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Have Your RV Efforts Been Derailed?

By tinahamilton

Given summer will be here before you know it that means countless RV’s will be hitting the roads all across America.
So, will you be one of those behind the wheel of such vehicles?
If the answer is yes, you want to make sure your vehicle is sound and ready to go, especially if you’re plan on a cross-country trip in the very near future.

Don’t Let an RV Issue Stop Your Plans
With the busiest part of the travel season coming up, don’t let your RV efforts be derailed anytime soon.
For starters, make sure your RV has been thoroughly inspected so it is ready to hit the roads. Such inspections are crucial in making your vehicle as road-worthy and safe as possible before you even log the first mile of your journey.
Having a trusted RV mechanic is important; especially given how much more area there is to cover with an RV as opposed to your standard car or truck.
Secondly, it is important that you stock up on supplies for your journey.
Just as an RV repair can cost you time and even significant money, so too can being low on supplies for your trip.
It also does not hurt for you (assumingly the driver) and others that may accompany you on such a trip to be checked out medically beforehand.
Since many RV trips involve logging long distances across the country (oftentimes out in the middle of nowhere), you want to make sure you’re as physically fit as possible before starting out on the trek.
With a prepared vehicle and a prepared you (and others if that’s the case) ready to hit the road, everything is a go, yes?

Are You Prepared for the Worst?
Well, one other area of concern should be what happens if your RV breaks down or worse yet, is involved in a collision.
While you would like to think you will be void of both, all too many folks have experienced otherwise over the years out on the road.
That said it is important to map out your route thoroughly, knowing where potential help is in the event you need it.
This can include a variety of things such as:
• Medical help – Have a list of medical facilities (notably hospitals) mapped out ahead of time. While you certainly hope not to have to use one or more of them, being prepared never hurts. Also make sure you have all your prescriptions up to date before you start out on your venture. If you need refills while on your trip, have the needed information in order to fill them at a pharmacy along the way;
• RV assistance – Given that RV’s typically take a little more time for repairs due to their size and parts, be sure to have a list of RV repair locales along your route. While your RV should be mechanically ready to go before you leave your home, there is always the possibility of a breakdown or being in an accident. If the latter happens, you’ll of course want to know where the nearest repair facility is, how much work will be required to get your vehicle back in road shape, and of course the timetable involved. Also make sure that all your RV insurance needs are up to date in the event you unfortunately are involved in an accident;
• Road conditions – Finally, when is the last time you went a great distance in your RV? If it has been a number of years, keep in mind that roads change over time. With construction and other matters at hand, the roads you had on a map several years ago could look somewhat or completely different by the time you head out on your current trip. Use updated maps (including apps) to make sure you have the most recent highway conditions for your trip.

Traveling in an RV can be one of the most rewarding experiences during your lifetime.
Unlike a small car packed to the ceiling with items, an RV allows you to get much closer to enjoying the comforts of home.
In order to prevent your RV efforts from being derailed, simply be prepared and have the right mindsetbefore you hit the road.

Helping Your Teenager Handle a Car Accident

By tinahamilton

Getting a license and driving is often considered a right of passage for teenagers. Most count down the days until they reach their sweet sixteen birthday and can legally obtain their license and begin driving.

For parents, even though their teen has taken the tests and fulfilled the necessary requirements to get their license, it is still tough to feel comfortable letting them get behind the wheel alone, especially when statistically, those between the ages of 16-19 are more likely to be in a car crash than those over the age of 20.

While there is no guarantee your teen driverwill never be in a car accident, it is important to give them the necessary tools and mental preparation to deal with a car accident. Here are a few ways you can help your teen handle a car accident:

Some car accidents are so minor that the insurance agency can handle the situation, thus you do not need to worry about contacting an Atlanta car accident lawyeror lawyer from your specific area.

However, there are some situations that require an attorney, especially if there were serious damages or personal injuries. Moreover, if you were not at fault in the accident, but the opposing insurance company is trying to blame you, getting a trustworthy, reputable car accident attorney can help you successfully fight for what you deserve.

If using an attorney, he or she will need all of the information of events. Remind your teen that if they are in an accident, they should remain calm and try to assess the situation as best as they can, making mental notes about the events.

Safety First
If the accident is severe enough that your teen cannot get out of the car, in this situation, it is best if they stay in the car, turn on their hazards, and call 911 for help. On the other hand, if the accident is a small fender bender or some other minor type accident, it is usually safer to move the car onto the shoulder of the road, if possible, and to get out of the car as soon as it is safe.

