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For those who wish to add a turbo or any power adder to their new 5L ‘11 V-8 Ford Mustang Coyote, forged pistons will be necessary, so Diamond is announcing a new series of low-silicon 2618 forgings, comprising a variety of compression ratios from 8.5:1 to 11.5:1 as well as in four different bore sizes. The piston illustrated (P/N 30113) has a 6cc dish, and when used in conjunction with the production 57cc Coyote cylinder head, contributes a compression ratio of 9.5:1, which is ideal for running pump fuel. It will also accommodate a small turbo producing 8-10 psi of boost. To protect the top ring from the increased heat generated by power upgrades it is positioned .300-inch down from the crown. Diamond also upgraded the piston pins, selecting 4130 chrome molybdenum material. Double spiral locks secure the pins, and Diamond offers three optional barrier coatings for these pistons: hard anodizing, Teflon skirt coating and a ceramic thermal barrier crown coating. The anodizing, a Type 3 hard coat, protects against excessive combustion heat and detonation damage. It also increases corrosion and wear resistance and creates a hard surface finish approaching 70 Rockwell. It contributes an excellent adhesive surface for the Teflon skirt coating—a moly-based dry-film lubricant that reduces friction and scuffing.

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