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Re-birth of an old RC Speedway Way..

By Thunder3

After left abandon for nearly 13 years, The King Super Speedway is once more coming back to life. After joint efforts by Local Racers in the King, NC area. These guys hard work has removed the years of growth of trees, and thick thorn bushes to get this once acclaimed RC track back open again. Hopefully by June 2012 it will be holding regular scheduled races once again..

Red_Thunder in Winter

By Thunder3

Filed under: /blogs/browse/t/vehicle/v//p

This was one of our last Snow falls of this Winter (we hope) and I got out that day to do some snow shots in and around the area, Allot of the roads were hazardous due to he heavy snow fall

Thunder3 is back with "Red_Thunder"

By Thunder3

Hey Gang I've been away for a while after my heart surgery then the passing of both my Parents last year, but I am back with my New Ride, "Red_Thunder"
ThunderStrat has been retired from Car showing and The Green Monster was only in 4 shows but placed in 3 of them and won best of shows in her last Show, but in their ashes rose "Red_Thunder" I will start some easy mods on her at first like cosmetic but will later get her a little more HP and somewhat better suspension and bigger tires, I'm thinking 20's. So welcome "Red_Thunder" , I'm very proud of her!!!

A gift from my Dad.

By Thunder3

I lost both my Mother and Father this year, with my Dad on April the 1st and then 4 months later my Mom on August 1st. We are still grieving and there's not a day goes by that I don't miss them. But I have something that I will always remember my Dad on daily basis and that is his Truck a 2007 Ford F-150 XLT. He Willed it to me along with a couple of other personal items that I will cherish for the rest of my life. His last 2 yrs he wasn't able to clean and wax his truck let alone drive it and I know he missed doing that allot. He would always ask me to keep his windows clean in it for him. Now when I wash and wax it, It will be for him, a Labor of Love..

I miss you Dad!!

Been away, but back now,,

By Thunder3

Hey folks, I've been away for some time now due to illness. I had a Triple Heart by-pass back in April of last year, but doing really well. My father on the other isn't fairing as well. Being a Coal Miner for 53 yrs, he has contracted Black Lung and COPD.
He has been in the hospital since the Middle of November and spent all the holidays there as well. So I have been driving back and forth spending time with my mother, helping out and visiting him while he has been in. A few times we thought we were gonna lose him but he always seems to spring back. that we are really grateful. He may be coming home soon, so we all hoping and praying. I found my log on info today and wanted to stop by and say hello and will be back and forth checkin in periodically. Will be watching for new and cool rides and hope to see some cool car show pics.

Just 2 days remaining in Texaco Car of The Decade

By Thunder3

Hey gang, just 2 days remaining in the Texaco car of the decade and we would like to remind everyone if you haven't voted yet please show your support for your fellow motortopia members.

Ovrkil and my self, "Thunder" with ThunderStratus, are both in the top 10 with "Ovrkil" just 38 pts away from 1st place.. ThunderStratus is hanging on to 9th place and a few votes would help us secure a spot in the top 10. Remember for everyone that registers and vote we received 20 pts in the running.. So go to: and show your support!!

Thanks to everyone!!

Ovrkil page

ThunderStratus page

Texaco Car of The Decade, UPDATE!!

By Thunder3

With 13 days remaining in voting, I have finally broke the top 10 in the 2000 to Present Decade.. Still a long journey ahead , I still need your support if you haven't voted yet. Remember 1 vote per car.. But to those that haven't, I need your support. I would like to finish this one a little higher than last years in the Top Ten!! Thanks to all that have supported me and Good luck to other Motortopia members that are presently in Texaco Car of the Decades!!

Please vote for ThunderStrat in Texaco Car of the Decade

By Thunder3

Hey Gang, well once again I enter the Texaco Car of the Decade for 2000 and present, Last year I finished 8th out of 18 but this year the competition is allot stronger.. I would like to ask all of my Motortopia friends if you still out there, to logon to , register and place a vote for ThunderStratus, here is a link to ThunderStratus page: http://www.te...p;Decade=2000

Once you are there, please support my ThunderStratus as like last year. I would like to finish in the top Ten if possible.. If you have any question on voting please don't hesitate to contact me for further instructions.. Thanks again for you support!!