Even minor car accidents can cause injuries, including back injuries, neck injuries, deep bruises, and in some cases, internal injuries. If you or anyone in the car with you begins to feel poorly, do not hesitate to call 911 and ask for assistance. Many people assume they are fine after a car crash but are actually suffering from a concussion or some other form of trauma. To ensure the safety of your teen and the passengers, make sure they seek help immediately if they feel it necessary.

When it comes to an accident, it is important to exchange information with the other parties involved, including insurance, registration, license plate numbers, and the make and model of the car. If possible, take pictures of the damages on your car and the damages of the other party’s car. Many other drivers may try to take advantage of your teen driver by claiming your teen was at fault or by claiming the injuries and car damage was worse than it actually was. If your teen has all of the information, it is much easier to prove that they are lying.

Moreover, the more information your teen has, the easier it is for the insurance companies to make their assessments, reimbursing you for any car damages, injuries, and other payments.

One of the most difficult accident situations is if your teen is involved in a hit-and-run. In this event, it can be extremely challenging to find the other party involved. If there were no other witnesses, in many cases, there is no way for the police or insurance agency to find who else was involved in the crash. However, if your teen is able to recall any information detailing the hit-and-run vehicle, such as the license plate or partial license plate, make and model, etc., the police may be able to track down the owner.

By teaching your teen to stay alert in all situations, they can be properly prepared on how to handle a car accident if they should ever be involved in a collision.

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Cracked Windshield? Why You Should Get It Repaired Immediately

By tinahamilton

Have a crack on your windshield? You figure it’s too small for anyone to notice and live it there. However, when there is damage to your windshield, large or small, it is vital that you get windshield repair as soon as possible. Here’s why:

• Cracks on windshields spread easily

If it started out as a small crack that was barely noticeable, it isn’t going to stay that way for long. Cracks spread. They do so quite quickly and without the need for encouragement. If you don’t get that teeny tiny crack repaired as soon as possible, it will spread and you may have to replace your entire windshield. Save the time and money by getting it repaired as soon as possible.

• They hinder your vision

You need to be able to clearly see the road and your environment when driving. Any obstructions to your vision can result in a serious accident. Cracks can easily obstruct or even completely block your vision while driving. This greatly impairs your own safety as well as that of your passengers and other road users as pointed out in this study. You may end up in an accident that could have been easily avoided and have to replace more than your windshield. Again, save your time and money by getting the windshield repaired immediately.

• Legal woes

If you’ve never had a ticket in your life, then this is your chance to get on the wrong side of the law. The National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) is responsible for announcing laws and regulations to enhance safety on the roads. Because of the risks associated with damaged windshields, it is considered illegal to drive around while your windshield is damaged. If you get spotted by law enforcement officers, you’re likely to be charged with a penalty and will have to pay a fine and still get your windshield fixed.

• You’re losing structural support

Windshields aren’t just important for acting as windbreakers and ensuring better vision while driving, they also offer support to the structure of the vehicle. They are part of the structure that holds up the roof of your car. Damaged windshields are weak. If you happen to place a heavy load on the rooftop rack of your car, you may risk a cave in and an even bigger windshield problem.

Windshields also offer secondary support to the car’s airbags. Windshields play an important role in supporting the airbags once they have been released. A damaged windshield may result in the airbags not being deployed when they are needed. That would be a tragedy.

Hopefully, these points have made you realize just how important windshield repair is. In this digital age, it’s quite easy to find an Arizona windshield repair company. You only need to search the internet. You’ll find companies near you and those that provide 24 hour support. You can compare prices and read reviews about the companies if you’re not sure.

Don’t wait to get pulled over or to have an accident. Don’t wait for the damage to become even worse. Get it while it’s still manageable and save time and money repairing your windshield.

Auto Insurance: What You Should Know

By tinahamilton

Over the past few years, car insurance rates have steadily increased. As a result, many car owners and renters are settling with the lowest insurance deals possible without considering the consequences. Why it may seem like a great idea at the time, paying less on your auto insurance can potentially come with a plethora of problems. With this in mind, it’s imperative to weigh your options, endure in consumer savvy behavior and consult with an auto insurance professional before making any decision official.

Ultimately, there is no excuse for investing in a poor auto insurance decision; with countless resources at your disposal to compare rates, acquire peer testimonials and learn about different coverage plans, buying car insurance without becoming educated in your investment should no longer an alternative. Providers like Progressive auto insurancemay have options that are better suited to your lifestyle and financial situation, so don’t just settle for the first insurance deal that you run in to.

