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By motortopia

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The Motortopia Team

Women of SEMA 2009 - Day Two - Wow!

By motortopia

Trick our Treat is over. . . but it seemed like a holiday to us.

We promise, we'll get your some car stories and pics soon (tonight) but thought you should have these right away.

And, remember to leave those trophy votes on the photo slideshow to show your appreciation.

Grease Thefts On the Rise

By corsa

Well, you knew this was bound to happen. Used fryer grease is now a huge target for thieves. Restaurants couldn't pay to give the stuff away a year ago, but now they are installing surveillance cameras to keep a watch on the "liquid gold."

And get this: apparently processed fryer oil, called "yellow grease," is actually traded on the commodities market. In 2000, it traded for 7.6 cents a pound; now it trades for 33 cents a pound, which is about $2.50 a gallon. It is so valuable and such a target now, one of the nation's largest grease collection and rendering companies has hired detectives to investigate these thefts.

Since most restaurants put their used grease in big vats with their trash, the lawyer representing some of the thieves that have been arrested is claiming that it isn't actually theft, because once you put something in the trash, it is abandoned property. The restaurants, however, don't see it this way.

And neither to the people who have legitimate contracts with restaurants to collect the used oil. Ben Healy, the owner of Healy Biodiesel in Sedgwick, KS, said that on one particular night not too long ago, the oil was stolen from 9 of the 15 restaurants he has a contract with.

So, all you restaurant owners: time to watch not only the cash registers, but the grease barrels.

Source: NY Times

Kansas City Oil Refinery Fire Could Affect Gas Prices

By corsa

Hold on to your wallet! A storm that rolled through Kansas City yesterday sat a vat with 1.2 million gallons of unleaded fuel in it ablaze. Lightning was determined to be the cause, and firefighters are letting the fire burn itself out, which should happen sometime on Thursday.

Just what we needed!

Source: Fox4News

Hurricane season could blow the gas money right out of your pocket

By corsa

June 1st marks the start of hurricane season. And experts are saying that gas prices could surge up to $6 per gallon if a hurricane hits in July. That's because a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico, like Katrina or Rita, would disrupt refineries and pipelines in the southern U.S.

In fact, because of Katrina, gas prices today already have about 5 to 10 cents built into the price of gas by speculative traders. The NOAA are saying there is a 65% chance of a stronger-than-normal hurricane season, and only a 10% chance that it will be weaker.

On the other hand, they are saying that if we make it through hurricane season with no hits, gas prices could ease a bit. But, hurricane season isn't over until Nov. 30, so we have a long ways to go.


Source: CNN

Morning Grin. Be Careful About Those Plates.

By motortopia

I'll bet lots of you have customized plates for your cars. Well, check out this plate from Virginia. Someone was not thinking ahead...or maybe they were :-). [photo from photobucket]

Mystery Car of the Day (#8)

By motortopia

We're looking for year, make, model, and owner. Good Luck!

Mystery Car of the Day (#7)

By motortopia

This picture isn't from the main vehicle photo, but the tail lights should give it away... we are looking for year, make, model and owner.

Mystery Car of the Day (#6)

By motortopia

These are too easy! Ok no hints, lets hear the year, make, model and owner of this one...

Mystery Car of the Day (#5)

By motortopia

CrimsonKrush got the last one. OK, now for the next one, you should know who's it is if you've been paying any attention around here ;)

OK I'll throw in a small hint:

In a rocky town in the vicinity of Vegas, this precious stone of a vehicle sits.

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