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Cars > dragon_chick_99’s Garage > Blog > 2001 Pontiac Trans Am (dragonbird) > both funny and distubing at the same time


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F –39
Chuckey, Tennessee
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both funny and distubing at the same time

By dragon_chick_99

Filed under: 2001 Pontiac Trans Am (dragonbird)

well this incedent happened on new years day so i know i'm a little late on tellin this, but anyhoo my husband was in the process of taking an old waterpump out of is suburban and he had 2 bolts break on him. so we fired the bird up and took a drive to harbor freights to get an excrusion set to get the bolts out. well we get 2 town and of course get stopped at a red light. there are 3 cars in front of me. light turns green we all go, i just go ahead and get in the left side lane on the by-pass cause the store we're goin to is on the left. the speed limit is 45, i'm goin 50. the 1st 2 cars i pass, guess they're just slow, but i'm goin the same as the guy that was in the very front. i look in my rearview and there is a cop car comin up pretty fast. i ask my hubby "hope he ain't comin after me, i'm just goin 50 and so is the guy next 2 me" he said sometimes they just get u for goin 1 mile over. of course on come the blue lights, so i say "guess he's got me" so i pull over. mean while the car beside me just drives on. i get my registration and all that good stuff ready for the officer. he's a nice fellow, got a smile on his face, he said i was sittin behind u at that redlight back there, when u pulled out and passed up those cars i clocked u doin 62. 62!!!!!!!! now i know my speedometer is not broke. i told him if i was goin 62, which i wasn't cause my speed hand was on 50, then the car that was beside me was goin 62 also. he said "well sometimes when u see a police car in ur rearview u slow down without realizing it and then look at ur speedometer. i told him i knew what i was goin b4 i even knew he was back there. (i didn't even know he was behind me at the redlight). he then just asked for my information and told me that he was gonna run it, and said just because he pulled me over doesn't mean he's gonna give me a ticket. (hm, that's a good sign) he comes back says everthing checks out good (well of course it does) and the next thing he said was what really got me. he said u didn't turn out to be the type of person i thought u would be. with the looks of ur car i thought u was just some young punk redneck kid tryin to race. "not hardly" i told him. so it's funny thinkin about it, but also disturbing. am i gonna have to put up w/ gettin pulled over, bein told i'm goin faster than what i know i'm going, just because the officer thinks i'm some young punk redneck kid? just because of the car i drive? everytime i'm out driving, i'm going the speedlimit or a couple of miles over, i get passed by mini vans, pick-up trucks, suv's goin probably 20 miles over the speed limit. never see 'em get pulled over. of course i know officers have 2 be ready for anything and can't let there gaurd down, and i have the upmost respect for them and what they do. but it's still funny and disturbing at the same time. oh yeah, he didn't give me ticket, and he was actually a very friendly police officer :)

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db67tranny’s Profile Photo
Jan 19, 2009 at 5:00 pm
When I was In high school I was driving a 77 Black T/A with no speed o.My girl just dumped me and I was upset. I was going home and got pulled over. They judged me case of my long hair and tore my car to pieces looking for drugs. At that point I said my dad was a cop and you guys are in trouble. They refused to put my car back together and decided to lecture me. I pulled out my hearing aid and said my battery was dead and I can't hear ya. I was so pissed for being judge and reasonable suspician that I took those **** to court and won. Needles to say even tho my pop is a cop , that left a bad taste in my mouth for a long time. Now that I'm 42 , when I drive a cool car I get thumbs up, even with long hair- times changed dont they.
tamatt79’s Profile Photo
Jan 19, 2009 at 10:27 am
Can you say PROFILE? dang!!! i get stopped all the time, unfortunately, my right foot has a weight issue, tried dieting and exercise, but it doesnt seem to work. For me it doesnt matter what i am driving, TA, motorcycle, Hurst, and a plain jane F150. tongue image But 1 time i was pulled over after i first bought my 79 TATA. i knew i was going to jail that day, but because to officer liked the car he was very kind in the certificate that he blessed me with awarding me. Most of time i find that officers are nice, so until i figure out what to do with the right foots weight issue, i will continue to be nice to them and hope they are in return, nice to me. biggrin image
Carolina_29053’s Profile Photo
Jan 18, 2009 at 2:52 pm
Lucky you! I got stopped in my black 81 TA not long ago..he was running radar in the opposite direction and he spun around on me, blue lights going, so I pulled over. I WAS doing 62 in a 45, but as soon as he walked up, he said "I clocked you doing 62 in a 45, but don't worry, I'm not going to give you a ticket". He went on and on about my car! How he loved the sound, he liked the dash, etc, etc,. lol Go SC Highway Patrol!! (Anderson County) I guess the moral of the story is, don't try to run from the law......they probably just want to look at your ride! smile image A good attitude goes a long way too, not to mention pulling over in a way that is safe for the officer to walk up to your car......they appreciate that. They have a job to do.
BADDAWG’s Profile Photo
Jan 17, 2009 at 11:22 pm
I was a cop many years in Ky . Cops like fast cars too. Ive given just as many tickets to non-sports cars than sports cars . Mainly I believe if ya own a sports car you can handel it . And some times we like to have a closer look at your ride LOL