Here’s are the top things to consider when purchasing car insurance:

1.) Begin with the ACTUAL car. Depending on the make and model of your car will significantly effect what you’re premium rates are set at. Typically, the newer, more expensive the car, the higher the premium; additionally, the higher value your car is on theblack market will also effect the monthly premium rate—being as though you’re more vulnerable to needing car insurance in the event of a stolen vehicle.

Ultimately, if paying higher on a monthly basis for your premium costs will constitute a financial burden, you may want to opt for a car that is less expensive.

2.) Make sure credit score is in order. Many insurers will use your current credit score to calculate where to set your monthly premium. The worse your credit is (e.g., overdue bills, personal bankruptcy) the higher likelihood you will be paying more for your insurance.

3.) Consult with an auto insurance agent. Once you’ve gathered enough information on the possible ‘insurance’ candidates, make sure to talk with a company representative from each service to help guide and/or narrow down the insurance that best suits you.

4.) Consider forgoing your coverage. If perhaps you drive an old car that is to little or no value, there may be no point in paying for coverage costs. However, make sure you’re still paying for liability insurance as it is usually illegal to drive without it depending on what state you reside in.

5.) Negotiate for possible discounts. Remember that old saying, “You never know until you ask.”

Well, there may be no better situation to apply that quote than with your auto insurance. Every driver is different, so what may apply to one driver may not apply to you. Specific circumstances such as how far you commute, if you’re a student, if you’re a student with good grades, the weather conditions, how often you drive your car, work(ed) in the military, retired, etc., may all effect the possible opportunity to receive a discount.


Easy Ways To Lower Your Risk Of An Accident On A Motorcycle

By tinahamilton

Let’s be real: Motorcycles are damn cool, but simply not as safe as its four-wheeled counterpart.

Sure, the notion of danger is also an alluring aspect about being a motorcyclists—but may be it doesn’t have to be.

That’s because with a few smart decisions and proper preparation, your risk of enduring an accident can be dramatically affected. After all, why does such an invigoratingly fun, thrilling and arguably therapeutic way of transportation have to be an exercise in cheating death?

For safety tips regarding motorcycles, take a look at the simple suggestions below:

1.) Fine-tune your riding skills

Many states require that you complete a motorcycle safety course when you first receive your motorcycle license. If perhaps you reside in a state that does not require such a class, strongly consider attending a non-mandatory safety course. This will help to give you a better grasp of how to properly maintain control of your hog during specific situations and conditions. If you’re new to the two-wheel lifestyle, hit the web today and begin researching places where you can get a comprehensive education on motorcycle safety.

2.) Purchase the right gear

We’ve all seen them, you know, the motorcyclists wearing shorts, a tank top and flip-flops. To put it nicely, consider these individuals as knuckleheads with no regard of for their wellbeing.

Get serious during gear shopping. Invest in durable, high quality clothing that acts as shield and way to look extra badass. Heavy-duty leather jackets, full-face helmets, Kevlar jeans, gloves, boots, etc. should all be apart of your “hog riding” wardrobe.

3.) Don’t cash a check your tush can’t cash…

In other words, don’t invest in a motorcycle that’s well beyond your skill set. If you are new to the motor world, you may find yourself to learn that each motorcycle is manufactured to a specific skill level. With this in mind, make sure to consult with professional and properly/carefully test-drive the motorcycle you’re thinking about purchasing.

4.) Don’t get distracted!

Especially when you’re on a motorcycle, it’s imperative that your focus remains on the road at ALL times. And if you thought driving while distracting in the car was dangerous, well, consider texting while driving a motorcycle one of the most foolish situations you could put yourself in.

But besides messing around with your personal electronics, riding a motorcycle requires you to be hypersensitive due to the simple fact that you’re at a higher risk of enduring an accident versus driving a car. Between not having a seat belt, having less peripheral vision (due to wearing a helmet), being a smaller ‘on-the-road’ focus concerning other drivers, having less balance (versus four-wheeled automobile) and being more vulnerable to weather and road condition—you better make sure that your mind remain on the road at all times.

5.) Be wary of potential hazardous weather conditions

When you drive a motorcycle, you better become an expert in meteorology. With only two wheels supporting you, slippery road conditions (especially after rainfall hasn’t occurred in some time due to stagnate oil and debris build up), keeping a close eye on the weather is an essential step in being motorcycle-savvy.


