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’30 Ford Five-Window Coupe “Grass Hopper”

BOB RYDER May 26, 2022 All Feature Vehicles

’30 Ford Five-Window Coupe

Jordan Quintal has been building hot rods, street rods, customs and lead sleds ever since he was a little kid working on plastic scale models. When he was 13, he graduated from models to working on full-scale cars at his uncle Wally’s body and paint shop. There he learned how to work with metal, using hammers, dollies and spoons, before moving on to experiencing body filler and sanding techniques. After conquering the body prep work, his uncle handed him a spray gun and he started applying primer, basecoat and clear. By the time he graduated high school he was an accomplished painter.

The grunt comes from a ’67 Pontiac GTO 400 ci machined and assembled by Gregg Scott Racing in El Cajon, CA, with all of the right stuff. It produces 560 hp at 5,000 rpm and a whole lot of neck-snapping torque. A set of Auto Tech/Race Tech aluminum pistons and SCAT connecting rods were bolted to the SCAT steel crankshaft. An Isky camshaft provides the rumpity-rump with racing valvetrain and Edelbrock Performance aluminum heads. A trick Ames aluminum tri-power intake manifold was set up with three custom aluminum carb spacers and three Rochester tri-power carburetors totaling 1,350 cfm. Jordan designed, bent and welded a pair of custom headers. A TKO five-speed manual transmission was beefed up with a double disc clutch to handle Jordan’s quick power shifts. The shifts are grabbed by a wild custom shifter that Jordan designed and fabricated himself. An aluminum driveshaft from Oceanside Driveline connects the power to the Dutchman third member.

Grasshopper’s foundation was constructed from a pair of boxed 4-inch tapered frame rails and cross members. The front suspension is a Super Bell dropped I-beam and a drilled axle supported by a custom transverse leaf spring developed by North County Spring. Spindles with friction-style shocks from Speedway dampen the leaf spring. The front suspension is anchored by a pair of Speedway Motors chrome hairpins with custom Super Rides tapered hairpin ends. Wilwood Brake rotors and dual piston calipers with a pair of Buick cast aluminum finned backing plates complete the custom front brake package. A pair of Astro Supreme 15 x 5 chrome wheels is wrapped in Coker Classic 165-15 tires. Lateral directional change comes from a quick-ratio Mullins steering box. Out back, Jordan designed and fabricated the 4-link and panhard bar suspension that secures the Dutchman housing stuffed with Dutchman 31-splined axles, 3.73 gears and a Pro Gear posi-unit. A pair of Alden shocks with 250-pound coil springs cushion those smokey burnouts Jordan is known for. A pair of Wilwood 10-inch rotors and dual-piston calipers are responsible for decelerating the rearend’s rotating mass. Instant traction comes from a pair of Mickey Thompson Radir Dragster piecrust-style 15 x 10-inch white wall cheater slicks that consume a pair of 15 x 10 Astro Supreme chrome wheels.
Jordan started his unique ’30 Ford five-window body mods with a 4-inch chop. The ’32 Ford grille shell and Dan Fink custom grille were also shortened 6 inches. A pair of larger ’34 commercial truck headlights flanks the grille. Jordan made a cool custom radiator overflow tank. The doors and jambs were reworked so that the doors fit flush with the body. Stock door handles allow for external access, while a pair of swan-neck side mirrors allow for peripheral rearview vision. A pair of classic ’40s 682-C headlight turn indicators was used as rear taillights. Remember that Jordan started out working at his uncle’s body shop when he was 13 years old, and he went on to become a master painter by the time he was 18. After a 30-year hiatus, he laid down the awesome color you see here. He started with painting everything base white, and then mixed a batch of House of Kolor Lime Time Green, added a little House of Kolor Pagan Gold Kandy concentrate with a pinch of Egyptian Gold pearl, and covered the white. Next he covered it with multiple coats of clear and had Pete “Hot Dog” Finlan lay down pinstriping and lettering. Finally, Jordan buried everything with six coats of clear. A grand total of 18 coats of color and clear consume this ’30 Ford five-window coupe.
A Super Rides custom-fabricated steel fuel tank fits neatly into the trunk and is secured by a chromed dimple-die X-mount bracket.

