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Cars > tingyuya’s Garage > Blog > Female car need to guard against the dangerous habit


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Female car need to guard against the dangerous habit

By tingyuya

??Female car need to guard against the dangerous habit
??Discount car electronics?The weather is warming, more and more the driver began traveling light. Harness car fast battle, but the female driver friends car need to develop good habits to prevent traffic accidents the following ibuonline to a female friend to share seven dangerous habits.
??Dangerous habit: Driving chest ornaments
??Ms. chest most commonly worn ornaments should be careful to avoid the potential dangers. When encounter unexpected situations screeching halt, the human body will rush headlong in the inertia seat belts will have enormous pressure on the human body, chest pendant, it will result in the sternum fractures and other serious injuries. automotive electronics suppliers.
??Tips: car, check the body, not wearing ornaments, if you really wearing, for your safety, please hurry off to.
??Dangerous habit: to wear high heels car
??Should not wear high heels, platform shoes and slippers. Should wear a thin crust, soft casual shoes (soles no edge). If you need to change shoes when Remember replaced the shoes can not be placed under the front seat or the front seat next to (to avoid rolling to the brake pedal).
??Tips: high-heeled shoes is nice, but definitely not suitable car wearing, or put on a pair of flat heels. If your high heels is a soft spot, it is recommended that you prepare two pairs of shoes in the car: a pair of flat shoes, a pair of high heels to wear flat shoes, driving under the car and then put on your beautiful high heels.
??Dangerous habit: windows hanging plush toys
??Rear seat above the (often you can see the place to put plush toys) should not be put before the windshield backpacks, handbags and other toys, and other items, as these fly in front of the possibility of injuries to the driver's emergency braking and reversing the impact drivers line of sight.
??Tips: like decoration of the blame, but in order to stay away from a car accident, or the small doll in the window on take it.
??Dangerous habit: long hair dressed car
??Many women owners keep a charming long hair, to open on a roadster, long hair flying scene, any who are yearning for. But long hair will affect women car owners driving focus, will also affect observed around to car in case of an emergency fierce back hair may block the line of sight, and poses a potential threat to safe driving. Therefore, it is recommended that long hair of female owners, while driving a certain hair bundle up.
??Tips: driving, be sure to hair among them, do not be incurred in a car accident because of a moment of beauty and, otherwise, you regret it too late.
??Dangerous habit 5: seat adjusted from the steering wheel too close
??Thin, petite physique more because women relative men, many women are driving down the road away from the seat adjusted too close to the steering wheel, the body almost to come into contact with the steering wheel, which makes the whole body becomes very nervous, excessive bending of the arms and legs for flexibility to manipulate a great impact, and the closer the body, sight and perspective will become short and narrow.
??Tips: In case of emergency the problem is relatively late, the processing time is reduced accordingly, often resulting in a less urgent but became an emergency.
??Dangerous habit: female pad cushion car
??Many women owners of relatively petite stature, in order to avoid being mistaken for "unmanned" the habit of a cushion in the driver's seat on the seat cushion. Little did he know that it is extremely dangerous practice.
??Tips: because the cushion is active, which resulted in motorists physical instability, the inertia of the body forward when emergency braking situation encountered people from slipping off the seat easily, unimaginable consequences.
??Dangerous habit 7: wearing ordinary gloves car
??Many women owners for the care of their own hands, can be described as caring. Especially in the summer, when driving like wearing a pair of gloves to prevent hands grip the steering wheel and grind "cocoon" total. This is not desirable. Wearing gloves can easily slip in the steering, especially when a sharp turn, causing a lot of security risks. Tips: For your safety when driving or quickly took off his nylon gloves. If you have to wear gloves, be sure to select the driving special gloves, although the price is a little expensive, but to ensure safety. In addition, the beauty of the female usually do more hand care, if carefully, the your hand will Qingchunyongzhu the
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Cars > tingyuya’s Garage > Blog > Female car need to guard against the dangerous habit

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