The Best Ways to Protect a Car from Damage

By tinahamilton

A car is a big investment for many people, whether it is a used car meant just for commuting to work and back or a classic sports car that’s barely driven. Because it is such a valuable asset, everyone wants to do whatever they can to make sure their car stays in mint condition.

There are a lot of things that people can do to protect their car. Additionally, there are a lot of different ways that a car can be damaged. Here are some of the best ways to protect a car from damage to keep car owners prepared.

Get some great insurance

Great car insurance is the first defense any car owner has against damage. The General auto insurance and similar providers can help any car owner deal with any damages as they happen and prevent those costs from ever coming out of the owner’s pocket. This is an essential first step for any car owner.

Change the oil regularly

Changing the oil may sound like a simple car maintenance task, but changing the oil regularly and on time can make a big difference in the life of the car. Good oil can help prevent a lot of issues with the engine and keep the car running smoothly longer. Anyone can easily do this on their own to maintain the perfect vehicle.

Give it a cosmetic touch up

Cosmetic maintenance, again, may sound like a non-essential task to worry about, especially when taking about potential damage to the car. However, some cosmetic treatments can help the car stay in good condition. For example, waxing the car can help prevent rusting and water spots. Waxing, also, is another simple task that car owners can do themselves.

Reduce the chance of a break-in

Break-ins are one of the most common causes of damage to any vehicle. People need to be aware of what potential thieves are looking for in a car and what they can do to avoid becoming a target. Some common ideas are avoiding leaving valuables in plain sight inside the car, keeping doors locked, windows shut, and installing an alarm system.

Keep it clean inside and out

Cleaning the car not only makes it more comfortable to ride in and more pleasurable to look at, but it also can help protect the car from common damages. Cleaning the interior can help keep the seating and flooring in good condition without stains or tears. Additionally, cleaning the outside can help prevent rust and other damage from common items on the road, like salt. This, again, is another simple task that is too easy for any car owner to ignore.

Find an ideal storage option

Storage options are one of the most common struggles that people find when maintaining their car. Many people do not have a garage or other enclosed space to keep their car in, which can expose the car to all the natural elements throughout the day and night. Using a cover or finding a shaded area is the next best option.
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Top 7 Upgrades for Your Driving Machine

By tinahamilton

When it comes to your car, there are so many fancy add-ons and upgrades to play with it can be hard to figure out where to start. This list of seven superior upgrades will show you what features really matter when it comes to enhancing your ride.

1. Super Suspension
One of the top ways to improve your car’s performance starts with upgrading the suspension. The right suspension helps a car handle better during turns and maximizes the quality and comfort of the ride. Suspension can also adjust the height of the car, so there is even room to play with the overall appearance of your automobile.

2. Turn Up the Speakers
Perhaps one of the most popular upgrades is the sound system. When cruising down the highway, there is nothing better than cranking the stereo to your favorite song. While it is not uncommon to pull out the factory system and install a totally new set, there are some surprisingly great ways to upgrade without buying a replacement. New amplifier components can improve sound in an existing system. You can also place a new subwoofer in the rear of the vehicle. New components can fit into the factory wiring to produce a custom sound without destroying your car’s dash.

3. Switch Your Seats
An upgrade that you might not think of first is finding new seats. Factory seats are designed for the majority. There are plenty of awesome aftermarket seats available. Choosing the right seat can dramatically improve cabin comfort, offering better support for your drive.

4. Optimize Your Brakes
For drivers with performance at the forefront, stainless steel brake lines are a fantastic investment. With quicker response times, stainless steel brakes increase the response times and minimize the possibility of a ruptured line due to excessive hard braking. And add high temperature brake pads to ensure safety and precision. Though a more expensive upgrade, improving the brake system might be one of the most important improvements for serious drivers.

5. Exhaust
Upgrading the exhaust can improve overall engine flow and increase fuel economy. And a fancy chrome exhaust pipe can boost the machine’s performance. You can switch out the entire exhaust system or change just the muffler or headers to “gain some growlout of your exhaust system.” According to, these are all great ways to increase flow and free up more horsepower. Installing a new exhaust will also advance the sound of your car.

6. Wider Tires
According to Popular Mechanics, widening your wheels and tires can take your car to new levels of road-holding, turn-in precision and braking. The best way to maximize your automobile’s handling ability is by upping the size of the wheels and tires. Sometimes this is called “plus-sizing.” This means, “proportionally reducing sidewall height, increasing wheel diameter and increasing width to ensure your wider tires keep the same diameter.” You might want to talk to a tire dealer or even go to a body shop to help select the perfect size.