Jordan opened his body shop in 1975 when he was 24. In 2000, he decided to build complete custom cars and trucks for customers and opened Super Rides by Jordan in Escondido, California. Throughout the years, he’s become well-known in the industry as a master custom builder. Many of his masterpieces have received prestigious awards in the custom automotive world.

The reason Jordan wanted to build his ’30 Ford coupe was to showcase his talents as a craftsman and drive a bad-ass hot rod!

Opening the door exposes the fully custom interior. Please direct your eyes to the custom ’50 Ford dash that features a stock speedometer gauge cluster and clock. A custom Super Rides steering column was capped with a Budnik Flat Track Turn 4 four-spoke steering wheel that Jordan modified by adding a custom quick-disconnect hub for easier access. The rearview mirror is from Jordan’s close friend the late Boyd Coddington’s custom ’57 Chevy, Cheszoom. Armondo’s Custom Upholstery in San Jacinto, CA, was responsible for the black leather and stitch-work. Audio vibes come from an Alpine head unit powered by a 300-watt amplifier that blasts out of a pair of front 6 ½-inch diameter speakers and rear 6 x 9-inch speakers.


1930 Ford Five-Window Coupe

OWNER: Jordan Quintal

BUILDER: Jordan Quintal

FRAME: Super Rides custom 4-inch boxed tapered rails, 113-inch wheelbase.

FRONT SUSPENSION: Super Bell I-beam; drilled dropped axle spindles and hubs supported by a North County transverse leaf spring, dampened by a pair of Speedway Motors friction shocks; Speedway Motors hairpin radius rods with custom Super Rides bullet ends.

FRONT BRAKES: Wilwood dual-piston calipers and rotors with Pontiac aluminum finned backing plates.

STEERING: Mullins Vega quick-ratio steer box.

REAR SUSPENSION: Dutchman axle housing with Dutchman 31-splined axles, 3.73 gears set with Pro Gear posi-unit anchored by a Super Rides 4-link and panhard bar and dampened by a pair of Alden coil-over shocks with 250-pound springs.

REAR BRAKES: Wilwood four-piston calipers with 10-inch rotors.

WHEELS: Front: Astro Supreme chrome 15 x 5; rear: Astro Supreme chrome 15 x 10.

TIRES: Front: Coker Classic 165 x 15; rear: Mickey Thompson Radir Dragster white wall cheater slicks 10 x 15.

ENGINE: ’67 Pontiac GTO 400-ci machined to 462-ci and assembled by Gregg Scott Racing Engines; Edelbrock Performance aluminum cylinder heads with Mooneyes finned valve covers and breathers; Ames aluminum tri-power intake manifold; custom-made aluminum carburetor spacers with three Rochester tri-power carburetors 1,350-cfm; SCAT steel crankshaft and connecting rods; RaceTech aluminum pistons with an Isky camshaft; custom Super Rides 1 ¾-diameter headers fitted with custom Super Rides heat shield; Electrical charge is produced with a Denso 130-amp alternator; Ron Davis aluminum radiator.

TRANSMISSION: TKO-600 five-speed manual with McLoad dual-disc pressure plate hooked up to an Oceanside Driveline driveshaft.

BODY MODS: Roof 4-inch chop; doors close flush; beltline continues all the way around body and cowl; ’32 Ford radiator shell and Dan Fink grille shortened 6 inches; ’34 commercial truck headlights; taillights from a ’40s OTB headlight turn indicator conformed to rear of body; too many more to list.

PAINT: House of Kolor White basecoat, Lime Time pearl, Pagan Gold concentrate, Egyptian Gold pearl and clear sprayed by Jordan Quintal; pinstriping and lettering by Pete “Hot Dog” Finlan.

INTERIOR: Custom ’50 Ford dash with refurbished speedo/gauges. Armondo’s Custom Upholstery, San Jacinto, CA, leather work, seats, door panels, headliner and carpet; Jordan’s custom steering column and steering wheel quick-release for the Budnik Flat Track four-spoke steering wheel; Super Rides custom detailed items, matching, fabricated and drilled pedal assembly; longneck shifter and chrome-plated window trim; Alpine CDE-1368T head unit with Pandora internet radio, 300-watt amp pair of 6-inch front and 6 x 9-inch rear speakers.


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