Thunder's back after a long Summer

By Thunder3

Hey gang, it's probably been nearly a year, but I am trying to get back to my old self, and back online to chat and blog to allot of old missed friends.. My family and I have been thru some tuff ordeals this pasted summer but also started a new life for our family.. To begin, just days after our daughter graduated from High School, she was in involved in a horrific car accident, where a young lady walked out in front of our daughter as she was coming home and was killed.. We learned this young lady was drinking and was walking around in the middle of the high way fighting with her mother and the police investigation, showed it as vehicular Suicide, no fault to our daughter. This was pretty hard on our daughter, we were all sadden by this, and for the lost to the other family.. Our daughter is strong and manage to hopefully get by this. She started College later in the month and is doing great in a Culinary School, in Louisville Ky. On our trip taking her, I was rear ended, and the ThunderStratus was severely damage, But after a month of repairs I finally have her back on the road. Yet we were only able to show her just twice this year. I myself am starting to bounce back from a long illness and was just recently release from the hospital after my illness. I hope to start returning to Motortopia now more frequently and talking with some of the great friends I had made in the past on here.. I'm a bit rusty and a big slow, but have patience I hope to talk to all those I have missed since my joining..

Will Work for Motortopia Votes!!

By Thunder3

Hello, anyone out there!! knock! knock!
Well Looks like I had my butt handed to me after my long absents from Motortopia.. I can't even pull in the USA votes, LOL!! Yes I am acturally having some Cheese with my "Wine"! So I am gonna make a large sign, and find a nice Street corner and hold it up and it will read

"WILL Work For Motortopia Votes"

Thunder Returns!!!

By Thunder3

Well gang, I have return, full time now. I recently did a complete Systems recover of my PC and since then It has allow me to vote again on Motortopia.. So with that, I am back, will be challenging again and voting again, and I would like to say I will not be associated with any groups, just to say I like all you guys and will be making my choices by my own decisions and choices, I am back to have some fun and say hello to old and new friends alike.. So with that,
Hello boys,.....I'm back!!!!

Thanks to All Members!!

By Thunder3

Just a big thanks to all Motortopia members that supported me in the my 2 challenges with Superduty.. As most of you know I was unable to cast a vote for myself or anyone else, main reason Why I don't challenge or accept challenges anymore. Still haven't found a solution why I can't but I bet Vista has something to do with it.. Anyhow thanks guys for all your support and I want to take this time to wish everyone a Joyous Merry Christmas and a awesome New Year!!!

Thanks Again!!

The Haunted Dodge Stratus!!

By Thunder3

Just in Time for Halloween, The legend begins on this hallow night, when a Thundering Dodge Stratus coupe, made it's final run thru a dark country side. The Driver so sure of his skills, and the reliability of his Stratus continue into the dark of night, As his ride continues to handle the curvy country roads, the driver notice a thick , rich fog began to roll in, but he went on. Letting nothing slow his Stratus, our driver continue to press on. On and on he continue, driving his Stratus even deeper into the fog until........

It was found years later, and brought out of the deep dark country roads and put on exhibit for all to see and now you too can see the Mighty Dodge Stratus as it sits waiting on it's driver to return to the wheel, but alas that will never happen, for you see the driver has made his final resting place in the Stratus, You can view his remains in the truck of his Stratus.. And BEWARE of the Haunted Dodge Stratus!!!

Just 3 days remaining Need your support!!

By Thunder3

Hey gang!! I wanted to take time to thank all the ones that has supported "ThunderStratus" in the 2000 to present category in the Texaco Car of Decades contest. We are still holding our own in 8th place but may lose ground to the 9th place car.. If you haven't already voted please take time to cast your vote for "ThunderStratus" and help her have a Strong finish!! I don't think we can make the top 5 but with a push with the final 3 days, anything could happen!! Past the word on to other members and non-members alike.. We would really appreciate any support you can muster up for ThunderStratus!!

Click here to vote, but you have to register first, It's Free!!!