7. Springs and Shocks
A must for enhancing contact with the road is an upgrade to high-performance shocks, springs and coil-over springs. These will help your car hug the road even over bumps and at higher speeds.

With these super upgrades, you can take your car from average to a performance model driving machine.

5 Awesome Gifts for Car Lovers

By tinahamilton

There are always those people who are so difficult to buy for on everyone’s holiday gift list. These are the people that everyone struggles over and usually just ends up getting a gift card because they do not know what else to get. Though there is nothing wrong with a gift card, it is a gift that says ‘I had no idea what to get you’.

Everyone should try to give gifts that are a little more thoughtful.
People obsessed with cars are often on the list of hard to buy for people. They often want things that are much too expensive for anyone to buy and they are also very picky about what they want when it comes to their cars. However, there are some ways that even people with zero car knowledge can manage to get these people a great gift that they will love. Here are five awesome gifts for any car lover.

Collectible scale models

Though people might not be able to buy a real new car for their car lover friends and family, they can give them the next best thing. A scale model of a car they love can be the perfect gift and a great memento. These models can range widely in price, so shoppers can pick the one that works best for their car lover and their budget.

Driving gloves

Every driver who wants to drive in style needs a great pair of gloves. These are a luxury item that most people would not buy for themselves. Additionally, anyone can find a great, quality pair of gloves for a low price. Driving gloves can be the perfect gift for any car enthusiast.

A tool box

This is a great gift for anyone who likes to do their own work on their cars. A typical garage of a car lover can get a little messy, so a method for organization can be just the thing they need. Car people love to arrange the perfect system in their garage to give their cars the best home possible.

Some detailing work

Detailing is a very sensitive area for many people who love their cars. Most car lovers want to spend the big bucks on these services, but often they cannot or choose not to make that big of a purchase. Gift givers can give them some high-end Carlsbad auto detailing to give their car the five-star treatment.

Car care products

This is a perfect gift for people who love to show off their cars. Many of the car obsessed will spend hours waxing and shining to make their cars look perfect. A great gift for them would be some quality car cleaning products. Givers can even try to give them a new eco-friendly brand to stretch their boundaries a little bit, or stick to a classic car care brand that they already know and love. This is a great gift that every car owner will use and appreciate.
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What to Do If Charged with a DWI

By tinahamilton

After getting charged with a DWI, it can be difficult to determine your next course of action. While hiring a Houston DWI lawyer, or any DWI or DUI lawyer in your area has its benefits, for they are familiar with the court system, know what plea deals you are eligible for, and have the ability to navigate the complex judicial system, it can still be helpful to have a bit of prior knowledge about how to proceed.

If charged with a DWI or DUI, here are a few tips as to what your next step should be:

1. Should You Plead Guilty?

Pleading guilty can depend upon how many DWI’s you have been charged with. If it is your first offense, pleading guilty might be a wise choice, especially if there is certainly you would be convicted (i.e., your blood alcohol level was higher than .11 or there arresting officer testifying that you were driving erratically). However, before deciding to plead guilty, it is highly important you understand the DWI/DUI laws for your state. If there is any confusion, speaking with an attorney can help you understand your options.

If this is your first offense, keep in mind that if your blood alcohol level was between .08 and .11, there is the chance an attorney can plea-bargain your case. Also, typically with non-injury first offenses, judges often have a routine sentence that rarely differs from one case to another.

2. Sentence Bargaining

Many states also have something called sentence bargaining, which is useful if the conviction includes jail time. For multiple DWI or DUI offenders, this tool is critical, for you may be more willing to plead guilty if you are aware of how long your next sentence will be. Like the title suggests, you can bargain with the opposing attorney over the terms of your sentence in exchange for pleading guilty.

Likewise, the same is true with an aggravated DWI (a case where your blood alcohol level was .15 or an injury or death resulted). With these types of cases, it would be wise not to plead guilty until your sentence was determined, and it would be recommended you hire an attorney for this serious case.

3. Second Offenders

If this is your second offense (or more), hiring an attorney should be your first course of action. As you will most likely be tried in court, it is imperative you have an attorney on your side.

4. Who to Hire

When it comes to an attorney, it is important to find one who specializes in DWI’s and DUI’s. In order for him or her to represent your case and offer you the best legal representation, they should be well informed of the DWI or DUI laws. Most attorneys will be willing to schedule a free consultation where they can review your case and you can determine if they are the right fit for you.

