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  • 01steeda started a blog post Finally done,.. ALMOST

    Finally done,.. ALMOST

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    Well we got all the goodies installed yesterday. finished up the 4 valve, vortech with 3.0 pulley and methanol injection kit, Aeromotive fuel sytem, battery relocated to the trunk and the gauges put in. made for a long 2 weeks. I could not have done it...
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  • 01steeda started a blog post Rebuild underway

    Rebuild underway

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    I should have some pic's up tonight, the motor is sitting ready to be plucked. everything has been disconnected (btw the headers are a BITCH!). time for a new crank, rod, 3.0 pulley for the Vortech and Methanol injection.
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  • 01steeda started a blog post another motor build

    another motor build

    after getting my car back with all the gremlins worked out I couldnt contain myself. I had my foot in it everytime I got an empty stretch of raod. learned my lesson.. check the blower belt frequently. It shredded, busting my oil feed to the blower which in...
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  • 01steeda started a blog post Steeda


    Steeda is an aftermarket tuner company that designs parts for the Mustang. It builds it's own "tuner" car similar to Saleen and roush/ It has 3 different models. from a basic package like mine was orignally to the Steeda Q400 SC 400 HP beast.
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