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Jim Inglese has been building Webers for street-driven Fords and Cobras since the ‘70s. This 4x48IDA Weber setup for Ford’s 351W provides instant throttle response and a huge torque increase throughout the whole rpm range, and you can run it on the street. The kits from Jim Inglese come with everything you see here: chrome-plated stacks, Holley low-pressure fuel regulator with fuel fittings, German-made synchrometer, FelPro intake gaskets and stainless intake bolts. Every carburetion system is assembled and custom-calibrated for you by Jim to suit your individual engine, and he also includes a fully illustrated, color instruction manual to guide you through the installation and synchronization process. Jim also builds Webers for other Ford engines and Chevrolet engines. Price for a complete outfit like you see here is $4,200, shipped ready to run. Jim Inglese 203.623.0659

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