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PodCast Spotlight. Lowest Common Denominator Podcast “LCD”

Adam Johnson October 22, 2021 Events

Straight from the hills and hollers of eastern Kentucky!!  Sit down and listen to LMC and Shay share old stories from back in the days of Pigeon Forge “Mini Nats” to current shows today and everything in between. Here is the Q&A  we had with Lee Caudill

LC: We are honored that you took the time to reach out to us and actually care about these answers. Thank you so much!

 ST:  Tell us about you and your co-host if you have someone on the mic with you?

 LC:  Once upon a time (during the pandemic), a couple of mini-truckin’ hillbillies decided to get together in an office and make each other laugh by telling old stories. One guy’s name is LMC, he’s a jerk. The other guy is Shay. He likes cult stuff. Both are former show promoters in Kentucky. Between us, we have been around the scene a very long time. Plus, to get the full experience, you gotta catch episodes with the JV team, Farva and Jeremy. Wouldn’t be the same without them – they’re as big a part of the show as anyone could be. 


ST:  Do you and your co-host have custom vehicles?

 LC:  A bodied Sonoma in a million pieces counts, right? LMC has the Shop Killer Sonoma – complete with a dirt track motor and stock s10 dash- and Shay has a rolling subwoofer enclosure in the form of a new body Ranger on big shiny wheels known as Perseverence.


ST: Give us the overview of your custom vehicles.

LC:  Overview? In a million pieces. Both of them. We are successful at Minitruckin’


ST: Give us an overview of the podcast.

 LC:  What are the best parts of shows? Yeah, we get it – we all like the trucks. But what about hanging out in a parking lot afterwards, sitting around on the tailgate, cutting on your friends and catching up with those you haven’t seen in forever? Telling old stories, reminiscing about days gone by and planning for the future in outlandish fashion. Plus likely offending a random passer by or three. That’s something we all have in common- that’s the Lowest Common Denominator.



 ST: What platforms can we find your podcast?

 LC:  All of them. Well. Maybe not iHeart. We haven’t checked. Probably not on pornhub either. We hope.



 ST: What is the frequency of your podcast?

 LC:  Whenever we get bored! 



 ST: What made you or your cohost start this podcast?

 LC:  See above. We got bored!



 ST: What were some of the struggles you had in the beginning?

 LC:  Reaching eight and a half listeners. 




ST: What were some of the wins you had that you knew it was going to work?

 LC: When we got to eight and a half listeners. 



 ST: I know you love all your podcast, but do you have a couple must listen to


 LC:  They’re like our kids, they’re all different and very special to us. There is no formula for what we do – we never plan anything in advance, so whatever comes across is “us”, totally real time and we try to never edit if possible. Sometimes that makes for a disaster, but sometimes you get some very real content that you might not otherwise ever hear. If we have to have our feet held to the fire, we could pick a couple for you to get started on. The “Everybody hates Jeffrey Dillard” episode is good. “The Real Story of Lowered Influencez” is a must. The Mike Murray episode, the David Withrow Episode, even the “Story Time with Uncle Doug” episode – which is NOT Minitruck related technically but gives a little different view of Appalachian culture. We are proud of that one. Heck, just listen from Dillard on – they get more better as you go!




 ST: Do you sell merchandise and at what point did you decide to try and sell merchandise?

 LC:  Selling merchandise is just an excuse to meet our eight and a half listeners! If you come up and BS with us at a show, and tell us that you listen, and complain about when we used to censor the cussing with farm animal noises, then we consider that a win! 




ST: Where can we buy this merchandise?

 LC:  At shows. Shay says that you can buy it online, but we’re terrible at that too. So don’t listen to him.




ST: What advise you would give to anyone wanting to start a podcast.

 LC: Enjoy it. That’s it. Don’t ever let it get to where it’s no longer fun. If it’s not fun, don’t do it. Life is too short to do something else that feels like a job. Oh, Shay says some good wholesome cult stuff never hurts either. 




ST: What do you think about the current and future state of the industry?

 LC:  We prefer “scene”. Industry sounds way too serious for us! The scene is still amazing. Through its ups and downs, there’s nothing else we would prefer to be involved in. The people, the trucks, the shows, the stories, the road trips. It only feels like the real world if you let it. You have to have an escape, and this – along with LCD – is ours!





ST: Thank you for the interview and do you have any last parting words for our


LC: Every day, we are reminded of how proud we are to be mini truckers. Every time we trick a new listener into joining the 8.5, you are doing us the greatest honor by playing along . Shows like us don’t exist without you; every time you giggle at one of our stories or send us a message telling us that something we said made you smile, then we’ve won. There are very few pleasures greater than that. For those that listen – we are so sorry! Thank you for allowing us to share our virtual front porch with you and to listen to our old parking lot stories … straight from the hills and hollers of eastern Kentucky!!


Facebook :

Instagram : LCDPodcast


Twitter: @lcdthepodcast



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