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1973-1979 Ford Flareside Truck Bed

Motortopia Staff January 03, 2024 Press Release

Pro’s Pick offers a truck bed kit for 1973 to 1979 Ford Flareside trucks! You can expect the same quality and build process they have used for over 20 years. By using satin coated steel, you can be assured the areas that cannot be painted such as inside the bed roll and stake pockets are protected from rust due to corrosion through moisture. The quality 16-gauge material means for a great starting point for those doing extensive custom work, like adding wheel tubs and other modifications. The bedsides, front panel, rear crossmember and center crossmembers that come in a basic bed kit are epoxy primed and ready for high build primer. In addition, the stake pockets are adhered with a 3M epoxy glue, unlike spot welding the result is a smooth finish with minimal body work required! These features and benefits mean that time to prep and paint verses an original bed can turn into significant cost savings. Assembly is also simple; bolt in the rear crossmember, weld-in or bolt-in the front panel and you’re ready to get the bed sitting right on the truck! Upgrade options include roll pan, light kits, smoothie tailgate, tonneau cover with electric lift, wheel tubs and more.

Basic Bed Kit $2080 Retail

toll free number 888-607-1115

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