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Edelbrock announced three new additions to its performance crate engine offerings with a new line of E-Street crate engines. These new crate engines are designed to offer 100 percent brand-new crate engines that are versatile and affordable. These 350-ci crates are hand-assembled by Edelbrock technicians utilizing brand-new GM short blocks with four-bolt mains. The heart of the performance is derived from the Edelbrock Total Power Package, including E-Street 185cc aluminum cylinder heads and Performer hydraulic camshaft. Black Edelbrock valve covers and breathers accentuate E-Streets’ looks. The compression ratio checks in at a pump-gas-friendly 9.0:1 and delivers a modest 315-plus-hp and 380-plus-lbs-ft of torque (performance varies based on optional induction components). E-Street crate engines are available in three levels, including a base long block (P/N 45070), a complete carbureted assembly (P/N 45080), and a complete EFI assembly (P/N 45090). Each engine also includes 6 quarts of Edelbrock’s new high performance 30w Premium break-in oil fortified with the key additives required during the break-in process. Every Edelbrock crate engine is backed by a two-year/unlimited mileage warranty. Edelbrock

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