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Stuff You Gotta Have! » MCP-1104-NEWPRODS-PIX-03


Cobra Automotive now offers an exact duplicate of the original 289/271-hp factory hi-po harmonic balancer. This new balancer is made from the original Ford blueprints and is identical in every way (other than the original Ford logo and part number), with the original timing scale perfectly engraved along the outer surface. The new balancer has a totally correct appearance. This is a fully balanced replacement piece that eliminates the use of old hi-po balancers that allow the timing marks to continuously move because of the dried-up inner rubber liner. It will bolt onto any 289 hi-po engine from 1963-67 or any 289 engine to give it the same appearance as a 289 hi-po. It comes nicely packaged with the correct original part number, #C6OE-6316-A, on the outside of the box. The price is $295.

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