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Stuff You Gotta Have! » MCP-1104-NEWPRODS-PIX-02


Be Cool has expanded its industry-proven product line with its new Be Cool OE Series radiator that combines a modern aluminum core design with a factory-appearing finish, and correct-appearing, ribbed factory tank design of a stock OEM copper/brass/lead unit. Now 1955-57 Chevrolets, 1968-72 GM A-bodies, 1967-69 Camaros or 1955-72 Corvettes can still look original, but they wont overheat with a new Be Cool OE Series radiator. Not only will your new radiator look stock, it won’t leak, either. More than a dozen models cover most GM stick and automatic applications. These new Be Cool OE Series aluminum radiators feature an OE black finish and come with a new factory OE replacement radiator cap where applicable. Automatic transmission versions feature transmission cooling line fittings in the original thread size and location.

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