Thanks Again
Take Care
Greg Blankenship
Proud owner of 2005 Dodge "ThunderStratus" Coupe!!

Mods or ThunderStratus, So far!

By Thunder3

OK, if I'm repeating myself, please forgive me, but this is starting to shape up, and I am enijoying doing this, best hobby you could get into..

First, I had her Striped, followed by the Trunk LIner, then with new 205/60R 16 GoodYear Eagles, (opted for those instead of the $1200-$1600 larger rims and low profiled tires). Nest had the windows tinted, maybe too tinted, LOL!! And finally had a LED 10 sequence light kit installed, (red) with a Neon red trunk light to enhance the KISS trunk liner. May go to a black light to better enhance the KISS trunk liner.. Next will be getting appt for next week to have the front and rear Strobed out for some dazzling light show at night! Man this is getting too fun!!

The Texaco Car of the Decades, Need a little help!!

By Thunder3

Hey Gang, normally I don't do challenges anymore and this is not quite a challenge, but like to ask all my Motortopia friends to help out a little on voting for me for the "Car of The Decades"
I have my 2005 ThunderStratus in the 2000 and present category and hope all my friends can help out by casting a vote for yours truly.. I know I can't win but would like to finish strong, so I hope all you Motortopia members that can help out a little and cast a vote for the "Thunderstratus, there are less than 17 days left for voting.. BE SURE TO CHECK IT OUT!!


My First Year Car Showing

By Thunder3

Well the season is nearly over with about 2 months to go in my area and I had a great time in my first year doing Car Show. To Date I have picked up 9 trophies, 1 plaque, and 1 certiificate.. Have learned allot this first year and hope to have many more!! I will say it's allot more fun doing car shows than doing Challenges!!

See ya at the Show!!!!

Shade Tree Nationals

By Thunder3

Other than winning best Mopar a couple of weeks ago, I have won my best trophy to date.. I enter in Shade Tree National Car show which brings folks from several counties in southern WV and Va and Ky, we had 161 entries. I was able to finish in the Top Ten of my Class which was 95 -Present models, which included newer Mustangs, Vetts, a couple of Firebirds. Needless to say I was pretty excited about it. Which now puts me up 6 trophies, One Plaque and a certificate.. Not bad for someone just starting out.. Now if I could just get those Lambo doors!!

First Best Mopar in Show

By Thunder3

Well I finally won my first "Best Mopar" award in a show last weekend. Of 60 entries there were the top16 and specialities awards. A handful of Dodges and Chrysler's were represented, with a couple of classic ones, but to my surprise I was awarded a Specialty award of having "Best Mopar". I accepted with a big grin on my face but was wondering if they knew that my Dodge Stratus Coupe, is made at Mitsubishi of America, LOL!!

This is a Job for "CorvairJim"

By Thunder3

Well this was a full weekend of Car shows for yours truly, and on a occassion, you will run across something that will make you go hmmmmm?? Well I have one, and it's especially for "CorvairJim"

Yes that's a 350!!

How Brave are you??

By Thunder3

Well we had a Car show at a local Hardee's this evening and I normally sits besides the same two classic rides, but this evening we had 2 newcomers and well I couldn't resist parking next to them, at least to help them look good, LOL!!!

Another Trophy added to my Collection

By Thunder3

Well had a good showing at the Kool Kruiser Car Show.. There was just under 60 hot rides there and met allot of new people and having allot of fun..

"ThunderStratus" in the Friends of Coal Auto Fair

By Thunder3

Filed under: /blogs/browse/t/vehicle/v//p

Well I have to say, this was an experience being in the Auto Fair this past weekend. We learned allot from other Car show owners, and picked up some vital information for later projects. Although in a sense I felt like I was back on here in Challenges. Out of the 600 plus entries only 10 were best of shows judged by actual judges, then the Next top 50 or so, ( I lost count) were picked by other owners. Each participant was given in their packet a sheet to where you pick the top 10, so allot of buddy, buddy going on, LOL. Oh well, that's cool. We wanted to do the show for the experience and probably be back next year.. Our trophies were the folks that stopped by and compliment us on what a nice ride and how clean inside and out it looked. We also got comments on the Mini Stratus displayed on top of the motor on a revolving stand and the BIG Gene Simmons action figure perched on the car battery. That was our trophies.. So all in all a good experience, a big pat on our back for having the only Stratus there too!!

