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Roger Rohrdanz October 26, 2022 All Feature Vehicles

The National Muscle Car Association West VP Racing Fuels Drag Racing series was recently held at the Auto Club Dragway in Fontana, CA. The three-day event brought more than 150 racers from across the West together on the legendary drag strip. Competitors in 15 classes all had hopes of taking home a coveted Wally trophy as they chased points toward a year-end prize and the title of World Champion.

The early Friday morning weather was in the mid 60s and the track was ready for action by 9:00 a.m. Starter Donie Butts kept the competition running till 6:00 p.m.  The creative class names include True Street, Mustang Madness, Open Comp, Nostalgia Street Car, Quick Street and Super Quick, Street Outlaw, True Ten 5, and Pro Mod. These racers are some of the best muscle car racers in the region. NMCA West also runs the Edelbrock Bracket Series.

The Garrett Turbo Pro Mod (1000’ race) winner Rick Snavely of L.A., CA. (near lane) ran a 5.244et. Runner-up Mark Luton.
Mickey Thompson True Ten .5 (1/8 mile) winner Johnny Coleman (near lane) of Lakewood, CA (4.692et). Runner-up Dana Cook.
Super Quick winner Ricky Deushle (near lane) from Palmdale, CA (7.919et). Runner-up Michaelyn Roelle.

If it’s road racing that floats your boat—the event has that too with a professionally set up Hotchkis Autocross course presented by Nitto Tire. Over 50 participants raced the clock for the fastest lap and a chance at some special prizes. There was also an awesome manufacturers’ midway where you could find great deals on the performance parts you need for your muscle car or hot rod.

By the end of Sunday’s racing, a lot of race cars and spectators left with their tongues hanging out! See below for the key results and for more information visit

NA 10.5 winner Vic Brum (near lane) of Peoria, AZ (8.228et). Runner-up Ryan Bell.
Pro Comp winner Doug Crumlich (far lane) from Irvine, CA (8.915et). Runner-up Hollis Colleasure.
Mustang Madness winner Brent Calvert (far lane) from Lancaster, CA (8.617et) and runner-up Greg Dreher.
Open Comp winner Justin Spencer (far lane) of Las Vegas, NV (9.671et). Runner-up Brent Calvert.
Quick Street winner Tommy Dutcher (far lane) from Ramona, CA. ran a 9.430et. Chris Davis was runner-up.
Nostalgia Street Car winner Jim Losquardo (far lane) from Rancho Cucamonga, CA ran a 10.611et. Runner-up Steve Cox.
Outlaw 8.5 (1/8 mile) winner George Raygoza (near lane) of Orland, CA ran a 5.176et. Runner-up Anthony Smith.
Edelbrock Bracket 3 winner Frank Malone of Alta Loma, CA. (far lane) ran 12.566et. Runner-up Charlie Allen from Los Angeles.
Edelbrock Bracket 2 winner was Jeff Interliccia from Riverside, CA. (near lane) ran 10.794et and runner-up Donald Horn.
Edelbrock Bracket Series 1 winner Katelyn Whynaught (near lane) from Oceanside, CA (7.649et) and runner-up Justin Rebrovich of West Covina.

Race cars fill the recently remodeled Auto Club Dragway.

The restored, Top Fuel, Howard Cam Rattler was push started by Steve Gibbs in his ’50 Ford. Both are on display at the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum.


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