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18 general rules of Ibuonline personalized PCB manufacturers share PCB wiring

By tingyuya

??18 general rules of Ibuonline personalized PCB manufacturers share PCB wiring
??Custom printed circuit board manufacturing?In the design of printed circuit board, the following points should be noted:
??( 1 ) from the point of view of reducing radiation angle, should try to use multilayer board, the inner layer respectively, ground power supply layer, to reduce power line impedance, noise restraining public impedance, signal line formed on ground evenly, increase the signal line and ground capacitance between the ground, inhibits its ability to space radiation the. circuit board manufacturing companies.
??( 2 ) power line, ground wire, the printed circuit traces, the high frequency signal should be kept low impedance. At very high frequency, power line, line, or the printed circuit traces, will become a small antenna receiving and transmitting harassment. Method of reducing such harassment besides add filter capacitor, more worthy of attention is to reduce the power line, wire and other printed board go high frequency impedance line itself. Therefore, a variety of printed circuit board line should be short and thick, the lines should be uniform.
??( 3 ) arranged power line, ground wire and printed conductors on a printed circuit board to be appropriate, as far as possible short and straight, the loop area to reduce the signal line and the loop formation.
??( 4 ) the clock generator as close to the device of the clock.
??( 5 ) quartz crystal oscillator shell to the ground.
??( 6 ) the clock zone circle line, the clock line as short as possible.
??( 7 ) as far as possible the use of 45 °line instead of 90 °line wiring to reduce emission and coupled RF signal external printed circuit board.
??( 8 ) single power supply and single point grounding for single and double sided board panel; power line, ground to coarse.
??( 9 ) I/O drive circuit to near printing connector plate edge, let it leave the printing plate as soon as possible.
??( 10 ) the key line to rough, and in both sides and protected. High-speed line should be short and straight.
??( 11 ) component leads as short as possible, pin decoupling capacitor as short as possible, the best use of decoupling capacitors SMD capacitors without lead.
??( 12 ) on A/D devices, digital and analog part of earth rather uniform do not make *.
??( 13 ) clock, bus, a chip select signal to be away from the I/O cable and connector.
??( 14 ) the analog voltage input line, reference voltage terminal to keep away from the digital circuit signal line, especially the clock.
??( 15 ) the clock line perpendicular to the I/O line parallel to the line than I/O interference small, clock component pin need to stay away from the I/O cable.
??( 16 ) quartz crystal below and on the device below do not noise sensitive line.
??( 17 ) the weak signal circuit, low-frequency circuit around don't form the current loop.
( 18 ) any signals are not form the loop, such as inevitable, let the loop area as small as possible.
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Cars > tingyuya’s Garage > Blog > 18 general rules of Ibuonline personalized PCB manufacturers share PCB wiring

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