Day 2 & 3, Friends of Coal Auto Fair pt 2

By Thunder3

Sorry I was a bit late in posting this, but what a long weekend.. Saturday started at a 9 am and finished up for me at 11:00 pm.. We skipped out of the Randy Travis concert and passed my 2 tickets to my son and his Girl friend, and passed another 2 tickets to an elderly couple just coming.. I got the best pleasure just hanging out at my ride, watching folks having a look. I would say if the public got to vote/judge on the rides, I would say I would have been one of the ones with the most cool comments, LOL!! My mini-stratus and Gene Simmon figure got allot of "COOL!" and "Awesome!" comments.. Anyhow we had a great fireworks display, and then Sunday morning the judging began at Noon. (which was done mostly by other owners). So the show came to an end at 3:00 pm and I couldn't wait to get home. All in all I had a great time and leaned allot and can't wait till next year....

Day 2 of the "Friends Of Coal Auto Fair", Part 1

By Thunder3

Wow!! What a day, I was at the Fair from 10 am till 10:30 at night and then another 30 mins getting out. Was a great and hot day but very thankful for the great weather.. there was closed to 600 cars showed up and a few more expected on Sunday.. Met some great people, even got a pic of my wife with American Idle's, Rob Carrico, pretty cool dude.. Gotta allot of tips on several upgrades for my ride, so can't wait to start.. Submitted the first half of photos with this blog, and will finish up the 2nd half of the show with brilliant fireworks display later today.. enjoy!!

Beckley's Cruise-In Car Show

By Thunder3

In association with the "Friends of Coal Auto Fair, the Beckley Cruise In was a great hit. A huge turn out in Down Town Beckley for the show, Live entertainment, Food Vendors galore, all types of things were going on, and oh yeah, there was a car show too, LOL!! Check out the album and see if you can find this author's ride, and oh yeah his Daughter makes an appearance too!!

Day 1 of the Friends of Coal Auto Fair

By Thunder3

Well Day 1 of the 5th Annual "Friends of Coal" Auto Fair is over and it was a hot one. Allot of activities, Appearance from the Governor, C/W group "Taylor Made" stroll thru the Show grounds. And nearly 300 hot rides showed up for the 3 day event.. At 5:30 yesterday we pulled out and was paraded to town to do Beckley's Cruise In Car Show till 9:00 pm.. So a long day for sure.. Will keep everyone updated on Saturdays event, including the Concert with "Taylor Made" and "Randy Travis" along with Sunday's closing events and trophies presentation..

Friends of Coal Auto Fair

By Thunder3

I know this is a bit late but still would like to invite all Motortopia members to the 2008 Friends of Coal Auto Show in beautiful Beckley WV.
Over 600 vehicles of all makes and models and years are expected.. This is a 3 day event starting on Friday at 10am, in which later that day City Police will escort all entries to town for the Friday night Cruise In and then back after the festivities have concluded that evening. With the Show concluding on Sunday with Trophy presentations.
Also on Saturday, appearing in Concert at the Auto fair will be C/W star "Randy Travis' and "Taylor Made" plus a carnival for the kiddies, auto vendors of all types, and all the food you can eat.. So it will be a happening.. Again I invite all you Motortopia members to come out and have a good time and show off your ride. entry fee is just $20..

Thanks and hope to see some of you there!!!

Rebirth of ThunderStratus

By Thunder3

Well after only owning her since Feb, my Strat has under gone another face lift.. After dropping the Mask, she has been fitted with Racing Rally Stripes and has a definite different look...

Thunder picks up Second Trophy of the Year

By Thunder3

Hey gang, BIG NEWS, I was in another Car show this past Saturday, and picked up my 2nd Trophy in my class.. 92-present.. Only 10 trophies were givin in that class and we had 107 entries. Pretty awesome and a long day..

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