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San Antonio, Texas
United States


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By mickey

well they have the glass and tint back int he car and the rest of the dash is still waiting for parts.

not happy with the workmenship on the dash it was all pitted up and orange peeld and to top it off it was scratched up to boot.

she looked at me and was really happy about it being done. and says WHAT DO YA THINK?

i asked should i lie or tell the truth.

she asked for the truth so i told her what i saw wrong with it. SO here we go again. i have to have it redone. they said that would take another day or two. they farmed it out so it was not the shop i was dealing with but they were not happy with the work either after thier body man looked at it after i said what i did he noticed more flaws then i did.

he even said he wished he would have seen it before this so he could have refused it.

well let the hell begin,

By mickey

after dealing wiht the ins. companay and the police on this matter things are starting to get some what back to normal, not that it will ever be the same but with luck it wll be close. i have came to the conclution it wont have a after market system any more it will be factory . im sick of havign things taken off the car. I have to stop putting money in to it to make it more desierabel to the damed thievs around here. So she will slowly go stock or close to it.
just bull **** you cant have things the way you want with out someone taking it from you becuse they need thier next rock of crak or they ar just to ****ing lazy for a real job to get it them selves.


By mickey

this morning as i wolke up to do my normal daily grind i walk out side to find my presious monte carlo raped last night.

they took the dvd player in the dash out. the speackers and amp out of the trunk. and also my C.B. radio that i have to have for work. So now it is not even just the car it is my livley hood also.

As much as i hate to say this i can live with out the car for a few days while everything gets done but as far as the rest gose there is goign to be a issue. So i now have to go see if i can find another radio that will work for me.
Cops are on thier way to make a report and take prints etc...
So with some luck they will find the stuff or at least somethign of it. but i so doubt this is the case im afraid it will be gone.


By mickey

well i finally had to do it. it was driving me nus. starting to lose power and also actually started to studier and skip some. So i guess it was time LOL

i had actually been sitting here with the parts and not a min. to spare to get it done. went to do it tonight and the plugs i pulled don't of here had nothing but nubs left for electrodes.

So we changed out with some good plugs and new wires.

Also did a recharge on the air filter ( K&N) that i have eon it So it should breath better to.

Hopefully i will see a increase in millage.

Also there in some Lucas for the injectors on her. she defend needed good kick in the tail on hem hadn't done this at all. In Germany they were WAY TO EXPENSIVE!!! some of them were over 10.00 for one tank worth


By mickey

Well after a long wait the car turned out perfect. she looks great again.

and also the screens in the head rest are in there and look good. with the stereo it really is nice to have her back together again.

i have had to take the stereo out of it since i had it all done again due to the fact I'm selling my car. ;-(

i need to have a truck for work and cant keep borrowing the one i have from a Friend. so it is a must go.

so i took the stereo out to lower the price enough for some one to be Abel to afforded it.

replying to the comments

By mickey

I fully expected it to back to normal shortly, Thanks god most of it was scrathes and a few minor door ding type things. Some of it was worse but all in all it was not as bad as it could have been,
But the allinment is way out on the car and i assume that it is due to the tie downs on it but not sure yet. still waiting for them to get that far.

bad news for the monte carlo.

By mickey

after shipping it back to the states it had alot of damage done to it. It is now gettign that fixed but it was over 2000.00 worth of body work alone done to the car. And the trans. is slipping in it and the Ing. switch is acting up on it.

This dont even include that they tried to steal the screens in the head rest . and they dont work now. So it has to go in for it also.

But the Ins. company pointed me in the direction of a good body shop so it is getting fixed.
then last week they call me to say that your car is looking great But the body man was putting it in the paint booth and hit the wall with your car.

Great!!!! So now the front fender had to ahve work done on it also.
But hopefuly it will be do9ne this week adn we can start driving in it again.

With any luck it will be better then when it went in.

Story of the AF-1 Zoomie

By mickey

This is the car that was bought from my wife to replace a 78 monte carlo Bracket car that i was building up. It was stolen after we moved to Montgomery Al.

Shortly after i got her home Ivan the hurricane came threw and dropped a tree on mine and the car next to it. Thank god my car was not damaged as bad as the one next to it.

The work that has been done to this car is all of mine.
All of the mods i have done are as follows.

Interior mods.

LED lights.
All of my Gage and dash lights and steering control lights and switch lights are LED's courtesy lights have been added to the door Handel's to light up when the dome light comes on .
I have also put LED's under the dash and on the floor to light it up at night at will. also under door Handel lights come on outside with the dome lights.
I plan to do more on the inside as it is now i have done the main dash panel with the Torch red and plan to do some more of the parts in the car the same but will be shipping it shortly so i need to wait for a while on it.
I have also installed heaters and massager's in the front seats for those long rides on the road. with the addition of the DVD player. we don't hear are we there yet anymore . it is can i see a anorther movie .

Under the hood

So i got bored and started to pain the details and the engine cover. this is the third version of the engine cover. and now it will stay due to the autographs on it from Some of the .N.H.R.A. drivers. That were nice enough to visit the troops in Germany.

the motor was worked on but with limited parts sources i have decided to wait till it get back to the states. It has had the lifters and push rods changed to the larger size of 1:7 instead of the stock version (not sure what they were)and i have changed it to full synthetic at about 200 miles on the car to Mobil one . good enough for corvettes it will work fine in my car also. the next item to be done will be a cam. Also trying to decide if i want to go turbo or Supper charged on it. but might just go with Nitrous on it for some fun once in a while. the Plans are to make it run nicely and still be reliable. and as a daily driver i don't want it to get to crazy.

has a thrasher shift kit in it and full synthetic oil.
The computer was relocated when i added my cold air intake on it. after looking at was on the market i chose to make my own. i no longer have to worry about it getting warm air from the motor compartment. it is threw the fender well and suck air from out side.
I made mine for less then 50.00 and most of the was a filter to go on to it.


I have taken most of the badging off the car. the only things that say SS on the out side of the car are the windshield banner and also the rear emblem on the trunk.
Also have plans to paint the flames on the front of it. After dealing with SINGS BY DREX RIPPING ME OFF I REFUSE TO USE DECALS FOR IT.So once i get back to the states and get set up i will be painting my flames on it. to help tie in the rest of the flames on the car.


I have added a 440 watt hi phonics amp to the car and also put in 2 12 subs. in the trunk in a obcon box. sounds nice and allows it to have some good base.
the front speakers have been changed out for the infinity Kappa series and tucked in behind the door panels for the factory look. Now the system sounds real clear and still can reach the levels that i want it to .

Plan to change out the Amp on the subs to add a bigger amp and better subs then i will use the one in the car now strictly for the front speakers. as is right now they are on a small junk amp i had . I also plan to add in a second DVD player for just the rear of the car so i have the ability to listen to the radio and the kids can hear their shows threw wireless head phones


I will be lowering the car in the spring to bring it down a bit more. and plan to allow it to settle before i start looking for the wheels i want to help it look better,

over all this has been yet another great Monte Carlo . I have owner 7 of various years and at least of every gen . except the 5th (lumina style) and also the new 7th Gen style.
The car has been in Germany for the last two years Where IT has been a blast to drive on the autobahn and cause people to look at it and chase you down just to look at your car . It will take some getting used to after getting her back to the states to not be the most unusual car that most folks have seen LOL They don't make them here and as of last count there were less then 60 in country but they are growing slowly. We are finally heading back to the states with us to live in Texas. We are finally coming home!!

Cars > mickey’s Garage > Blog

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