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It's Our Birthday!

By GoldyLocks

It has been a fun, and fast, four years since we launched Motortopia!

Hey, we appreciate all the help, fun, and support along the way. Please leave your birthday wishes here.

Google and Motortopia fight the Communists! You can help!

By GoldyLocks

A few weeks ago it was Google who was scrappin' with the Chinese, and now we are too.

Here's what's up. Over the last few days we have had many of you contact us about the spam you are getting from "lovely woman" and other such spam-type email. We have tracked all of these down to messages coming from China. They must have a whole stadium full of folks online just trying to spam sites like Motortopia.

But, hey, we're workin' on it and with our Yankee ingenuity, we'll figure out how to squash 'em. But, we need your help to keep us alert of what is happening.

Here's what to do....

If you come across a message in your Motortopia inbox that is clearly spam, just click the "Report as Spam" link in the message. We'll take care of the rest.

And, if you get an notification in your email box that you have a message on Motortopia, and when you click on it the message is nowhere to be found, that's because it was spam and we got to it (and the spammer) before you did.

Dirty Commies. We'll keep you updated.

Thank you.

The Motortopia Team!

9th Grader Rebuilds a Classic 'Cuda

By GoldyLocks

If you need inspiration to get out in the garage and get that project moving, here is a story of a 9th grader who rebuilt a Baracuda that should spur you on to finishing your latest project car.

This 1973 Cuda Sanders includes a 340 cubic inch V-8 and lots of style with a dual air intake and powerful exhaust system.

But, most important is the stick-to-it-ness of the 9th grader.

Ok, guys, no more excuses. Get your dreamcar and get it done.

Read more here.

Help Motortopia Grow - Win a $250.00 Shopping Spree

By motortopia

Win a Griot's Garage $250.00 shopping spree by helping Motortopia grow. It's so easy!

Join for Free or Invite others to Join for Free. That's it.

Invite your buddies, club friends, and other car, bike, plane, or boat enthusiasts to join Motortopia! Just use our awesome, invitation system. (or click on "Invite" in the Motortopia top navigatoin bar)

For each person who joins Motortopia from your invitation - you increase your chance to win the $250 Griot's Garage shopping spree! An early Christmas for you.

We'll announce the winner at noon on January 20, 2010. So, get started inviting folks to join the best place on the internet for motor enthusiasts.

And, by doing so, you will help -- entirely created and provided by car enthusiasts.

Thank you.

The Motortopia Team

Women of SEMA 2009 - Day Two - Wow!

By motortopia

Trick our Treat is over. . . but it seemed like a holiday to us.

We promise, we'll get your some car stories and pics soon (tonight) but thought you should have these right away.

And, remember to leave those trophy votes on the photo slideshow to show your appreciation.

Women -- Bringin' Us in and Takin' Us Out.

By GoldyLocks

Ladies bring us into this world...and now, more and more, they are takin' us out.

There are plenty of great cars on Motortopia, and a few hearses. We were interested to learn here at Motortopia that women are gaining on men -- as morticians and hearse drivers.

Yep, more and more, women are turning to this profession. Getting you all ready and taking you out for your last ride.

Why is this happening now? Economy? Women bring us into the world, maybe it is best they take us out? One friend I talked with about this said "Hey, maybe this is just a woman's place -- preparing the body, like in the bible."

Well, we don't know -- and frankly don't care too much why -- but thought you would enjoy knowing that our gals are interested our coming and going.

Take a look at some of the great hearses here on Motortopia.

And, read more about women and hearses and becoming a mortician.

1984 Caddy Hearse Limo by harleylifeman (nice flame treatment too!)
1933 Pontiac Henney Hearse by Soapboxman. Hey, the "dirty thirties" may have been bad, but you could go out in style.
A great funeral flower car by Duste. Wow, if you only had that many flowers when you were alive?

. . . and your own search.

Or, read more

Upgrading Data Center Today -- Lights Out for Several Hours

By GoldyLocks

Motortopia will be offline for several hours today for a data center upgrade (from about noon till 6 p.m. ). This is necessary so all of the techies, propeller-heads, geeks, and IT-Network folks (we love 'em all) who make Motortopia happen will be upgrading our data center today. It's a big job and will take us several hours today.

See you soon.

Sometimes you just gotta have one! A V8 that is.

By GoldyLocks

Now, you would have thought the Germans, with their precision machining and engineering would have done this; but it was a Frenchman, Leon-Marie-Joseph-Clement Levavasseur, (let's call him "V" for short), patented the first V8 engine in 1902 on this day, December 2, 1902.

The V-formation, of course, allows a crankshaft to be turned by eight pistons with only four throws.

And, I remember the first time I stepped on a V-8, how about you!

Leave your V-8 memory in the comments here.

Give me $500 and I'll take you back to 1937

By GoldyLocks

Most of us have the image of the Hindenburg exploding in flames in 1937 etched in our minds.

Well, now you can have a new image. A full-sized, rigid frame American air ship with passengers flying around San Francisco.

This air ship adventure has been provided to us by a group of investors in California (they think of such Wacky things out there!), and it sounds like a lot of fun.

Imagine, taking your friends and family up for a air ship ride. Maybe we should send up member of Congress so they could get a real look at the country. No lobbyists allowed. Heck, how many air ship rides can 700 Billion buy?

Source: Silicon Valley Mercury News

Remeber "The Wing?" Well, we may be headed back there.

By GoldyLocks

Very interesting things to on at our universities, including some great, next-generation, airplane design and development.

This design for a blended wing body is the path to quieter, more efficient, and greener airplanes.

Researchers at the University of California - Irvine tell us that this is the wave of the future and it should first show up on military and transport planes, with passenger jets to follow.

Source:UC - Irvine.

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