Gearhead Heaven Part 2

December 22nd, 2011

Chicago Pneumatic Must-Have Tools for the Automotive Enthusiast

When we set out to build a place called Gearhead Heaven our first part focused on cleaning and patching of our workspace. The floor coating alone transformed a dingy, oil filled, cracked floor into an automotive showplace. Nobody serves fillet mignon on sourdough bread, so why should the fruits of our labor sit on cold, oil stained concrete. Read the rest of this entry »


December 20th, 2011

Blake Foster’s ‘72 Chevy Nova

Blake Foster, owner of Blake Foster Speed Tech Performance, is well versed in building high performance muscle cars, and his newest creation does not disappoint. Blake’s ’72 Nova started life as a Super Chevy build project that sponsored by Speed Tech, which donated the front subframe and rear torque arm suspension. About halfway through the build the original owner contacted Blake explaining that he would not be able to complete the build. The two worked out a deal and the car came into Blake’s possession. With so many Speed Tech parts already on the car, he decided to begin a new project. “I named the car ResurreXion because it started life as a Super Chevy build, spelling includes the ‘X’ for the Nova body style,” Blake told MCP. The vehicle was shipped across country, and after it arrived, upon further inspection, the build crew discovered that the original workmanship was not up to their high standards. “We decided to completely strip the car including removing the subframe connectors and roll cage and sandblasting the entire car,” Blake said. Read the rest of this entry »

History Lesson

December 6th, 2011

This Barracuda is History

Americans love two things: cars and nostalgia. This killer ‘66 Plymouth Barracuda exemplifies them both. Just looking at this car brings back memories of evenings spent at places such as (the original) Irwindale Raceway and Lions Drag Strip, and cruising Van Buys Boulevard. Read the rest of this entry »

Vortech Engineering’s 2008 Mustang GT Shop Car

November 18th, 2011

Oxnard, California’s Brian Ellis has what many consider a dream job. Brian is a member of Vortech Engineering sales and marketing staff, which means when he isn’t talking tech on the telephone with a potential customer, he’s chatting up Vortech Engineering’s latest technical innovation with a prospective buyer. But that’s only the half of it. Ellis practices what he preaches, as witnessed by this Raven Black, Vortech-supercharged and intercooled 4.6L three-valve ‘06 Mustang GT, which was part of the Vortech Engineering LLC/Paxton Automotive Corporation display at the 2008 SEMA show in Las Vegas. Read the rest of this entry »

Mike McDonald’s ‘70 Chevelle SS

November 14th, 2011

Mike McDonald doesn’t believe in doing anything halfway. If he’s going in for a nickel, he is going in for it all. And when he isn’t working or spending time with his family, he can be found doing one of three things: boating, golfing or “tinkering” with one of his classic cars. As you can tell by the photos of his ‘70 Chevy Chevelle SS, he takes his tinkering pretty seriously. Read the rest of this entry »

New Products

November 11th, 2011

E-Brake Kit for Ford Rears From Wintec

E-Brake Kit for Ford Rears From Wintec

Wintec Fabrication has released a bolt-on emergency/parking brake kit that’s extremely street rod friendly for 8- and 9-inch Ford rears. It’s an easy way to incorporate an E-brake if your rear brakes are not equipped with that ability.

The easy-to-install kit includes the caliper mounting bracket, caliper and pads, 8 ¾-inch-diameter rotor with mounting hardware, high strength U-joint girdles, an 8-foot cable kit that can be trimmed and a chrome, floor-mounted handle. Read the rest of this entry »

Full Throttle and Pitched Sideways

November 3rd, 2011

Rich Jones; 1969 Chevy Camaro; Tucson, AZ

Rich Jones of Tucson, Arizona, stumbled across his ‘69 Camaro a couple of years back when it was an unfinished project for sale in the classifieds. Call it custom car karma, but Rich always wanted a pro touring Camaro and what better year to build than a ’69, considering this was the pinnacle year for Chevrolet’s pony car program of the late-‘60s as well as the basis for GM’s retro-themed ‘10 Camaro of today. Having owned and built his fair share of hot rods and muscle machines in the past, Rich found himself ready to wrench again when he spotted this diamond in the rough.

Read the rest of this entry »

Fast Forward

October 31st, 2011

“Have it your way” may be a well-known advertising tagline, but the crew at the SpeedFactory (http://www NULL.speedfactorycars thinks that they have a better one, “Your imagination is our blueprint.” The crew at SpeedFactory starts with the latest in Dodge and Chrysler iron and takes them to the next level. One of their most recent offerings is this ‘09 SpeedFactory Challenger SF700R. Read the rest of this entry »

Wild Ride – - This Ride Has Family Pride

October 27th, 2011

A lot can happen in 20 years. Styles come and go, things change, but one constant has been Dan Wild and his ‘65 Chevelle. “My son, who is 19 now, learned how to work a floor jack at age one and a half,” said Wild. “This is the first car my daughter (almost 21 now) ever drove. I wanted her to be able to say that the first car she ever drove was her dad’s ’65 Chevelle.” Read the rest of this entry »