide went into effect.....At about 6:00 or 6:30 or so we didn't find a transmission but we did find a transmission guy that had the parts to rebuild it for us....We dropped the tranny and got strait to work...... At about 11:45 that night on friday we had the tranny back in the truck and in great working condition.....So We Thought...... The next morning after the drivers meeting we got to make our first pass.....Of the whole weekend. Did all the stuff again tires bottle fuel and we did our burnout got to the line staged and the truck left slow.... NO NITROUS! We made the worst pass ever in the 15 years that truck has been together.... It run a 15.56 at like 70mph....Not exact and sure but it was in the 15's....Dissapointed again...Going back to the truck and trailer we popped the hood and figured out the nitrous silenoids were not working... So after the quick fix and reseting all the works. When they called our number again we did all the usual got to the line did the burnout and then the truck stopped not going anywhere.....Once again....that old power glide went out...2 times in a weekend...Not even taking a second look we put it in the trailer and loaded up our stuff and hit the road upset.... So that was our weekend in Indianapolis for Pinks All Out.... Maybe we will make a come back in 2010.....

Cars > ThomasRacing’s Garage > Blog

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