SmokeGray89’s Profile Photo
Jan 17, 2009 at 11:20 pm
I think a lot of us have been in the same situation. I'm glad you didn't get a ticket.
MonzterRacing’s Profile Photo
Jan 17, 2009 at 9:13 pm
I get that all the time in Louie The Lizard when I drive him on the streets. They are amazed I am a middle aged fellow !!! I have escaped a few tickets once they realize I am this age. Funny stuff !!!
Spinning15’s Profile Photo
Jan 17, 2009 at 8:14 pm
I was pulled over for doing 39 in a 35 mph!! He was a nice guy and just said he was stopping me because many of these cars get stolen...Plus he wanted to see what the new ZO6s looked like. I gave him my licence and he said Happy New Year and we went on our way!! I think they were looking for drunken drivers being it was New Years eve! I still maintain a Safe driver Car, Motorcycle, Plus Vehicles under 24 or 28,000 GVW Nuff said!!
carfanatic1’s Profile Photo
Jan 17, 2009 at 6:19 pm
I understand you being pulled over because of the kind of car you drive. I experienced an incident in 1988 in Georgia where I was clearly speeding on northbound I75 and passing a Nissan 300Z, when here comes a Georgia highway patrol in one of the Mustang coupes they were driving back then. Well I just assumed he nabbed me and was starting to stress over a ticket, when the officer pulls behind the sports car instead. Boy I bet that guy was mad at me.
john1069’s Profile Photo
Jan 17, 2009 at 5:40 pm
I dearly undestand for I drive two Corvettes, 1993 one is fast and the 1986 is much faster. I have a simular story, where I was coming back from the drug store, just got out of the hospital from cancer treatments and apparently a radar trap was going on and the officer step out in the midlle of the four lane road from the curb and was waving speeders over. Well they waved for me to pull over and I was doing 46 in a 45, I saw them over 2 blocks away, but my 93 has digital speedometer and he goes to tell me that I was doing 62 in a 45. I did my best to talk reason to him, but this one was an ****, I took the ticket and left, Couldn't hardly read the ticket, too faint to read, so I called to find the court date. He was there and I explained my story to the DA, which stands for Dumb A** and she begins to tell me that I have an attitude and their officers never make a mistake. That their out there to protect, not harm. I said fine, we'll just take this to a higher court. I went to get up and leave the DA then change her mind and said the ticket was voided. She didn't want to go to court, for it would be a jury triaI. I made her write void on my copy and sign it. I trust no one when it comes to the law! If you let them have their way all the time, they think their Gods...All these Bald heads, like their in combat and maybe sometimes they are, but just becuase I've always have driven fast cars, I get profiled!
oldjoe’s Profile Photo
Jan 17, 2009 at 4:00 pm
Oh yes the ole profile! It's done around here a lot. Many years ago I was pulled over for going 37 in a 35 no ticket but a whole car inspection so things really haven't changed any excuse to get you pulled over and checked out!

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Cars > dragon_chick_99’s Garage > Blog > 2001 Pontiac Trans Am (dragonbird) > both funny and distubing at the same time

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