If you are charged with a DWI/DUI, use these tips to determine how best to proceed.

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5 Tricks for Keeping a Car in Brand New Condition

By tinahamilton

No matter if the car way bought new or used, everyone wants to keep their car in the best condition possible. Making extra efforts to keep a car in mint condition keeps the resale value high and allows the driver to use the car for much longer. This is not even mentioning how great the car will look years from now with this kind of care.

There are a lot of things that car owners can do to protect their cars without obsessing over them all day, every day. Car owners can utilize a few simple tricks to maintain a car that they can be proud of for years to come. These are simple things that every car owner should consider doing to get the most miles from their car. Here are five tricks for keeping a car in brand new condition.

Do not skip the regularly scheduled maintenance

Cars have scheduled maintenance dates for a reason. The manufacturer knows that needs to be done and when in order to keep the car in the best condition, which is why they request those maintenance dates. Car owners should take their car to an authorized repair shop for these checkups on time to keep their car in its best condition.

Do at home checks regularly

Car owners can do a lot on their own in between regularly scheduled maintenance as well to keep their car in great condition. Car owners can perform regular checks on their cars to ensure that nothing has changed since the day the car was driven off the dealer’s lot. This includes checking the oil and listening for new sounds when the car is running.

Protect the car with good coverage

The best way to ensure that a car will be in good condition no matter what happens is to get really good car insurance. With good car insurance, the car will be able to be easily repaired if the driver ever gets into an accident. Car owners can compare auto insurance rates to get the best price for their car.

Defend the car from the elements

There are a lot of weather elements that can damage a car. From snow and ice in winter to extreme heat and dust in summer, car owners should be careful to prepare their car against any elements. Car owners can do this by storing their car indoors and having a survival kit inside their car for emergencies.

Practice safe driving always

Safe driving is the next best way for car owners to protect their car from any issues that may damage it. Car owners should always drive cautiously and carefully in order to keep their cars in the best condition possible. This ranges from avoiding using a cell phone while driving to steering away from pot holes in the street. These little things may seem like they do not make a big difference in the condition of the car, but those who practice safe driving get to drive their cars for many more miles than those who do not.

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Building the Best Garage for Your Car

By tinahamilton

It is obvious that your car is one of your most prized possessions. Like anything else that you treasure, you will want to have the best space possible for it. A space that will not only keep your car safe, but also protect its condition and allow you to work on it to improve it as needed.

However, creating a space like this is not always easy, especially if you run into speed bumps like cost and space limitations. But with the right tools, anyone can create the perfect garage no matter the limitations. Here are some tips and tricks to help you build your best garage for your car.

Get creative with storage

Storage can be a big issue in your garage. You need space for your car of course, but you also want separate space for your tools and equipment that you use for your car. Many people have found really great ways to install shelving along the walls and even on the ceiling of their garages to create organized spaces for all the other things that go in your garage with your car. Most of these shelving units can be installed by you easily and inexpensively.
Include all the essentials

It is important to figure out what you think is essential to have in your garage. Most people will settle on the same things: fridge, tools, shop vacuum, etc., but if you are looking to make your garage a luxury spot for your car. Consider things like installation and heated floors if you are in a cold weather climate, or air conditioning if you are in a hot weather climate. Many people are also adding on mini car washes to their garages for the ultimate luxurious feel. If you decide something is essential, but you don’t have all the available funds for it at the moment, consider a site like TitleMax.comto get you the money you need.

Think about power

Power is always essential for your car. Think about the ways that you are going to preserve and create power in your garage. Having a separate circuit for charging and powering all the things you need in your garage is a good idea to have a reliable and efficient source of power. It is also a good idea, again, to insulate your garage, so that warming up or cooling off your car is easier and faster, not to mention making the time you spend in your garage more comfortable.

Make it more relaxing

A garage is the new best place to create the ultimate man cave. You can build a space that you will never want to leave. Include couches, a TV with surround sound, a bar and whatever else you love to enjoy most when you are relaxing. All the while you spend time in your garage, you can enjoy the car that you have worked so hard to preserve and improve in the perfect garage space that you created.


Getting Extra Money for Your Car Upgrades

By tinahamilton

Sometimes it’s an old car that you need to fix up just to get it running again. Other times it’s a new car that you need to give some personality and individuality. No matter what the scenario is, car improvements can be expensive and finding the extra cash to get it done can be difficult to say the least.

Don’t lose hope yet, because there are a few things you can do to get extra cash for your car update. Being creative and exhausting some different options will help you get the car you always wanted while staying within your budget. Here are a few ways to find extra money for your car upgrades.

