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48th ANTIQUE NATIONALS: Drag Race and Car Show Fontana Dragway CALIFORNIA

Roger Rohrdanz March 17, 2023 Events

The Antique Nationals is the original nostalgia drag race.  The drag race cars must be older than 1959 and the Show-And-Shine cars must be 1974 or earlier.  

The 48th edition was hosted by the Forever Four Cylinder Club and held at the Auto Club Dragway, Fontana on May 12, 2018.

The weather was cool and very cloudy, misting delayed the start by about an hour.

Don Richardson “Heats up the hides” on his sharp ’38 Chevy sedan delivery

This cool ’38 Chevy 2 door sedan is “lookin’ up”

This may be the largest single-day drag racing event for antique cars in the country.  Many of the 120+ vehicles are shown only at this annual event.

The Show-And-Shine area was full of fine-looking vintage rods.  The pits were packed, the gathering included Ford four-bangers, flatheads and inline engines.  The unique brands in attendance were Studebaker, Hudson, Datsun, Buick, Crossley, Nash and a nice mix of Ford Model T’s, A’s, and B’s.

The mood was laid-back, because this event was more about having a good time and visiting with fellow enthusiasts.

Thanks for the Show !

Many of the 120+ vehicles are shown only at this annual event

Street legal vintage 4 cylinders
Nothing says “Gasser” better than a ’41 Willys!
Thomas Gross had one of the fastest race cars at the event

The “The Crow” is a ’53 Studebaker
The staging lanes where full of nostalgia
Check out this perfect ’53 Hudson Hornet

Thanks to Tracy Fischle, Auto Club Dragway Manager, and his crew


Top Eliminator

3504 – Winner Don Ferguson, Wilmington, CA.
71 Woody dragster/nitro fueled straight 6   7.8et and 170+ mph
Not available – Runner-Up

Comp Eliminator

3763 – Winner  Dick Sappington, Los Angeles, CA.
24 Overland, straight 6 powered 13.044et 93.46mph
Runner-Up  Eddie Mancilas, Newhall, CA.

Bracket 1 – 7.50 -11.99 et

3947 – Winner (near lane)  Bill Freeman, L.A. CA.
’57 Chevy, 406 Small Block Chevy 10.918et 122.00mph
(3969 Winners circle)
Runner-Up:  Jim Ringo,
’32 Ford Coupe 10.136et 129.95mph

Bracket 2 – 12.00 – 14.99 et

3941 – Winner (near lane)  Dave Walker
‘30 Ford 5 window coupe 12.177et  103.28mph
(3966 Winners circle)
3923 – Runner-Up  John Huston, Perris, CA.
’54 Ford 12.995et  100.02mph

Bracket 3 – 15.00 – 16.99 et

3912 – Winner (far lane) Mannee Torres
‘39 Ford truck cab 15.776et  80.09mph
(3963 Winners circle)
3912 – Runner-Up (near lane)  16.296et  82.31mph
’46 Ford w/surfboards

Bracket 4 – 17.00 –  +et

3910 – Winner (near lane) Thomas Scardina, Pebble Beach, CA.
’29 Ford Roadster 18.282et  69.32mph
(3960 Winners circle)
3910 – Runner-Up  (far lane) Rick Palgui
’37 Ford sedan 17.675et  65.97mph

Vintage 4 Cylinder – Street legal vintage 4 cylinders

3899 – Winner (far lane) Jesse Hernandez, Santa Ana, CA.
’29 Ford roadster, stock 4 banger 32.896et  37.04mph
3899 – Runner-Up (near lane) Ron Olmstead, Phoenix, AZ.
’30 Ford, stock 4 banger 18.223et  69.90mph

Motorcycle – All pre- ‘59

3771 – Winner (no name)
’42 Harley-Davidson 16.911et  75.42mph

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