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Gain superior handling and greater adjustability in your 1970-73 Camaro/Firebird with a torque arm suspension from BMR Suspension. This complete kit comes with an adjustable torque arm, Watts link, torque arm cross member, coil-over conversion cross member, lower control arms and all necessary mounting hardware. The torque arm is equipped with a Delrin-bushed, telescoping front mount for bind-free axle articulation and a pinion-angle adjustable rear mount. The Watts link centers the rear axle housing even if the suspension is fully extended or compressed. The BMR torque arm suspension (TAS004, TAS005, TAS006) is a true bolt-in kit that can be installed without cutting or welding the floor or frame. The suspension can be unbolted and the car can easily be returned to stock if desired. Applications are available for 10-bolt, 12-bolt and Ford 9inch. The Ford 9-inch version includes a new Strange rear axle housing. Coil-over shocks are sold separately, and the units are available in black hammer tone or red powder coat. BMR Suspension 813.986.9302

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