Improve your car’s function

Cosmetic improvements are always a great addition, but you might want to consider something a little more practical if you want to save money. Improving your car’s function is one way to make your investment worth the cost over time.

Think about improvements that increase the resale value of your car. These will help you save money on future repair costs and keep your car running longer. If you still want your car to stand out cosmetically, you can try combining the two ideas. An example would be adding new suspension in a bright color to pop underneath your car.

Check car forums for great used parts

Especially today with the addition of social media, there are vast amounts of good car forums in every part of the world where you can find great new ideas, parts and advice on all things cars. Do a quick search and find forums that have users located close to you and buy parts, make trades and learn some new tricks to make your car fantastic.

Social media is also a house for these types of interest groups. Search your preferred site and follow [url]forums in your niche[/url] to get news and other information about cars. You can easily then contact other members and communicate via social media to make trades and create a new base of networking.

Make changes that will lower your car insurance

As a continuation of the first point, you can actually earn the money back that you spend on your car upgrades by lowering your car insurance. Check with your provider to understand what is raising the price of your car insurance and what improvements you can make to your car to lower your monthly payments. Most options will probably involve making the car safer, like upgrading your airbags or installing a security alarm system.

Take out a small loan

If you have a big project that you want to tackle with your car and the spare change from your cup holders is not enough to make the difference, you can take out a small, easily repayable loan. Check out sites like that will actually let you use your car as collateral to get the money you need now. You might have to reduce the amount of gas you burn each month to make the payments, but your new and improved car will thank you for it.

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Keeping Your Car Safe Wherever You May Park

By tinahamilton

Car theft, vandalism and damage are real and apparent dangers in any city. Some cities across America have even seen rising levels in the number of car theft cases annually. Thieves will find any excuse or other reason to make the choice to break into your car, and it only takes a second. Even if you will only be leaving your car for a few short minutes, it only takes a thief a few seconds to break in, steal what they want and take off without you seeing anything but your newly damaged or even missing car.

Fortunately, there are some easy precautionary measures that you can take to make sure your car is safe, wherever you leave it. Here are a few ideas for keeping your car safe at home and in parking lots, garages and ramps.

Car safety at home

You chose a safe neighborhood to live in with trustworthy neighbors, so you think that you do not need to worry about your car when you are at home. The truth is that burglars choose those kinds of neighborhoods because the residents tend to have more money and they let their guard don more easily.

The best way to keep your car safe at all times while you are at home is to park it in the garage and invest in a good home security alarm system, like ADT home alarms. This is not only the best idea to keep your home safe, but also to alert you if someone tries to break into your car. You can even install cameras outside your home to watch your car outside your garage.

A neighborhood watch program is also a smart idea to keep your entire area safe from car theft. Organize a group to do patrols during various times of the day and help each other out. If you see suspicious activity outside a neighbor’s home, you can call the police and alert your neighbor before the incident even happens, and vice versa. Request that the police do a patrol too for extra precaution.

Car safety in a parking lot/garage/ramp

We all have to park in lots, ramps or garages in public on a regular basis. Whether we are going to work or to the grocery store, we have to leave our cars exposed daily to do almost anything outside of our homes. There are a few measures to can take to make sure your car does not become a target.

Never leave a set of keys outside of your car. Many people leave a spare in the gas cap or other hidden, but still easily accessible area in case of emergency. Unfortunately, burglars have caught on to this and will look in these places for a chance to get into your car. Keep you spare set with you instead.

Never leave valuables in plain view inside your car. Take with you or hide away all cell phones, media players, and stereo systems. If you cannot hide it well, like a stereo system, create a dashboard cover to conceal it the best you can.


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Four Unexpected Ways to Use Your Car

By tinahamilton

Most people spend a large chunk of their day in the car. Commuting to work or chauffeuring kids from soccer practice to dance lessons, driving takes a lot of time. So why not turn your car into a place where you actually want to hang out? Here are four unusual ways to use your vehicle both on and off the road.

1. SUV Camper

For light travelers who love the outdoors but don’t want to haul a trailer, use your SUV as a camper. Some vehicles come with pop-up camper shells. Others can be converted with some rudimentary materials. Popping out the back seats and converting a platform bed, is all you need to enjoy campgrounds across the country.

National Geographic Young Explorers, Annie Agonne and Kevin Weidner flipped their Honda CRV into a tiny camper by constructing a back seat bed with storage underneath. Using plywood, a tarp and two-by-fours, they built this great backseat bed to travel with, using it to spend the night at trailheads, on mountaintops and even in Walmart parking lots. Agonne and Weidner spent three months traveling 15,000 miles through 31 states in their cost-effective car-bed.

2. Entertainment on the Road

Whether it is going to an old fashioned drive-in movie or simply cranking up the stereo for a sing-along or steering wheel jam session, cars are often where people enjoy their media. Bluetooth accessories can help you remain hands free while using your cell phone to make calls. Mobile Internet can connect your tablet or other device to the web, letting kids in the backseat stream music or drivers navigate better and listen to streamed music. With mobile technology at an all time high, it has never been easier to turn your car into a total entertainment center. The only problem might be keeping your focus on the road.

3. Collateral

Many people are unaware that a vehicle can also serve as a powerful asset in a financial pinch. Lending companies like offer short term loans using your car title as collateral. In an emergency situation, your vehicle can come through to help you borrow extra cash.

4. Portable Jacuzzi

Affectionately referred to as the “redneck hot tub,” transforming the bed of a pick up into a Jacuzzi is a totally awesome way to trick out your truck. This DIY hot tub is pretty easy to outfit in the bed of any sized pick up. Use a sturdy plastic tarp without any rips, tears or holes and stretch it in the truck bed with sufficient extra material overhanging. Then take duct tape to secure the liner and make things completely leak proof.

All you have to do after this is make sure you are parked near a garden hose. Larger trucks can hold as much as 300 gallons of water, so it could take a while to fill up the tub. While you are waiting, you can take another hose and fasten it to the tailpipe of the truck. The hose can then transfer hot exhaust into the tank to provide warmth and bubbles. Just make sure you’re outside in a well-ventilated area.

With these great ideas you can get the most out of your vehicle.


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Miles Of Music: The Top 10 Road Songs

By tinahamilton

Like singers and songwriters, cars have a story to tell. Whether it’s the story of finding freedom for the first time behind the wheel, or a crazy road trip across the country, people forge memories with their cars.

Because of the memories both cars and music inspire, there is no greater marriage than the one between the music and auto industry. Whether it’s a song about a car, a song about a road trip, or a song that reminds someone of memory in their car, music and cars will forever be associated.

Whether you’re a teen saving for your first car, or an adult looking to remodel a classic car with help from TitleMax, start planning your road trip by adding these road-worthy songs to your playlist:

1. “Drive” by The Cars

The third single from the band’s Heartbeat City album, this song was one of their biggest hits. Full of electronic synth, this song embodies the heart and soul of the eighties. A melancholy ballad that reflects the obvious lyrical heartache, this song is perfect a night drive.

2. “Boys of Summer” by Don Henley

Road trips go hand in hand with summer, and this song is full of a summer love heartache most people have experienced at one time or another. Full of classic melodies and emotional lyrics, this song deserves a prime seat in every road trip playlist.

3. “Beat City” by The Flowerpot Men

Completely underrated and forgotten, every [url]Ferris Bueller[/url]fan knows this song deserves to be listened to while cruising the road at a top speed. Just like Ferris, Cameron, and Sloan, this song makes every person feel as if they ditched their responsibilities in favor of an unforgettable day of hooky.

4. “409” by The Beach Boys

Most any Beach Boys song deserves a space on the road trip mix, but their classic tune “409” represents the feeling every first time driver felt when cruising the streets with their friends for the first time.

5. “Drive My Car” by The Beatles

Heavy on the bass and filled with metaphorical undertones, “Drive My Car” symbolizes just how powerful and attractive cars are.

6. “Nightcall” by Kavinsky

Thanks to Drive, Kavinksy’s song allows each person behind the wheel imagine they are dangerously navigating the highway in a getaway car.

7. “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” by The Band

Though the song reflects American Civil War themes, the song cannot be ignored as a classic road tune. Sad and haunting, Levon Helm’s lilting voice is fit for a pensive night drive through empty streets.

8. “Mustang Sally” by Wilson Pickett

Raw with Pickett’s gravelly voice, “Mustang Sally’s” easy sound is the pinnacle for easy street coasting.

9. “Route 66” by The Rolling Stones

Though Nat King Cole originally recorded this song, there is something about Mick Jagger’s voice that makes their cover the best for motoring down California through the old Route 66.

10. “American Pie” by Don Mclean

This poetic song, full of vague metaphors and cryptic lyrics, is speculative and provocative, which is what most road trips end up being as well.

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